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Repertory- is a book that consists of a list of symptoms usually arranged in particular order from head to toe, along with their indicated medicine. “It is a systematically and logically arranged index to Homoeopathic Materia Medica.”

Symptoms mentioned in the repertory are known as “Rubrics”.

Medicines are graded based on the efficiency, clinical verification of that particular symptom as Bold, Italics, Romans or in parenthesis, depending on the philosophy of the compiling author.

The first repertory was published by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1805 “Fragmenta de viribus Medicamentorum Positivis Sive in Sano Corpore Humano Observatis” , which consists of two parts- first part consists of detailed description of 27 drugs and second part consists of the index, ie., repertory section.

In Early time, some of the FAMOUS REPERTORIES which are still trusted and used as reference till date are-

  1. Boennignhausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book
  2. Jahr’s repertory
  3. Concordance repertories like- Knerr’s repertory, Gentry’s repertory

  With the advancement in literature of homoeopathic materia medica and filling up the gaps felt in Early time repertories, the era of MIDDLE time repertory came, with another set of unforgettable contributions by the stalwarts . Some of them are-

  1. Repertory of Homoeopatic Materia Medica (popularly known as Kent’s repertory)
  2. Boger Boennignhausen’s Characteristics And Repertory (BBCR)
  3. Sensations as if

Today the advancement in technology has brought us MODERN repertories, that come as a software as well as in paperbind form and saves time and labour to manually search for rubrics in thousands of pages . Some of the Modern repertories are-

  1. Synthesis repertory (RADAR)
  2. Complete repertory (Hompath)
  3. Synthetic repertory
  4. Phoenix repertory

Apart from these General repertories, some Regional repertories are also preferred by practitioners that are handy and easy to refer the organ or part concerned like-

  1. Therapeutics of fever
  2. Uterine therapeutics
  3. Leaders in respiratory diseases
  4. The rheumatic remedies, etc

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