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Kent Homeopathic Repertory Online

James Tyler Kent (1849-1916) wrote the most popular repertoire ever. Most modern repertoires are based on Kent’s repertoire. This booklet helps readers how to use a homeopathic repertoire effectively.

kent Repertory online – Using Repertoire makes prescribing more precise and less cumbersome. Using the repertoire, symptoms can be organized according to their importance in case of illness. The use of the repertoire in homeopathic practice is a necessity if precise work is to be done. Our Materia Medica is so cumbersome with no reports that the best prescriber should only encounter indifferent results.

kent Repertory online – Have you ever wondered why Kent’s Repertory – Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica was the basis of most of the repertoire? Even the modern repertoire – the complete and synthetic repertoire continues Kent’s philosophy. Kent’s repertoire is defined as “methodical and complete” with carefully ordered rubrics.

kent Repertory online – The Kentian method has gained popularity and many homeopaths have been influenced by its philosophy of treating patients by taking into account the mental, emotional, intellectual symptoms as well as physical general, particular.

kent Repertory online – Even today, with the development of the repertoire, if you don’t understand the basics of Kent’s repertoire, you probably won’t be able to treat patients with the utmost relief.

kent Repertory online – Kent’s Repertory belongs to the utilitarian logic type classification because it has a logic behind construction and has a utilitarian function. In the second half of the 19th century, two important schools of philosophy developed, such as the Puritan group and the Boenning Hausen school. Both groups had their own merits and shortcomings.
Finally, the first edition of the repertoire appeared in single sheets in 1897. At the time of the publication of volume 90, the subscription was withdrawn.

The repertoire was first published in book form in 1899.

2nd edition -was published by Dr. Kent white he was In Lancaster.

3rd edition – Or: Kent left three handwritten and corrected copies for the 3rd edition of his repertoire at the time of his death. In the preface to this repertoire, he writes about this work as “” The 3rd edition completes my life’s work, I updated it, reorganized it and made numerous corrections. In addition to adding many new remedies. I’ve checked every symptom in the book. Here you will find remedies of every value and the book is complete”. He usually corrected and perfected the 3-inch edition in 1906-1909. Of these 3 3rd edition manuscript copies, one was with Dr.: F.E. GIadwln, Dr.: J.S-Pugh and the other with his wife Dr. Clara Louis Kent. Dr: Ehrhart with the help of FE. Glodwtn and JSPugh published the 3rd edition in 1924. It is clear that the 3rd edition published after Kent’s death contains some obvious errors regarding the Kent manuscripts for the 3rd edition and then the errors carried over to the current one. Edition. Kent’s corrected manuscript was with F. EGladwin and she recorded the errors and published it in the Homeopathic Recorder Volume Xlll, February 1928.

4th edition – Published in Chicago in 1935 by Ehrhart and Karl wtth the help of Clara Louie Kent , F.E.Giadwin and J.S.Pugh.

5th edition -This edition of Kent’s repertory was planned in 1939. But due to the outbreak of the war it was considered unwise to attempt such a large undertaking. Some how It was published In 1945 before the end of war by Dr:Clara Louie Kent

6th American edition -was published In 1957

kent Repertory online – Kent’s repertoire is based on the philosophy of DEDUCTIVE LOGIC. So here the generals are covered in detail, followed by minor details and details. When a case is developed on the basis of details, only frequent failures can occur. who may have that symptom, although it has not yet been observed. With each, the general symptom must first be considered and then specified. In many cases, the details alone do not provide the complete picture.

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