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Epidemiology Of Measles

As we all know that “Prevention is better than cure ” , so for the prevention of any diseases it is necessary to know about its epidemiology and mode of transmission. So here I have tried to explain the epidemiology and preventive...


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Acute Pancreatitis: A Case Report

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Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

• Depression varies from people to people,but there are some common sign and symptoms.• Its important to remember that these symptoms can be part of life’s normal laws, so here i upload a pdf of sign and symotoms of depression with the mnemonic...


Breast feeding is one of the crucial part of anybody’s life as it gives the first immunity to the child to fight against the disease and is the complete diet for child, so here I tried to cover some important information about breast feeding...

Urinary Tract Infection

It’s All about urinary Tract infection and it’s different different risk factors.Its clinical features,investigations and Homoeopathic management as well.Our Homoeopathic system of Medicine is safest and effective mode of treatment That...