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The Homeopathic Heritage is the oldest and the largest circulated international journal in homoeopathy. Since 1976 more than 1 Lkh homeopathic lovers have trusted The Homoeopathic Heritage as the best source for quality information on homoeopathy.

Educated homoeopathic professionals and teachers of today and tomorrow turn to The Homoeopathic Heritage for the need-to-know information and inspiration that they can’t get anywhere else.

The Homoeopathic Heritage gives in-depth knowledge on new research, more clinical cases and clinical experiences of renowned homoeopathic physicians.

The Homoeopathic Heritage is published under the strong leadership of Dr. Farokh J. Master, Editor-in-Chief. He is the leading international teacher and has authored more than 30 books in homoeopathy.

Mr. Kuldeep Jain, Publisher represents B. Jain Publishing House, The world’s largest publisher of alternative health.

The Homoeopathic Heritage has the most number of international teachers attached to it than any other homoeopathic journal in the world.

Meet Our Editorial Team

Chief Editor: 

  • Dr Farokh J. Master 


  • Dr Yashika Arora Malhotra

Language Editor: 

  • Dayna Lynn Davis

Associate Editors :

  • Dr Krutik Shah
  • Dr. Yogesh Niturkar


  • Dr Clare Relton
  • Dr Chaturbhuj Nayak
  • Dr Eswara Das
  • Francis Treuherz
  • Dr Meeta Gupta
  • Dr Queenita Fernandes
  • Dr Raj Kumar Manchanda
  • Dr Robert Mathie
  • Dr Sandeep Sathye
  • Dr Monika Kathuria
  • Dr Yashveer
  • Dr Ashish Indani
  • Dr Kamal Sethi

International Advisors : 

  • Subrata Kumar Banerjea
  • Grant Bentley
  • Miranda Castro
  • Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Ajit Kulkarni
  • Robin Murphy
  • Uttareshwar R. Pachegaonkar
  • Roberto Petrucci
  • Chaim Rosenthal
  • Todd Rowe
  • M.K. Sahani
  • Luc De Schepper
  • Jan Scholten
  • Frederik Schroyens
  • Sanjay Sehgal
  • L.M. Khan
  • Yogesh Sehgal
  • Jeremy Sherr
  • P. K. Sudhir
  • Torako Yui
  • Dr Kamlesh Mehta

In House Editors:

  • Dr. Rashi Prakash
  • Dr. Aditi Srivastava

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