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Review of Homeopathy Through Harmony and Totality Vol I – By -Dr Nishikant Vibhute

Even though I have been trained in mainstream medicine and working as a psychiatrist, my interest in the holistic aspect of medical therapy has always been there right from my first year of MBBS.

I attended many webinars of Dr Ajit Kulkarni and I really liked the holistic way of thinking, analysis of the patient, the use of body language in clinical practice and overall management of the patient. My interest in Homeopathy motivated me to read Dr Ajit Kulkarni’s book.  

Homoeopathy Through Harmony and Totality” Volume I is an excellent book which explains the holistic and integrated approach of Homeopathy.

It not only allows one to understand the philosophy of Homeopathy, but also gives us a clear picture of the laws on which the Homeopathic science is based upon.

In the book we understand the deeper connecting bonds between homoeopathy and Ayurveda, Yoga and many more branches of science.

It is an immense treasure for those who want to learn different psycho-dynamic processes which are behind important emotions like anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, etc.

Through this book, we also learn to convert the verbatim of a layman into an appropriate rubric; which proves vital in reaching correct diagnosis of the medicine.

The book is not only a rich source of knowledge, but also a guide which helps us to walk on the path of healing.

-Dr NishikantVibhute
MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry). Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist

Title: Homeopathy Through Harmony and Totality – Volume 1 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9788131901342
Imprint: B.Jain Regular
Language : English

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