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Homeopathy, a complementary system of medicine, as we like to call it, has been legally recognized as a system of medicine in a major part of the world. The continually rising number of homeopathy students, professionals, practitioners, researchers as well as homeopathy enthusiasts are therefore obvious. In a huge fraternity comprising people with varied roles and interests, the need for connection and sharing information is integral. Homeopathy 360 intends to converge such a large and ever increasing community from all parts of the world to a single platform creating a nexus- a global village where the need for connection, updation, upgradation, and knowledge are met at no cost.

Before accepting a guidance on medicine, medical practices or even medical studies, a medical student likes to first ask themselves: Is what I am reading about my field of study coming from a source that I can rely upon?
It is only after a thorough analysis of the source of information and an affirmative answer to the aforementioned query that a medical student or a medical professional trusts and accepts the content he is breezing through.
At Homeopathy 360, we understand the importance of credibility, reliability, accuracy and sensitivity of information when it comes to health and medicine. This drives team Homeopathy 360 to work day in day out to present digital content of relevance professionally and academically to the homeopathic fraternity, free of cost.

Put simply, what Homeopathy 360 believes in, is absolute transparency about the source of information and utmost accuracy of content, be it a topic of academic interest, a news update, research or for that matter- anything pertaining to Homeopathy.
With the tagline- ‘You Think, We Link’, the motto is to connect the vast number of homeopathy students, practitioners, researchers and even the homeopathy enthusiasts with a non-medical background with each other.
Then, through the inclusion of sections like- ‘What’s The News’, ‘Webinar’, ‘Discover’, and ‘Jobs’, Homeopathy 360 likes to keep all abreast and updated with the latest ongoing in the field.

Besides the latest developments, Homeopathy 360 brings forth informative write-ups on varied topics of academic importance for the students of homeopathy that might help them prepare better for examinations- undergraduate and postgraduate, question papers and questions previously asked in national level examinations as well as articles on myriad topics of relevance to students and academicians in homeopathy.

It is not just the students that we cater to. Homeopathy 360 understands that every science is a dynamic arena and has a blazing desire to serve our researchers who struggle hard to push this science ahead and take it forward by leaps and bounds. This motivates us to publish material of significance to researchers- evidence-based case studies, research papers, peer-reviewed articles and all that might serve as precursor to further research in homeopathy. The monthly journals named The Homeopathic Heritage (under the leadership of Dr. Farokh J. Master, Editor-in-chief) and Homeo Buzz have been able to build a robust network of homeopathy lovers since 1976 and have maintained the largest circulation at national and internal level. Listed as peer-reviewed journal, The Homeopathic Heritage strictly follows the international guidelines of manuscript submission thus maintaining international standards of academic and research publication.


Homeopathy 360 is well aware of the students and common non-medical audience that form a major part of its family, besides homeopathy practitioners, researchers and professionals. Reading good books, classics and newbies may not be everyone’s forte but is certainly a habit that upskills students, professionals and practically everyone irrespective of their field of study. Jim Rohn rightly said- “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”. And that’s exactly what Homeopathy 360 wishes for all those who believe in Homeopathy.

If you are a student of homeopathy, if you are a professional, a teacher, professor, researcher, or a doctor; a clinician at heart or academician by your soul; If you are a person who holds even the slightest and mildest interest in homeopathy- Homeopathy 360 is the place for you.
You may want to share articles, write ups, blogs or anything else, Homeopathy 360 warmly welcomes you to be a part of our nexus.

Benjamin Franklin once said-
  “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the online platform of B Jain Group, Homeopathy 360, the Treasury of Knowledge & Hidden Talents. With the foundation of Homeopathy 360, I embarked on a mission to uplift Homeopathy to greater heights, through my Institution, with unparalleled passion and love for this science.

Dr P.N. Jain had always dreamt to make Homeopathy a Household Platform and the First Choice of Treatment, and being his younger generation, it’s my duty to transform his Dream into a Reality.

We hope to accomplish towards improvement of the present status of Homeopathy in the near future, providing an exceptional education hub along with abundant opportunities for each generation of Homeopaths.

As always, we welcome all the Academicians, Clinicians, Researchers and Scientists to publish Books and Articles in their core area of expertise and promote Homeopathy all over the world.

We promise to stand by your side always to fight against the critical attacks on Homeopathy with our Highly Regarded Homeopaths around the world, so as to contribute to the system for its growth and awareness.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our organisation, its divisions, and its people. Please go ahead and explore more about us.


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