Absent minded, 11am to 4pmKali-n
Absent minded, noonMosch
Absent minded, menses, duringCalc
Absent minded, starts when spoken toCarb-ac
Absent minded, writing, whileMag-c
Absorbed, buried in thoughts, daytimeElaps
Absorbed, afternoonMang
Absorbed, alternating with frivolityArg-n
Absorbed, as to what would become of himNat-m
Absorbed, eating, afterAloes 
Absorbed, menses, duringMur-ac
Abstraction of mind, morningGuaj
Abusive, forenoonRan-b
Abusive, eveningAm-c
Abusive, angry, without beingDulc
Abusive, pains, with theCor-r
Abusive, scolds until the lips are blue and eyes stare and she falls down faintingMosch
Activity desire, fruitlessStann
Affectation Stram
Anger, forenoonCarb-v
Anger, 11amSulph
Anger, caressing, fromChin
Anger, convulsion, beforeBufo
Anger, misunderstood, whenBufo
Anger, thinking of his ailmentsAur-m
Anger, throws things awayStaph
Anguish, 5am to 5pmPsor
Anguish, 4amAlum 
Anguish, chill, duringArn
Anguish, driving from place to placeArs
Anguish, eating, whileSep
Anguish, heat, duringArn
Anguish, menses, beforeGraph
Anguish, open air amelCann-i
Anguish, perspiration, duringArn
Answers, aversion to, morningMag-m
Answers, aversion to, loquacious at other timesCimic
Answers, aversion to, sings, talks, but will not answer questionsAgar
Anxiety, 5am to 5pmPsor
Anxiety, forenoon, 11 amArg-n
Anxiety, noon, till 3pmAster
Anxiety, afternoon, 3 to 6pmCon
Anxiety, , afternoon, 4 pm, to 5 pmthuj
Anxiety, afternoon, 4 pm, to 6pmCarb-v
Anxiety, afternoon, 5 to 6pmAm-c
Anxiety, evening, until 11pmBor
Anxiety, evening, bed, in, amel.Mag-c
Anxiety, evening, bed, in, closing the eyes, onMag-m
Anxiety, evening, bed, in, violent exercise, fromOx-ac
Anxiety, 6pmDig
Anxiety, 8pmMur-ac
Anxiety, midnight, 11 pmRuta
Anxiety, midnight, after, 1 to 3 amHep 
Anxiety, midnight, after, 2 amNat-m
Anxiety, midnight after, until 2 amCarb-an
Anxiety, midnight, after, 4 amAlum
Anxiety, anger, duringSep
Anxiety, apparition, from horrible, while awakeZinc
Anxiety, ascending steps, onNit-c
Anxiety, bathing feet, afterNat-c
Anxiety, chagrin, afterLyco
Anxiety, children, in, about hisAcet-ac
Anxiety, children, in, when lifted from the cradleCalc-p
Anxiety, church bell, from hearingLyss
Anxiety, coition, afterSep
Anxiety, coition, after, thought of (in a woman)Kreos 
Anxiety, cold, becoming, fromManc
Anxiety, continence prolonged, fromCon
Cough, before attack of whooping coughCupr
Anxiety, cruelties, after hearing ofCalc
Anxiety, dinner, duringMag-m
Anxiety, dinner, amelSulph
Anxiety, drinking, afterCimx
Anxiety, eating, warm foodMag-c
Anxiety, exercise, amelTarent
Anxiety, exertion of eyesSep
Anxiety, expected of him, when anything isArs
Anxiety, flatus, emission of, amelCalc
Anxiety, foot bath, after aNat-c
Anxiety, hot air , as if inPuls
Anxiety, house, amel inIgn
Anxiety, looking steadilySep
Anxiety, lying, amelMang 
Vlying, side on, right, from flatulenceKali-c
Anxiety, manual labor, fromIod 
Anxiety, menses, after, which prevents sleepAgar
Anxiety, paroxysmsNit-ac
Anxiety, playing, piano, whileNat-c
Anxiety, pressure on chestSulph
Anxiety, pursued when walking, as ifAnac
Anxiety, railroad, when about to journey by, amel, while in trainArs
Anxiety, rising after, from a seatMill
Anxiety, salvation about, morningPsor
Anxiety, sewingSep
Anxiety, shaving, whileCalad
Anxiety, sitting, amelIod
Anxiety, sitting, bentRhus-t
Anxiety, sleep, eveningBerb
Anxiety, sleep, partial slumbering in the morning, duringJunc
Anxiety, speaking, in companyPlat
Anxiety, stool, while straining atCaust
Anxiety, stooping, amelBar-m
Anxiety, thoughts fromCalc
Anxiety, urination, afterDig
Anxiety, voice, on raising theCann-s
Anxiety, warm bed yet limbs cold if uncoveredMag-c
Attitudes, assumes strangePlb
Aversion, friends, during pregnancyCon
Aversion, those aroundArs
Bed, jumps out of and runs recklessly aboutSabad
Begging, in sleepStann
Biting, convulsion, withLyss
Biting, tumblersArs
Blindness, pretendedVerat
Blood, cannot look at, or a knifeAlum
Brooding, eveningVerat
Busy, fruitlesslyStann
Capriciousness, morningStaph
Capriciousness, eveningIgn
Cares, ailments fromPh-ac
Cares, trifles aboutArs
Carried, desire, in croupBrom 
Carried, desire, slowlyPuls
Cautious, anxiouslyCaust
Censorious, afternoonDulc
Censorious, disposed to find fault or is silentVerat
Chases, imaginary objectsStramm
Chases, personsCur
Cheerful, morning, 8 amHura
Cheerfulness, alternating, pain, withPlat
Cheerfulness, alternating, physical sufferingsPlat
Cheerfulness, sadness, want of sympathy, withMerc
Cheerfulness, bed, inHep 
Cheerfulness, coition, afterNat-m
Cheerfulness, company, inBov
Cheerfulness, Convulsions, afterSulph
Cheerfulness, pain, with allSpig
Cheerfulness, room, in the amelTarent
Cheerfulness, supper, afterCist
Cheerfulness, thinking of death, whileAur
Cheerfulness, thunder and lightning, when itSep
Cheerfulness, waking, onTarent
Children, aversion toPlat 
Children, desire to beatChel
Children, desire to have, to begetOx-ac
Children, especially little girls Raph
Children, flies from his ownLyc
Clinging, child awakens terrified, knows no one, screams, clings those near Stram
Color, aversion to red, yellow, green and blackTarent
Company, aversion, morning  Alum
Company,  aversion, forenoonAlum
Company,  aversion, alternating with burst of pleasantry and sarcasmRhus-t
Company,  avoids sight of people, shuts herself upCur
Company,  desire, to indulge her fancyLach
Company,  desire, lie with closed eyesSep 
Company,  aversion to meeting of friends, whom he imagines he has offendedArs
Company,  aversion, pregnant whenLach
Company, aversion, presence of strangers, people intolerable to her during stoolsAmbra
Company, aversion, presence of strangers, during urinationNat-m
Company, aversion, smiling facesAmbra
Company,  aversion, walk alone, want toCaj
Company,  desire, friend, of aPlb
Company,  desire, menses, duringStram
Company,  desires, yet treats them outrageouslyKali-c
Complaining, offenses long pastCalc
Complaining, supposed injury, ofHyos
Complaining, waking, onCina
Concentration, difficult, alternating with uterine painsGels.
Concentration, difficult, calculating, whileNux-v
Concentration, difficult, conversation, duringLyc
Concentration, difficult, crazy feeling, on top of head, wild feeling in head, with confusion of ideasLil-t
Concentration, difficult, interrupted, ifBerb
Concentration, difficult, on attempting to, it becomes dark before the eyesArg-n
Confidence, want of, and thinks others have none which makes her unhappyAur
Confusion, bread aggCrot-t
Confusion, conversation aggSil
Confusion, cough, before paroxysm ofCina
Confusion, emissionsSelen
Confusion, injury to head, afterNat-s
Confusion, laughing, aggTher
Confusion, mental exertion, amelCarb-v
Confusion, periodicStaph
Confusion, pregnancy, duringNux-v
Confusion, reading while, if he attempts to understand itOlnd
Confusion, spoken to, whenSep
Confusion, stooping, amelVerat
Confusion, urination, ameltereb
Confusion, vexation, afterNux-v
Confusion, weeping, amelSep
Confusion, will, strong effort of, amelGlon
Confusion, wrapping head amelMag-m
Confusion, yawning amelBry
Conscientious, about trifles, 4 to 8 pmLyc
Conscientious, about trifles, eating afterIgn 
Consolation, amelPuls
Contemptuous, in open air or when sun shines into roomPlat
Contemptuous, paroxysms against her willPlat
Contradiction, afternoonCanth
Counting, continuallyPhys
Crawling, on floorLach 
Croaking, in sleepBell
Cursing, all night, and complains of stupid feelingVerat
Cursing, convulsions duringars
Cut others, desires toLyss
Dancing, alternating with sighingBell
Dancing, unconsciousPh-ac
Deafness, pretendedVerat
Death, desires, forenoonApis
Death, desires, afternoonRuta
Death, desires, menses, duringBerb
Death, desires, walking in open air whileBell
Death, presentiment of, believes that she will die soon, and that she cannot be helpedAgn
Death, presentiments, thinks of death calmlyZinc
Death, sensation of, chill, duringCann-i
Death, sensation of, spasm, duringNux-v
Death, thought of, morningcon
Death, thought of, afternoonTarent
Death, thought of, alone whenCrot-c
Deeds, feels as if he could do greatHell 
Delirium, evening, nap duringNux-v
Delirium, night, 1 to 2amLach
Delirium, abandons her relativesSec
Delirium, absurd things, doesSec
Delirium, alternating with colicPlb
Delirium, angryCocc 
Delirium, arms, throws aboutBell
Delirium, attacks people with knifeHyos
Delirium, bed, creeps about inStram
Delirium, bellows like a calfCupr
Delirium, blames herself for his follyOp
Delirium, changing subjects rapidlyLach
Delirium, coldness, withVerat
Delirium, convulsions beforeOp
Delirium, crying, for helpCanth
Delirium, depletion, afterChin
Delirium, embraces the stoveHyos
Delirium, epilepsy duringOp
Delirium, fatigue, study, etc, fromLach
Delirium, fires, talk ofCalc
Delirium, foreign countries, talks ofCann-i
Delirium, foreign languages, talks in aStram
Delirium, gay, alternating with laughing, singing, whistling, crying, etcStram
Delirium, gay with melancholyAgar
Delirium, heat aggStram
Delirium, intermittentCon
Delirium, look, staring, with wrinkled faceStram
Delirium, mental exertionLach
Delirium, miscarriage afterRuta
Delirium, mouth, moves lips, as if talkingBell
Delirium, mouth, put stones inMerc
Delirium, murmuring, slowlyPh-ac
Delirium, Delirium, muttering, slowlyPh-ac
Delirium, periodicSamb
Delirium, perspiration, amelAeth
Delirium, picking at nose or lips, withArum-t
Delirium, repeats the same sentenceCamph
Delirium, rolls on floorOp
Delirium, romping with childrenAgar
Delirium, same subject all timePetr
Delirium, trembling, withValer
Delirium, urinates on the floor, tries toPlb
Delirium, urinates outside the potBell
Delirium, violent, is restrained and calmed with great difficultyZinc
Delirium, wedding, prepares forHyos
Delirium, wild, at nightPlb
Delirium, wraps up in fur during summerHyos
Delirium, wrongs, of fanciedHyos
Delusions, abdomen is fallen in, his stomach devoured, his scrotum swollenSabad
Delusions, absurd, ludicrousCann-i
Delusions, air, that he is hovering in, like is spiritAsar
Delusions, alone, in a wildernessStram
Delusions, animals of, abdomen, are inThuja
Delusions, animals of, bed, dancing on theCon
Delusions, animals of, black, on walls and furniture, seesBell
Delusions, animals of, creeping ofLac-c
Delusions, animals of, creeping, in herStram
Delusions, animals of, cup, in a, movingHyos
Delusions, animals of, dark colouredBell
Delusions, animals of, fire, in theBell 
Delusions, animals of, grotesqueAbsin
Delusions, animals of, jump out of groundStram
Delusions, animals of, jumping at herMerc
Delusions, animals of, passing before herThuj
Delusions, animals of, persons are, uncleanBell
Delusions, ant, bed seems full ofPlb
Delusions, apoplexy, thought he would haveArg-m
Delusions, argument, making an eloquentCann-i
Delusions, arms are bound to her bodyCimic
Delusions, arms, do not belong to herAgar
Delusions, arms, reach the cloud when going to sleepPic-ac
Delusions, arms, that she has threePetr
Delusions, assaulted, is going to beTarent
Delusions, asylum, that she will be sent toCench 
Delusions, babies, are two in bedPetr
Delusions, ball, that he is sitting onCann-i
Delusions, beaten, that he is beingElaps
Delusions, beautiful, micturition, after, all things seemsEug
Delusions, beautiful, rags seem, evenSuplh
Delusions, bed, feels as if not lying on, on waking, 4 a.m.Hyper
Delusions, bed, evening, as if some one would get into and no room in it, or as if some one had sold itNux-v.
Delusions, bed, drawn from under herStram
Delusions, bed, two persons in bed, with her Cycl
Delusions, bed, motion, inLac-c
Delusions, bed, naked man is wrapped in the bedclothes with herPuls
Delusions, bed, raised, were Canth
Delusions, bed, someone over itCalc
Delusions, bed, someone, drives him outRhus-t
Delusions, bed, someone, stands at the foot menacingChlol
Delusions, bed, someone, tries to take away the bed clothesBell
Delusions, bed, someone, under it, knockingCanth
Delusions, bees, seesPuls
Delusions, bells, hears, his funeralEther
Delusions, bells hears, numberless sweet tonedCann-i
Delusions, bells hears, door bellThea
Delusions, belong to her own family, does notPlat
Delusions, betrothal must be broken Fl-ac
Delusions, better than others, that he isMyric
Delusions, bewitched, thinks he isCann-i
Delusions, birds, that he is picking feathers fromHyos
Delusions, black objects and peopleStram
Delusions, blood rushed through like roar of many watersCann-i
Delusions, body adherent to woollen sack, night, while half awakeCoc-c
Delusions, body, alive on one side, buried on the otherStram
Delusions, body, black, as if it wereSulph
Delusions, body, brittle, isThuj
Delusions, body, covered the whole earthCann-i
Delusions, body, covered the whole bedPyrog
Delusions, body, delicateThuj
Delusions, body, erroneous ideas as to the state of hisSabad
Delusions, body, shrunken, like the deadSabad
Delusions, body, spotted brown, as ifBell
Delusions, body, sweets, is made ofMerc
Delusions, body, thin, isThuj
Delusions, body, would sink down between the thighsBell
Delusions, born, feels as if newly, into the world and was overwhelmed with wonder at the novelty of his surroundingsCor-r
Delusions, brother fell overboard in her sightKali-br
Delusions, building stones, appearance ofThuj
Delusions, business, unfit for, that he isCroc
Delusions, calls, for absent personsHyos
Delusions, cancer, has aVerat
Delusions, castles and palaces, seesPlb
Delusions, caught, as if he would beBell
Delusions, chair is rising upPhos
Delusions, chairs, thinks he is repairing old Cupr
Delusions, changing suddenlyCann-i
Delusions, child, childish fantasies, hasLyc
Delusions, child, is with companions of his youthEther
Delusions, child, not hersAnac
Delusions, child, thinks he is again a Cic
Delusions, children, thinks he must drive, out of the houseFl-ac
Delusions, chin, too long, is Glon
Delusions, choir, on hearing music thinks he is in a cathedral Cann-i
Delusions, choked, thinks he is about to be, night on waking Cann-i
Delusions, choked, by icy-cold hands Canth
Delusions, Christ, thinks himself to beCann-i
Delusions, churchyard, that he is dancing in Stram
Delusions, clock, hears strike Ph-ac
Delusions, clothes, is clad in rags Cann-i
Delusions, clothes, would fly away and become wandering stars, on undressing Cann-i
Delusions, clouds, strange, settled upon patients, or danced about the sun Cann-i
Delusions, clouds, heavy black enveloped herCimic
Delusions, clouds and rocks as if looking overMag-m
Delusions, cockroaches swarmed about the room Bell
Delusions, companions seemed half men, half plants Cann-i
Delusions, confusion, imagines others will observe herCalc
Delusions, consciousness, belongs to another Alum
Delusions, conspiracies against her father, thought the landlord’s bills were Kali-br
Delusions, contaminates everything she touches Ars
Delusions, convent, thinks she will have to go to a Lac-d
Delusions, corner, sees something coming out of Phos
Delusions, corners of houses seem to project so that he fears he will run against them while walking in the street Arg-n
Delusions, cowards, thinks persons leaving him to be Cann-i
Delusions, crabs, ofHyos
Delusions, creative power, has Cann-i
Delusions, crime about to commit a Kali-br
Delusions, criminals, and others know it Cob
Delusions, cucumbers, sees on the bedBell
Delusions, cut through, as if he wereStram
Delusions, cut through, in twoPlat
Delusions, cylinder, seemed to be a Cann-i
Delusions, dancing satyres and nodding mandarins Cann-i
Delusions, danger, to his lifePlb
Delusions, danger, from his family Kali-br
Delusions, dead, everything is Mez
Delusions, dead, morning on waking, frightened by images of Hep
Delusions, dead, midnight, on waking Cann-i
Delusions, dead, all her friends are dead and she must go to a conventLac-d
Delusions, corpse, of absent acquaintance on sofa and has dread Ars
Delusions, corpse, of husbandPlb
Delusions, corpse, of sisterAgar
Delusions, corpse, tall yellow, trying to share bed with him and promptly ejectedBell
Delusions, corpse, her child was dead Kali-br
Delusions, corpse, his mother is dead : LachLach
Delusions, deaf and dumbVerat
Delusions, debate, of being inHyos
Delusions, delirious, at night, expected to become Bry
Delusions, delirious, imagines he was Cann-i
Delusions, devils, possessed of a, isHyos
Delusions, devils, that everyone is Meli
Delusions, devils, that all persons arePlat
Delusions, devils, he will be taken by the devil Manc
Delusions, devoured, had been by animalsHyos
Delusions, die, while walking thinks he will have a fit or die, which makes him walk fasterArg-n
Delusions, die, would, and soon be dissectedCann-i
Delusions, diminished, abdomen has fallen inSabad
Delusions, diminished, everything in room, is while she is tall and elevatedPlat
Delusions, diminished, left side of body is smallerCinnam
Delusions, diminished, shortLac-c
Delusions, diminished, shrunken, parts areSabad
Delusions, diminished, smallGrat
Delusions, diminished, thin, is tooThuj
Delusions, diminished, whole body is Agar
Delusions, dirty, eating dirtVerat
Delusions, dirty, everything is, thatCur
Delusions, disabled, that she isCit-v
Delusions, disease, is deaf, dumb and has cancerVerat
Delusions, diseases, unrecognized, has anRaph
Delusions, dissected, that he will beCann-i
Delusions, divided, or cut in twoPlat
Delusions, divided, and could not tell of which part he had possession on wakingThuj
Delusions, doctors, thought three were comingSep
Delusions, dogs, attack himStram
Delusions, dogs, biting his chestStram
Delusions, dogs, blackBell
Delusions, dolls, people appeared likePlb
Delusions, door, that someone was coming in at the, at nightCon
Delusions, double, one limb isPetr
Delusions, double, sensations present themselves in a double formCann-i
Delusions, dragged from lowest abyss of darkness, at night, on wakingThea
Delusions, dreaming when awake, imagines himselfBell
Delusions, drinkingBell
Delusions, driving sheepAcon
Delusions, driving, peacocksHyos
Delusions, dumb, thinks he isVerat
Delusions, elevated in air Nitro-o
Delusions, elevated, carried to an elevationOena
Delusions, elevated, bed were raisedCanth
Delusions, emperor, thought himself anCann-i
Delusions, emperor, talked ofCarb-s
Delusions, encaged in wiresCimic
Delusions, enemy, under the bed, isAm-m
Delusions, enlarged, chin isGlon
Delusions, enlarged, eye-lashes areCann-i
Delusions, enlarged, objects areCann-i
Delusions, enlarged, one leg is longerCann-i
Delusions, enlarged, scrotum is swollenSabad
Delusions, epilepsy, fancies he hasAtro
Delusions, eternity, that he was inCann-i
Delusions, eternity, excitedCoff
Delusions, executioner, visions of anStram
Delusions, existence, doubt if anything hadAgn
Delusions, existence, doubted his ownCann-i
Delusions, expanding, thought passers-by wereCann-i
Delusions, experienced before, thought everything had beenKali-br
Delusions, eyes, falling outCrot-c
Delusions, faces, distinguished people of Cann-i
Delusions, faces, elongated, it Stram
Delusions, faces, ridiculousCann-i
Delusions, faces, stooping, when Nat-m
Delusions, faces, ugly faces seem pleasingCann-i
Delusions, falling forward, that she isElaps
Delusions, falling, inward, walls of room seem, before epileptic fitCarb-v
Delusions, falling, that he is fallingStram
Delusions, family, does not belong to her ownPlat
Delusions, fancies, open air amel.Plat
Delusions, figures, giganticAtro
Delusions, figures, hurled bottle atChlol
Delusions, figures, large black, about to spring on himMosch
Delusions, figures, marching in the air, evening while half asleepNat-c
Delusions, fingers cut off Mosch
Delusions, finger-nails seem as large a plates during drowsinessCann-i
Delusions, fires, distant home, onBell
Delusions, fires, every noise is a cry of fire, she thinks, and she trembles Bar-c
Delusions, fires, head is surrounded byAm-m
Delusions, fires, neighbor’s house on, morning, waking in a fright Hep
Delusions, fires, room is on Stram
Delusions, fires, world is onHep
Delusions, fit, thinks she will have a fit and walks faster Arg-n
Delusions, floating, evening Bell
Delusions, floating, walking, while Asar
Delusions, fluid, ethereal surrounded by, resisting passage Cann-i
Delusions, flying, from a rock into dark abyss, on going to bedCann-i
Delusions, footsteps, behind him Crot-c
Delusions, footsteps, in next room Nat-p
Delusions, foul, everything appears Cur
Delusions, fowls, sees Stram
Delusions, friend, thinks she is about to lose a Hura
Delusions, friend, met with an accident Ars
Delusions, friend, offended Ars
Delusions, furniture, imagines it to be persons, night on waking Nat-p
Delusions, gallows, vision of, with fear of Bell
Delusions, geese, threw themselves into water, thinking themselves to be Con
Delusions, geese, sees Hyos
Delusions, general, that he is a Cupr
Delusions, giants, sees Bell
Delusions, giraffe, imagines himself to be a Cann-i
Delusions, glass, that she is made of Thuj
Delusions, god, is the object of god’s vengeanceKali-br
Delusions, goitre, imagines he has aIndg
Delusions, goitre, has one which he cannot see over when sitting down Zinc
Delusions, goose, that he is a Con
Delusions, groans, fancies he hears Crot-c
Delusions, growling, as of a bearMag-m
Delusions, hall, illusions of a gigantic hall Cann-i
Delusions, halves, left half does not belong to her Sil
Delusions, hand, midnight vision of something taking herCanth
Delusions, hand, felt a delicate, smoothing her head Med
Delusions, hand, visions, of white, outspread, coming toward face in the darkness Benz
Delusions, hanging, sees persons Ars
Delusions, hanging, three feet from the ground, on falling asleepHura
Delusions, hanging, or standing high, seems as if Phos
Delusions, happen, that something terrible is going to Lyss
Delusions, happy, that he will never be, in his own house Ars
Delusions, harlequin, as if he were a Hyos
Delusions, hat is a pair of trousers which he tries to put on Stram
Delusions, head, belongs to another Ther
Delusions, head, can lift it off Ther
Delusions, head, cold breeze blows on Petr
Delusions, head, deceased acquaintances, of, without bodies, at night Nux-v
Delusions, head, heavy, his own seemed too Bry
Delusions, head, large, seems too Acon
Delusions, head, large, heads, make grimaces evening on closing eyes Euphr
Delusions, head, monstrous, on distant wall of room Cann-i
Delusions, head, pendulum, seems an inverted, oscillatingCann-i
Delusions, head, sees friend’s, stick out of a bottle Bell
Delusions, head, thinks disease will break out of Stram
Delusions, head, transparent and speckled brown Bell
Delusions, head, two, thinks she has Nux-m
Delusions, health, he has ruined his Chel
Delusions, heart diseases, is going to have, and die Lac-c
Delusions, heart, too large Lach
Delusions, turning around, is Aur
Delusions, heat, has a furious, radiating from epigastrium Cann-i
Delusions, hell, at gate of, obliged to confess his sins Agar
Delusions, hell, in shadows of, midnight, on waking Cann-i
Delusions, hell, suffers the torments of, without being able to explain Merc
Delusions, help, calling for Plat
Delusions, hæmorrhage, after Chin-a
Delusions, hole, small, appears like a frightful chasm Agar
Delusions, home, everything at, as changedArg-n
Delusions, horrible, everything seems Plat
Delusions, horses, is on horseback Cann-i
Delusions, house, not in right place, while walking in the street after headache Glon
Delusions, house, seems movable : Cann-i
Delusions, house, surrounded, is : Stram
Delusions, houses on each side would approach and crush him Arg-n
Delusions, husband, thinks he is not her Anac
Delusions, images, afternoon Lyc
Delusions, images, in bed Nit-ac
Delusions, images, everchanging Carb-o
Delusions, images, everchanging, past to present Mur-ac
Delusions, images, night, while trying to sleep Calc-s
Delusions, images, rising out of the earth Stram
Delusions, images, side, at his Stram
Delusions, images, sleep, on going to Chin
Delusions, images, sleep, during Lyc
Delusions, inferior, on entering house after a walk, people seem mentally and physically Plat
Delusions, injury, his fingers and toes are being cut off Mosch
Delusions, inkstand, fancied he saw one on bed Lact
Delusions, inkstand, fancied he was one Cann-i
Delusions, insane, that people think her Calc
Delusions, insects, shiningBell
Delusions, iodine, illusions of fumes of Iod
Delusions, island, is on a distant Phos
Delusions, juggler, thinks himself a Bell
Delusions, jumped up on the ground before her, all sorts of things Brom
Delusions, knees, that he walks on Bar-c
Delusions, knowledge, thought he possessed infinite Cann-i
Delusions, labor, pretends to be in, or thinks she has pains Verat
Delusions, large, people seemed too, during vertigoCaust
Delusions, large, self esteem, on entering the house after walking Plat
Delusions, large, surroundings seemed Ferr
Delusions, laughed at, imagines she is Bar-c
Delusions, leg, tin case filled with stair rods, is Cann-i
Delusions, legs, conversing, are Bapt
Delusions, legs, don’t belong to her Agar
Delusions, legs, three, has Petr
Delusions, legs, too long Cann-i
Delusions, lie, thinks all she said is a lie Lac-c
Delusions, life, symbols of, all past events revolve rapidly on wheels Cann-i
Delusions, life, is threatened Kali-br
Delusions, light, on falling to sleep, thinks there is too much in roomAmbr
Delusions, lip, lower, is swollen Glon
Delusions, living under ordinary relations, thinks is not Cic
Delusions, locomotive, imagines himself to be Cann-i
Delusions, longer, chin seems too long Glon
Delusions, longer, looked down upon, that she is Lac-c
Delusions, longer, one leg is long Cann-i
Delusions, lost, on waking Aesc
Delusions, lying near him, fancies some one isPetr
Delusions, lying, crosswise Stram
Delusions, machine, thinks he is working a Plb
Delusions, maelstrom, seemed carried down a psychical Cann-i
Delusions, magician, is a Bell
Delusions, man in the room intending to perforate his throat with a gimlet Merc-i-f
Delusions, man, does all the things he doesArs
Delusions, man, old men with long beards and distorted faces, sees Laur
Delusions, man, muffled, starts from the wall when walking in the streets Cann-i
Delusions, man, naked man in bed Puls
Delusions, man, thinks men are on the bed at night Merc
Delusions, man, thinks, the same man walking after him that he sees walking before him Eupho
Delusions, who hung himself, saw Ars
Delusions, mandarin, mistook friend for a Cann-i
Delusions, marble statue, felt as if he were Cann-i
Delusions, marriage, must dissolve Fl-ac
Delusions, married, that he isIgn
Delusions, married, is going to be Hyos
Delusions, melancholy Alum
Delusions, melancholy, while half awake at night Nux-v
Delusions, melting away, sensation of, worse from change, better in recumbent position Sumb
Delusions, mesmerized, that she is, by her absent pastor Meli
Delusions, misfortune, inconsolable over fancied Verat
Delusions, money, sewed up in clothing, is Kali-br
Delusions, mountain, thought himself to be on the ridge of a Cann-i
Delusions, mouth, fancied living things were creeping into, at night Merc
Delusions, move, hears things that are high up near him out of sight Ph-ac
Delusions, murder, thinks she is about to, her husband and child Kali-br
Delusions, murder, that she will murder her family with a hatchet Jab
Delusions, murder, that he has to, some one Ars
Delusions, murdered, sees some one Calc
Delusions, murdered, that every one around him is a murderer Plb
Delusions, murdered, that he was killed, roasted and eaten Stram
Delusions, murdered, thinks persons were bribed to murder him Cann-i
Delusions, murdered, thought her mother had been Nux-v
Delusions, mushrooms, fancies he is commanded to fall on his knees and confess his sins and rip up his bowels by aAgar
Delusions, music, evening, hears the music heard in the day Lyc
Delusions, music, unearthly Ether
Delusions, mystery, everything around seemed a terrifying Cann-i
Delusions, naked, thinks is Stram
Delusions, neck is too large Kali-c
Delusions, new, everything isStram
Delusions, newspapers, thinks he sees Atro
Delusions, noble, thinks he is a Phos
Delusions, noise, clattering above the bed when falling asleep Calc
Delusions, noise, of shout, vehicles Cann-i
Delusions, nose, has a transparent Bell
Delusions, nose, has some one else’s Lac-c
Delusions, nose, takes people by Merc
Delusions, numeral, appeared nine inches long, night on waking, better lying on other side Sulph
Delusions, nursing her child, that she was Atro
Delusions, objects, brilliantly colored Bell
Delusions, objects, appear different Nat-m
Delusions, objects, bright from Stram
Delusions, objects, crooked Glon
Delusions, objects, glittering Bell
Delusions, objects, numerous, too, in roomPhys
Delusions, objects, open, air, in Atro
Delusions, objects, sometimes thick, sometimes thin, on closing eye, in slumberCamph
Delusions, obscene Stram
Delusions, obscene, actions of which she has not been guilty, accuses herself Phos
Delusions, offended people, that he has Ars
Delusions, old men, seesLaur
Delusions, old rags are as fine as silk Sulph
Delusions, paradise, thought he saw Coff
Delusions, past, of events long Atro
Delusions, peacocks, as if chasing Hyos
Delusions, people, beside him, doing as he does Ars
Delusions, people, entering the house at night Con
Delusions, people, persons are looking at him Rhus-t
Delusions, person, that something hanging over chair is a, sitting there Calc
Delusions, person, think, another person in the room Cann-i
Delusions, places, at night on waking thought to find himself in strange and solitary Par
Delusions, places, wrong, in Hyos
Delusions, pleasing, morning, after sleepBell
Delusions, poisoned, medicine beingLach
Delusions, policeman, that physician is a Bell
Delusions, prince, is a Verat
Delusions, pursued, friends, by Plb
Delusions, pursued, murderers, robbers, byAlco
Delusions, pursued, some horrid thingAnac
Delusions, queen, thinks she is Cann-i
Delusions, rabbits, sees Stram
Delusions, railway train, thought he was obliged to go off by Atro
Delusions, rain, from having wet cloth on head, thought he had been out in Atro
Delusions, rat sees, of all colorsAbsin
Delusions, reading after her, someone is, which makes her read the faster Mag-m
Delusions, reproach, has neglected duty and deserves Aur
Delusions, repulsive fantastic imaginations Fl-ac
Delusions, riding on an ox Bell
Delusions, riding, a horse Cann-i
Delusions, roaming in the fields Rhus-t
Delusions, room, garden, is a Calc
Delusions, room, like the foam of a troubled sea, is Sec
Delusions, room, sees people, on enteringLyc
Delusions, room, that the walls will crush him Arg-n
Delusions, room, walls of, seem gliding together Cann-i
Delusions, saw, thought he was a huge, darting up and down Cann-i
Delusions, scorpions, sees Op
Delusions, scratching on linen or similar substance, thought some one was Asar
Delusions, scrotum, thinks his, is swollen Sabad
Delusions, seasick, that he is Der
Delusions, sees, thinks some one else sees for him Alum
Delusions, seized, as if Canth
Delusions, sensations, misrepresents his Bell
Delusions, separated from the world, that he is Anac
Delusions, serpent, a crimson, fastening on his neck Bell
Delusions, servants, thinks he must get rid of Fl-ac
Delusions, sewing, imagines herself to be Atro
Delusions, sheep, sees Cimic
Delusions, ship, thinks they are on board of, in a storm Alco
Delusions, shoot, tries to, with a cane Merc
Delusions, shopping with her sister Atro
Delusions, shoulder, thinks people are looking over his Brom
Delusions, shouting, fancies himself to be Cann-i
Delusions, sick, that, a beloved friend is sick and dying Bar-c
Delusions, sick, that, members of the family are Hep
Delusions, sick, that, two sick people were in bed, one of whom got well and the other did not Sec
Delusions, side, imagined himself alive on one side and buried on the other Stram
Delusions, side, that she did not own her left Sil
Delusions, sight and hearing, of Eup-pur
Delusions, singing, fancied himself to be Cann-i
Delusions, sleeping, while awake, insists that he was Acon
Delusions, small, sensation, before epileptic fit Carb-v
Delusions, soda water, thinks he is a bottle of Arg-n
Delusions, sold, as if would be Hyos
Delusions, sold, his bed, some one has Nux-v
Delusions, soldiers, cutting him down, better on getting cool Bry
Delusions, soldiers, march silently past Cann-i
Delusions, soldiers, on his bed Lact
Delusions, something else, appeared as if, objects Staph
Delusions, soot, shower of, fell on himCann-i
Delusions, sorrow, thinks everyone he meets has a secret Cann-i
Delusions, sounds, listens to imaginary Hyos
Delusions, space, expansion of Cann-i
Delusions, space, that there is empty, between brain and skull Caust
Delusions, spectres, day and night Ars
Delusions, spectres, morning on waking, continues to enlarge until it disappears Dulc
Delusions, spectres, evening, feels as if spectre would appear Brom
Delusions, spectres, chill, during Nit-ac
Delusions, spectres, clutches, at Hyos
Delusions, spectres, death of, as a gigantic black skeleton Crot-c
Delusions, spectres, fire, in Bell
Delusions, spectres, hovering in the air Aur
Delusions, spectres, twilight, in Berb
Delusions, sphere, thought himself a Cann-i
Delusions, spiders Lac-c
Delusions, spinal column a barometer Cann-i
Delusions, spirit, that he is a Cann-i
Delusions, spotted brown, his body is Bell
Delusions, squares, fancies of a colossal surrounded by houses a hundred stories highCann-i
Delusions, stabbed, that he had, a person who passed him on the street Bell
Delusions, stars, saw in his plate Cann-i
Delusions, starve, he must Kali-chl
Delusions, stove for a tree, mistakes Hyos
Delusions, strange, familiar things, horrible, are Plat
Delusions, strange, familiar places seemed, headache after Glon 
Delusions, strange, notions Lyss
Delusions, strange, voice, her own seemed Cann-i
Delusions, strangers, about her while knitting Mag-s
Delusions, strangers, looking over shoulder Brom
Delusions, superhuman, is Cann-i
Delusions, superiority Plat
Delusions, surroundings, capacious, are Ferr
Delusions, swine, thinks men are Hyos
Delusions, sword hanging over head Am-m
Delusions, talking, fancies herself Raph
Delusions, talking, of persons as though near, about midnight Sep
Delusions, talking, with spirits Stram
Delusions, tall, fancies herself very Stram
Delusions, tall, had grown while walking Pall
Delusions, thieves, night Ars
Delusions, thieves, after a dream, and will not believe the contrary until search is made Nat-m
Delusions, thieves, dream of robbers is frightened on waking and thinks dream is true Verat
Delusions, thieves, that he has been accused of robbing Kali-br
Delusions, thieves, that house and space under bed are full of Ars
Delusions, thin, is getting Sulph
Delusions, thin, body is Thuj
Delusions, three persons, that he is Nux-m
Delusions, throat, someone with ice cold hands took her by the Canth
Delusions, time, seems earlier Sulph
Delusions, toes cut off Mosch
Delusions, tongue made of wood Apis
Delusions, tongue, pulling out Bell
Delusions, tongue, seems to reach the clouds when going to sleep Pic-ac
Delusions, tongue, seems, too long Aeth
Delusions, touching everything Bell
Delusions, toys, fancied himself playing with Atro
Delusions, toys, object seemed as attractive as Cic
Delusions, transferred to another room Coloc
Delusions, transferred, to another world Cann-i
Delusions, transparent, seemed to be Cann-i
Delusions, transparent, head and nose are Bell
Delusions, travelling, of Cann-i
Delusions, travelling, through worlds Ether
Delusions, trees seem to be people in fantastic costume, afternoon, while riding Bell
Delusions, trembling, of everything on him, at night, when only half awake Sulph
Delusions, troubles, broods over imaginary Naja
Delusions, turtles, sees large, in room Bell
Delusions, typhoid fever, thought, he would have Nat-p
Delusions, unpleasant Bell
Delusions, unpleasant, distinct from surrounding objects Bell
Delusions, unseen, thing Tarent
Delusions, vagina, living things creep into at night Merc
Delusions, vanish, seems as if everything would Lyc
Delusions, vegetable existence, thinks he is leading a Cann-i
Delusions, vegetable, thinks he is selling green Cupr
Delusions, vengeance, thinks he is singled out for divine Kali-br
Delusions, vermin, his bed is covered with Ars
Delusions, violence, about Kali-br
Delusions, Virgin Mary, thinks she is Cann-i
Delusions, vision, clouds of colors Lach
Delusions, vision, horrible, waking, on Zinc
Delusions, vision, imaginary power, of Cann-i
Delusions, vision, monsters, on falling asleep and on waking Ign
Delusions, vision, rats and strange objects Cimic
Delusions, voices, night Cham
Delusions, voices, bed, in, ceases when listening intently Abrot
Delusions, voices, calling his name Anac
Delusions, voices, hears, that he must follow Crot-c
Delusions, voices, his own, sounds strange and seems to reverberate like thunder Cann-i
Delusions, voices, in his abdomen, are Thuj
Delusions, vow, that she is breaking her Ign
Delusions, walk, fancies he cannot Ign
Delusions, walk, fancies, that, some one walks beside him Calc
Delusions, walk, fancies, that, some one behind him Crot-c
Delusions, walk, fancies, that, he sees the same one walking after him that he sees walking before him Eupho
Delusions, walls, is surrounded by high Cann-i
Delusions, want, that they had come to Cann-i
Delusions, warts, thinks he has Mez
Delusions, washing, of Bell
Delusions, water, illusion of blue Cann-i
Delusions, water, of disasters by Cann-i
Delusions, water, sees flowing Merc
Delusions, water, spoonful, a, seems like a lake Agar
Delusions, water, when drinking, thought it delicious nectarCann-i
Delusions, wife, will run away from him Staph
Delusions, wind sighing in chimney sounded like the hum of a vast wheel, and reverberated like a peal of thunder on a grand organ Cann-i
Delusions, wires, is caught in Cimic
Delusions, women, fancies his mother’s house is invaded by lewd Kali-br
Delusions, women, evil, are, and will injure his soul Puls
Delusions, wood, is made of Kali-n
Delusions, work, is hindered at Chin
Delusions, work, will do him harm Arg-n
Delusions, worms, imagined vomitus to be a bunch of Cann-i
Delusions, worms, imagines he is covered with Cocaine
Delusions, wretched, thinks she looks, when looking in a mirror Nat-m
Desires, more than she needs Ars
Despair, itching of the skin, from Psor
Despair, menses, before Verat
Des[air, others, about Aur
Despair, recovery, convalescence, during Psor
Despair, religious, alternating with sexual excitement Lil-t
Despair, religious, suppressed menses, during Verat
Despair, social position, of Verat
Despair, trifles, over Graph
Destructiveness, cuts them up Verat
Destructiveness, cunning Tarent
Dipsomania, drinking on the sly Sulph
Dipsomania, menses, before Sel
Discontented, afternoon, stool, before Bor
Discontented, evening, amel. Aloe
Discontented, air, in open Mur-ac
Discontented, coition, after Calc
Discontented, inanimate objects Caps
Discontented, rainy weather, during Aloe
Discontented, stool, before Bor
Discouraged,  afternoon Con
Discouraged, evening, eating amel. Tarent
Discouraged, air, open, in Ph-ac
Discouraged,  alternating with haughtiness Agn
Discouraged,  coition, after Sep
Discouraged,  menses, before Carl
Discouraged, weeping, amel. Nit-ac
Dreams, night Nat-c
Dreams, future, about the poetical Olnd
Dullness, evening, after 10 p.m. Anac
Dullness, alone, when Ph-ac
Dullness, alternating with hilarity Jab
Dullness, beer, after Coloc
Dullness, closing eyes, on Zinc
Dullness, closing eyes, amel. Kali-c
Dullness, coition, after Sep
Dullness, company, in Plat
Dullness, copious flow of urine amel. Gels
Dullness, could not think of her condition Chel
Dullness, dinner, after Carb-an
Dullness, emissions, after Caust
Dullness, epilepsy, before Caust
Dullness, lying, while Bry
Dullness, lying, amel. Zinc
Dullness, mortification, after Staph
Dullness, motion amel. Rhus-t
Dullness, news, from disagreeable Calc-p
Dullness, periodical Chin
Dullness, rising from bed Ox-ac
Dullness, room, in a Meny
Dullness, sleep, after sound Mez
Dullness, sleep, siesta, after Graph
Dullness, smoking, from Acon
Dullness, stool, afterCycl
Dwells, on past disagreeable occurrences, night, midnight, after Rhus-t
Dwells, on past disagreeable occurrences, recalls old grievances Glon
Eccentricity Verat 
Ecstasy, night Cur
Ecstasy, night, waking, on Cypr
Ecstasy, night, walking in moonlight Ant-c
Ecstasy, alternating with sadness Senec
Ecstasy, amorous, sleep, duringPhos
Embraces, anything, in morning worse in open airPlat
Ennui, forenoon Alum
Ennui, afternoon Plb
Escape, from her family, children Lyc
Escape, is restrained with difficulty Zinc
Escape, wants to visit his daughter Ars
Estranged, flies from her own children Lyc
Estranged, society, from Anac
Excitement, night, sleep, duringLyc
Excitement, absent persons, about Aur
Excitement, alternates with convulsions Stram
Excitement, alternates with, delirium Agar
Excitement, alternates with, dullness Anac
Excitement, alternates with, sadness Con
Excitement, beer, after Coc-c
Excitement, chill, before Cedr
Excitement, coition, after Calc
Excitement, confusion, as from Nux-m
Excitement, conversation, from hearing  Lyss
Excitement, epilepsy, before Art-v
Excitement, feverish, evening, in Merc-c
Excitement, feverish, night, at Sulph
Excitement, feverish, dinner, after Sep
Excitement, feverish, menses, duringRhod
Excitement, heat, of head, with Meph
Excitement, hungry, when Kali-c
Excitement, menses, after Ferr
Excitement, pain, during Aur
Excitement, religious Aur
Excitement, sadness, after Spig
Excitement, stammers when talking to strangers Dig
Excitement, swallows continually while talking Staph
Excitement, tea, after Sulph
Excitement, urination, during Aloe
Excitement, writing, while Med
Exertion, physical amel. Iod
Exhilaration, afternoon Arg-n
Exhilaration, night Med
Exhilaration, air, in open Phel
Exhilaration, alternating with sadness Agn
Exhilaration, can recall things long forgotten Gels
Exhilaration, coition, after Bor
Exhilaration, diarrhœa, during Ox-ac
Exhilaration, perspiration, during Op
Exhilaration, walking in open air Cinnb
Fancies, exaltation of, morning Con
Fancies, exaltation of, afternoon Lyc
Fancies, exaltation of, evening, in twilight Caust
Fancies, periodically returning Ars
Fancies, reading, on Mag-m
Fancies, vivid, midnight, after Puls
Fancies, vivid, falling asleep, when Nat-m
Fancies, vivid, followed by heat Phos
Fear, morning, rising, on Arg-n
Fear, morning, until evening Sul-ac
Fear, morning, waking, on Puls
Fear, forenoon Am-c
Fear, noon until 3 p.m. Aster
Fear, afternoon, 4 p.m. Tab
Fear, afternoon, 5 p.m. Nux-v
Fear, evening, amel. Mag-c
Fear, evening, bed in, amel. Mag-c
Fear, evening, walking, while Nux-v
Fear, night, waking, after Con
Fear, night, midnight, after Ign
Fear, night, midnight, 3 a.m. Kali-c
Fear, abdomen, arising from Asaf
Fear, alone, lest he, injure himself Ars
Fear, alternating with mania Bell
Fear, apoplexy, night at, with feelings as if head would burst Aster
Fear, apoplexy, palpitation, with Arg-m
Fear, apoplexy, stool, during Verat
Fear, apoplexy, waking, on Glon
Fear, approaching, lest he be touched Arn
Fear, betrayed, being Hyos
Fear, black, everything Rob
Fear, brilliant objects, looking-glass, etc., of, or cannot endureStram
Fear, burden, of becoming a Raph
Fear, censured, of being Caps
Fear, coal-scuttle of the Cann-i
Fear, coition, at thought of in a womanKreos
Fear, confusion, that people would observe her Calc
Fear, cruelties, report of, excite Calc
Fear, cutting himself when shaving Calad
Fear, danger, going to sleep, on Coff
Fear, dawn, dawn, of the return of Kali-i
Fear, death, die, fear he will, if he goes to sleep, after night-mare Led
Fear, death, heart symptoms, during Asaf
Fear, death, pain, from Coff
Fear, death, perspiration, during Kali-n
Fear, death, pregnancy, during Acon
Fear, death, soon, that she will die Agn
Fear, death, vexation, after Ars
Fear, death, vomiting Ars
Fear, death, waking, on Alum
Fear, death, walking, while Dig
Fear, destination, of being unable to reach his Lyc
Fear, devil, being taken by the, of Manc
Fear, devoured by animals, of being Stram
Fear, disease, night, in bed Carb-ac
Fear, disease, worse walking in open air Hep
Fear, drawn upward, of being Camph
Fear, driving him from place to place Meny
Fear, drowned, of being Cann-i
Fear, eating, when hungry Grat
Fear, evil, morning, on waking Mag-s
Fear, evil, afternoon Chin-s
Fear, evil, evening, walking in open air, while Cina
Fear, exposure night in bed, of Mag-c
Fear, extravagance, of Op
Fear, failure, of, in business Psor
Fear, falling of, afternoon Nux-v
Fear, falling of, evening Lyss
Fear, falling of, letting things fall, of Coca
Fear, falling of, room, in, agg. Lil-t
Fear, falling of, sleep, on going to Coff
Fear, falling of, turning head, on Der
Fear, fasting, of Kreos
Fear, fever, while chilly Sulph
Fear, fever, on going to bed Hura
Fear, fever, typhus, of Tarent
Fear, fire, things will catch Cupr
Fear, friend has met with accident, that a Ars
Fear, friends, of Cedr
Fear, gallows, of the Bell
Fear, grieving, as if Phos
Fear, happens, when alone relieved by conversation Rat
Fear, health, that she has ruined Chel
Fear, heart, will cease to beat unless constantly on the move Gels
Fear, hurry, following Benz-ac
Fear, husband, that he would not return, that something would happen to him Plat
Fear, imaginary things, animals Bell
Fear, imbecile, that he would become Stram
Fear, joints are weak, that Sep
Fear, jumps out of bed from Ars
Fear, jump, on touch Bell
Fear, jump, out of the window Ars
Fear, labor, after Iod
Fear, looking before her, when Sulph
Fear, lying in bed, while Kali-c
Fear, manual labor, after Iod
Fear, menses, during, menstrual colic Ant-t
Fear, mischief, he might do, night on waking Phys
Fear, misfortune, daytime Phel
Fear, misfortune, forenoon Am-c
Fear, misfortune, afternoon, 2 p.m. Hura
Fear, misfortune, evening, bed, in, amel. Mag-c
Fear, misfortune, chilliness, during Cycl
Fear, misfortune, heat, during Atro
Fear, moral obliquity alternating with sexual excitement Lil-t
Fear, nausea, after Tab
Fear, near, of those standing Bell
Fear, occupation, of Sel
Fear, out of doors, to go Anth
Fear, piano, when at Phos
Fear, pneumonia, of Chel
Fear, poisoned, night Ars-m
Fear, poisoned, has been Glon
Fear, putrefy, body will Bell
Fear, rain of Elaps
Fear, say something wrong, lest he should Lil-t
Fear, sitting amel. Iod
Fear, sleep, he will never sleep again Ign
Fear, sleep, to close the eyes lest he should never wake Aeth
Fear, society, of his position in Verat
Fear, sold, of being Hyos
Fear, speak, to Sep
Fear, stomach, of ulcer in Ign
Fear, suffocation, closing eyes Carb-an
Fear, superstitious Rhus-t
Fear, supper, after Caust
Fear, surprises, from pleasant Coff
Fear, syphilis, of Hyos
Fear, talking loud, as if would kill her Meli
Fear, thinking of disagreeable things, whenPhos
Fear, thinking, sad things, of Rhus-t
Fear, thoughts, of his own Camph
Fear, throat, from sensation of swelling of Glon
Fear, tread lightly, must, or will injure himself Cupr
Fear, troubles, of imaginary Hydr-ac
Fear, upward, of being drawn Camph
Fear, vertigo, of Sumb
Fear, vexation, after Cham
Fear, voice, of using Cann-i
Fear, waking on, of something under the bed Bell
Fear, walking, of Nat-m
Fear, walking, across busy street Acon
Fear, walking, in the dark Carb-s
Fear, warm room Valer
Fear, wet his bed, fears he will Alum
Fear, wind, of Cham
Fear, women, of Puls
Fear, work, headache, during Gran
Feces, passed on the floor Cupr
Feces, swallows his own Verat
Feces, licks up cow-dung, mud, saliva Merc
Feigining, pregnancy Verat
Fire, wants to set things on Hep
Fire, a flame of, seemed passing through him Phos
Fire, throws things into Staph
Flattery, desires Pall
Foolish behavior, morning, on waking Aur
Foolish behavior, night Cic
Foolish behavior, epilepsy, before Caust
Foolish behavior, happiness and pride Sulph
Foolish behavior, open air, in Nux-m
Foolish behavior, spasms, during Sec
Forgetful, morning, amel. Fl-ac
Forgetful, afternoon, amel. Anac
Forgetful, coition, after Sec
Forgetful, eating, amel.Sil
Forgetful, epilepsy, before Caust
Forgetful, everything that had occurred for six years Lach
Forgetful, menses, during Raph
Forgetful, motion, on Laur
Forgetful, periodical Carb-v
Forgetful, shaving or dressing, of Chel
Forgetful, walking, while, after eating Rhus-t
Forgetful, watch, to wind Fl-ac
Forsaken feeling, open air amel. Rhus-t
Forsakes his own childrenLyc
Forsakes is relationsSec
Frightened easily, night, wakens at 3 a.m. Ars
Frightened easily, chill, during, Verat
Frightened easily, menses, before Calc
Frightened easily, nocturnal emissions, after Aloe
Frightened easily, roused, when Calc
Frightened easily, sneezing, at Bor
Frightened easily, touch, form Kali-c
Frightened easily, trifles, day before menses Calc
Frightened easily, wakens in a fright from least noise Nux-v
Frightened easily, wakes, terrified, knows no one, screams, clings to those near Stram
Frightened easily, weeping amel. Phos
Fur, wraps up in, summer Hyos
Gestures, convulsive, at sight of drink Bell
Gestures, hands, of the, as if brushing the face, or as if brushing something away Hyos
Gestures, hands, crossing the hands Mosch
Gestures, hands, grasping, bystanders, at Phos
Gestures, hands, grasping, chewing and swallowing Sol-n
Gestures, hands, grasping, quickly Stram
Gestures, hands, grasping, sides of the bed, at Nux-v
Gestures, hands, motion, face, to the Stry
Gestures, hands, motion, folding hands Puls
Gestures, hands, motion, folding, and unfolding coverings Plb
Gestures, hands, motion,  hasty Bell
Gestures, hands, motion,  knitting, as if Tarent
Gestures, hands, motion,  lifting up handsArs
Gestures, hands, motion, rubbing togetherCann-i
Gestures, hands, motion, spinning and weaving Stram
Gestures, hands, wild Acon
Gestures, indicates his desires by Stram
Gestures, intoxicated, as if Hyos
Gestures, pouring from hand to hand, as if Bell
Gestures, pulls hair of bystanders Bell
Gestures, ridiculous, open air, in Nux-m
Gestures, ridiculous, standing on the street, while Nux-m
Gestures, spinning, imitates Hyos
Gestures, spinning, around on the foot Cann-s
Giggling Cann-i 
Grief, daytimeStaph 
Grief, afternoonTarent
Grief, condition, about his Staph
Grief, hunting for something to grieve one Lil-t
Grief, trifles, over Bar-c
Grunting, sleep duringIgn 
Hatred, absent persons, of, better on seeing them Fl-ac
Hatred, bitter feelings for slight offenses, has Ang
Hatred, person of, unmoved by apologies Nit-ac
Hatred, persons of, who do not agree with him Calc-s
Hatred, women, of Puls
Helplessness, afternoonKali-br 
Hide, child thinks all visitors laugh at it and hides behind furniture Bar-c
Hides, thingsBell 
Home, desire to leave home Elat
Homesickness, morning Carb-an
Homesickness, evening Hipp
Homesickness, red cheeks, with Caps
Hurry, night Lach
Hurry, chill, during Cann-s
Hurry, everybody must hurry Tarent
Hurry, time, for the appointed, to arrive Arg-n
Hypocrisy Phos 
Hysteria, menses, during Cimic
Hysteria, menses, during, amel. Zinc
Hysteria, menses, during, first day of Raph
Hysteria, morning agg., sighing amel. Tarent
Hysteria, music amel. Tarent
Ideas, abundant, forenoonOx-ac 
Ideas, abundant, heat, during Stram
Ideas, abundant, persistent Ph-ac
Ideas, abundant, urination, after Cann-i
Ideas, deficiency of, extra exertion, on Olnd
Ideas, deficiency of, interruption, from any Colch
Ideas, deficiency of, vomiting amel.Asar
Ideas, insane Lyss
Idiocy, idiotic actions Ant-c
Idiocy, idiotic, epilepsy, before Caust
Imbecility, epilepsy, before Caust
Imbecility, old rags are as fine as silk Sulph
Impatience, forenoon, 11 a.m. Sulph
Impatience, dinner, during Sulph
Impatience, house, in Aster
Impatience, intermittent fever Chin-a
Impatience, itching, from Osm
Impatience, playing of children Anac
Impatience, reading, while Nat-c
Impatience, sitting, while Sep
Impatience, supper, after Nit-ac
Impatience, talk of others, during Zinc
Impatience, urinating, before Sulph
Impatience, walking, while Lyc
Impetuous, daytime Nit-ac
Impetuous, morning Staph
Impetuous, afternoon Caust
Impetuous, evening Ferr-p
Impetuous, heat, with Sep
Impetuous, urination, before Sulph
Impulse, to run Iod
Impulse, to stab his flesh with the knife he holds Lyss
Inciting othersHyos 
Inconsolable, alone and darkness agg. Stram
Inconsolable, over fancied misfortune Verat
Indifference, afternoon Con
Indifference, alternating with anxiety and restlessness Nat-m
Indifference, alternating with weeping Phos
Indifference, caresses, to Cina
Indifference, company, while in Plat
Indifference, complain, unless questioned, then say nothing of his condition Colch
Indifference, conscience, to the dictates of Cann-i
Indifference, desire, has no, no action of the will Hell
Indifference, eating, after Aloe
Indifference, mental exertion, after Nat-m
Indifference, music, which he loves, to Carb-v
Indifference, onanism, after Staph
Indifference, opposite sex, to Thuj
Indifference, others, toward Sulph
Indifference, personal appearance Sulph
Indifference, recovery, about his Calc
Indifference, society, amel. Bov
Indifference, walking in open air, while Con
Indifference, welfare of others, to Sulph
Indignation, morning Ars
Indignation, discomfort, from general Op
Indignation, dreams, at unpleasant Calc-p
Indignation, pregnant, while Nat-m
Indolence, morning, on rising, wakingChin-s 
Indolence, noonAloe
Indolence, afternoon, 2 p.m. Chel
Indolence, air, in open Arn
Indolence, aversion to her usual housework Cit-ac
Indolence, breakfast, after Nat-s
Indolence, chill, during Camph
Indolence, damp weather Sang
Indolence, emission, after an Sep
Indolence, stool, before Bor
Indolence, stool, after Colch
Industrious, evening Lach
Industrious, coition, after Calc-p
Injure, feels as if she could easily injure herself Sep
Injure, frenzy, causing him to, himself Agar
Injure, satiety, must use self control to prevent shooting himself Nat-s
Insanity, alternating with metrorrhagia Crot-c
Insanity, alternating, with stupor Op
Insanity, behaves like a crazy person Kali-ar
Insanity, chilliness, with Calc
Insanity, chillness, coldness of skin Crot-h
Insanity, crawls on the floor Lach
Insanity, dresses in his best clothes Con
Insanity, eats only refuse Meli
Insanity, injuries to the head, from Nat-s
Insanity, insists upon saying his prayers at the tail of his horse Eupho
Insanity, makes useless purchases Con
Insanity, malignant Cupr
Insanity, menses, with profuse Sep
Insanity, passes her feces on the floor Cupr
Insanity, perspiration, with, following Cupr
Insanity, threatens destruction and death Tarent
Insanity, touched, will not be Thuj
Insolent, afternoon Canth
Introspection, forenoon Phos
Introspection, afternoon Hell
Irresolution, morning Pall
Irresolution, afternoon Hyos
Irritability, noon, amel. Aeth
Irritability, afternoon, 4 p.m. Bor
Irritability, afternoon, 5 to 6 p.m. Con
Irritability, alone, when Phos
Irritability, alternating with, tenderness Plat
Irritability, alternating with, weeping Bell
Irritability, breakfast, before Nat-p
Irritability, breakfast, after Con
Irritability, business, in an important Bor
Irritability, coffee, after Calc-p
Irritability, conversation, from Ambr
Irritability, dinner, before Phos
Irritability, dinner, during Teucr
Irritability, idle, while Calc
Irritability, menses, during an intermission of Eupi
Irritability, noise, such as even crackling of newspapers drives him to despair Ferr
Irritability, rocking fast amel. Cina
Irritability, sends, nurse home Fl-ac
Irritability, sends, nurse out of the room Cham
Irritability, sleep, during, by noise Calad
Irritability, waking, amel. Caps
Irritability, water, hearing or seeing, on Lyss
Jealousy, as foolish as it is irresistible Lach
Jesting, gravity, after Plat
Jesting, indifference, after Meny
Jesting, malicious Ars
Jesting, puns, makes Cann-i
Joy, at the misfortune of others Ars
Jumping, bed, during fever Chin-a
Kicks, carried, and becomes stiff when Cham
Kicks, child is cross, kicks and scolds on waking Lyc
Kill, desire to kill the person that contradicts her Merc
Kill, rest, during Iod
Kill, sight of a knife Plat
Kill, sight, of knife or a gun Alum
Kill, thought he ought to kill somebody Camph
Kill, walking in open air, while Camph
Kleptomania, steals money Calc
Lamenting, evening Verat
Lamenting, night Verat
Lamenting, alternating with delirium Bell
Lamenting, cryingBufo
Lamenting, appreciated, because he is not Calc-s
Lamenting, convulsions, during Ars
Lamenting, future, aboutLyc
Lamenting, others, about Merc
Lamenting, perspiration, during Ign
Lamenting, trifles, over Coff
Lamenting, waking, on Cina
Laughing, forenoon Nux-m
Laughing, alternating with frenzy Stram
Laughing, alternating with, loathing of life Aur
Laughing, alternating with, metrorrhagia Crot-c
Laughing, annoying Bell
Laughing, anxiety, during Lyc
Laughing, averse to Ambr
Laughing, chill, during Calc
Laughing, chills, followed by Hura
Laughing, company, in Tarent
Laughing, contemptuous Alum
Laughing, delirious Stram
Laughing, forced Hyos
Laughing, involuntarily, after eating Puls
Laughing, looked at, when Lyc
Laughing, misfortune, at Apis
Laughing, pain, every paroxysm of, excites a nervous laugh Hura
Laughing, paroxysmal Stram
Laughing, reprimands, at Graph
Laughing, sad, when Phos
Laughing, sadness, followed by Plat
Laughing, serious matter, in open air Plat
Laughing, spasmodic, before, during or after epilepsy Caust
Laughing, wild Calc
Lie, believes all she says is a Lact-ac
Loathing, morning, on waking Phyt
Loathing, business, his Ars-h
Loathing, eruption, before Cop
Loathing, life, menses, before Cere-b
Loathing, life, must restrain herself to prevent doing herself injury Nat-s
Longing, good opinion of others, for Pall
Longing, repose for tranquility Nux-v
Loquacity, daytime Arg-m
Loquacity, forenoon Caust
Loquacity, night, 1 to 2 a.m. Lachn
Loquacity, answers no questions, during which Agar
Love, with jealousy, anger, and incoherent talk Hyos
Mania, held, wants to be Ars
Mania, mental exertion, after Lach
Mania, menses, before Sep
Mania, paroxysmal Tarent
Mania, suppressed eruptions, after Zinc
Mania, suppressed, menses Puls
Memory, active, evening, midnight, until Coff
Memory, active, alternating with dullness Rhus-t
Memory, active, alternating, with weak memory Cycl
Memory, active, alternating, with lassitude Aloe
Memory, active, suppressing sexual desire, from Lach
Memory, weakness of, letters, for the names of the Lyc
Memory, weakness of, time, for Merc
Men, shuns the foolishness of Cic
Mesmerized, seem as if Oena
Mirth, daytime Ant-t
Mirth, morning, waking, on Chin
Mirth, evening, bed in Alum
Mirth, night, until 2 a.m. Chin
Mirth, alternating, palpitation, with Spig
Mirth, alternating, seriousness Plat
Mirth, chill, during Nux-m
Mirth, emission, after an Pip-m
Mirth, heat, during Acon
Mistakes, measure and weight and gives wrong answers Nux-v
Mistakes, speaking, exertion, worse after Agar
Mistakes, speaking, intend, what he does not Nat-m
Mistakes, time, confounds present with future Anac
Mistakes, transposes sounds Caust
Mistakes, words, mispronounces Caust
Mistakes, writing, confounding letters Lyc
Moaning, daytime Zinc
Moaning, afternoon Cina
Moaning, evening Ars
Moaning, evening, sleep, during Ars
Moaning, night, 3 a.m. Kali-c
Moaning, constant and gasping for air Phyt
Moaning, contradicted, when Tarent
Moaning, hemicrania, with Cop
Moaning, old age, in Bar-c
Moaning, weakness Raph
Mocking, his relatives Sec
Monomania, to appear in a public place in a grotesque manner Anan
Mood, changeable, heat, during Nux-m
Mood, changeable, dinner, after Aloe
Morose, evening Zinc
Morose, child in daytime Cina
Morose, menses, before Lyc
Morose, menses, after Ferr
Morose, perspiration, during Mag-c
Mutilating, his bodyArs
Muttering, evening, in bed Sil
Muttering, night, on waking Sil
New, objects seem Hell
Nymphomania, pregnancy, during Zinc
Obstinate, against whatever was proposed, he had the queerest objection Arg-n
Obstinate, appearance of menses, upon Cham
Obstinate, children, yet cry when kindly spoken to Sil
Obstinate, chilly refractory and clumsy Caps
Obstinate, inclined to grow fat Calc
Piety, nocturnal Stram
Plans, gigantic Op
Plans, revengeful Agar
Playful, alternating with melancholy Psor
Playful, desires to play in the grass Elaps
Playful, plays with the buttons of his clothes Mosch
Pleasure, voluptuous ideas, only, in Bell
Pleasure, wakefulness, during Sec
Pleasure, waking, on from a dream of murder Thea
Power, love of Lyc
Praying, nights Stram
Precocity Merc 
Presumptuous Lyc
Prostration, evening Cham
Prostration, eating, after Lach
Prostration, menses, after Alum
Prostration, talking, from Calc-p
Prostration, trifles, from Phos
Prostration, writing, after Sil
Pull, ones nose in the street Merc
Pull, ones teeth Bell
Qurralesome, 12 to 2 p.m. Aster
Quarrelsome, 4 p.m. Lyss
Quarrelsome, night Verat
Quarrelsome, alternating, care and discontent Ran-b
Quarrelsome, alternating, silent depression Con
Quarrelsome, alternating, singingCroc
Quarrelsome, disputes with absent persons Lyc
Quarrelsome, intoxicated, when Petr
Quarrelsome, menses, during Am-c
Quarrelsome, waking, on Lyc
Quiet, cannot be quieted Cina
Quiet, carried, only by being Cham
Quiet, wants to be, desires repose and tranquility Nux-v
Rage, alone, while Bufo
Rage, alternating, affectionate disposition, with Croc
Rage, alternating with, consciousness Acon
Rage, alternating with, convulsions, with Stram
Rage, alternating with, religious excitement, with Agar
Rage, aroused, when Phos
Rage, cold applications to head amel. Sabad
Rage, constant Agar
Rage, does not know his relatives Bell
Rage, drinking, while Stram
Rage, epilepsy, after Arg-m
Rage, mischievous Agar
Rage, pulls hair of bystanders Bell
Rage, staring looks, with Bell
Rage, trying to drink, when or touching larynx Canth
Reading, aversion, walking in the open air amel. Ox-ac
Refuses, to take the medicine Hyos
Remorse, evening Puls
Remorse, night Puls
Remorse, trifles, about Sil
Remorse, waking, on Puls
Reproaches, others, 4 p.m. Bor
Reserved, morning, in bed Cocc
Reserved, evening Am-m
Reserved, air, in the open Stram
Reserved, eating, after Plb
Reserved, sleep, after Anac
Restlessness, morning, bed, in Ph-ac
Restlessness, evening, 6 p.m. till 6 a.m. Kreos
Restlessness, night, midnight, at Nat-m
Restlessness, night, midnight, waking, on Plat
Restlessness, night, 5 a.m. Tarent
Restlessness, alternating with sleepiness and stupor, during fever Ars
Restlessness, anxious, epilepsy, during intervals of Arg-n
Restlessness, back, during tired aching in Calc-f
Restlessness, bed, heat of, from Op
Restlessness, chest, from congestion in Sep
Restlessness, chest, from heat rising up into the mouth from Nux-v
Restlessness, company, in Carb-v
Restlessness, conversation, from Ambr
Restlessness, convulsion, after Oena
Restlessness, dinner, amel. after Thuj
Restlessness, drink, at the sight of Bell
Restlessness, drinking agg. Crot-c
Restlessness, fainting, followed by Calc
Restlessness, headache, from pain in forehead, at night Cycl
Restlessness, internal, morning, on waking Sep
Restlessness, internal, evening, in bed Eupi
Restlessness, internal, night, on waking, with headache Par
Restlessness, as if would beat about herself with hands and feet Lyc
Restlessness, lying, on back agg., on side amel. Calc-p
Restlessness, menses, after Mag-c
Restlessness, mental labor, amel. Nat-c
Restlessness, pacing back and forwards Plan
Restlessness, paroxysms, during Plb
Restlessness, periodical Ars
Restlessness, periodical, every third day Anac
Restlessness, perspiration, amel. Sulph
Restlessness, rage, ending in a Canth
Restlessness, rising, from a seat Caust
Restlessness, siting, at work, while Graph
Restlessness, smoking, after Calad
Restlessness, stool, during Bell
Restlessness, storm, before Psor
Restlessness, stretching backward amel. Bor
Restlessness, sunlight agg. Cadm
Restlessness, urination, before Ph-ac
Reverence for those around himHam
Riding, in a carriage, averse to Psor
Roving, about nakedHyos
Roving, wrapped in fur in the summer Hyos
Sadness, morning, mirthful in evening Calc-s
Sadness, morning, rising, after, amel. Sep
Sadness, morning, 9 a.m. till noon Alumn
Sadness, night, and day, with weeping Caust
Sadness, night and diarrhœa in the morning Lil-t
Sadness, midnight Plat
Sadness, alternating with, physical energyAur
Sadness, alternating with, irritability Ambr
Sadness, alternating with, sexual excitement Lil-t
Sadness, alternating with, vehemence Ambr
Sadness, annoyance, after Kali-bi
Sadness, business, when thinking of Puls
Sadness, chill, before Ant-c
Sadness, cloudy weather Am-c
Sadness, complaining amel. Tab
Sadness, eating, before Mag-m
Sadness, eating, while Sep
Sadness, epistaxis, after Puls
Sadness, errors of diet Nat-c
Sadness, exertion, amel. Ferr
Sadness, flowers, smell of Hyos
Sadness, happy, on seeing others Helon
Sadness, insult, as if from Cocc
Sadness, itching, from Psor
Sadness, menses, during, the first menses Hell
Sadness, music, sad music, amel. Mang
Sadness, periodical, every fourteen days Con
Sadness, pressure about chest, from Graph
Sadness, sexual excitement, after Tarent
Sadness, slight, an undeserved, from Arg-n
Sadness, society, in agg. Eupho
Sadness, society, amel. Bov
Sadness, stories, from sad Cic
Sadness, sultry weather, in Sep
Sadness, sunshine, in Stram
Sadness, sunshine, amel. Plat
Sadness, supper, after Nux-v
Sadness, thunderstorm amel. Sep
Sadness, walking, amel. Cop
Sadness, walking, only while, the longer he walks the worse he gets Ph-ac
Sadness, walking, standing still or sit down, must Cupr
Scratches, the lime of the walls Canth
Searching, at night for thieves Ars
Searching, after having dreamt of them Nat-m
Sensitive, daytime Carb-v
Sensitive, evening Calc
Sensitive, ailments, to the most trifling Nux-v
Sensitive, coffee, after Cham
Sensitive, cruelties, when hearing of Calc
Sensitive, noise to, evening Calc
Sensitive, noise to, menses, during Kali-p
Sensitive, sleep, on going to Calc
Sensitive, sad stories Cic
Sensitive, singing, to Nux-v
Sentimental, diarrhœa, during Ant-c
Sentimental, menses, before Ant-c
Sentimental, moonlight, in Ant-c
Serious, evening Seneg
Serious, when seeing ludicrous things Anac
Shameless, bed, in Nat-m
Shameless, during lying-in Verat
Shinning, objects agg, surface of water Lyss
Shrieking, aid, for Plat
Shrieking, children, stool, during Kreos
Shrieking, children, when touched Ant-t
Shrieking, cramps in abdomen, during Cupr
Shrieking, drinking, while Nux-v
Shrieking, hold on to something, unless she Sep
Shrieking, mania, in Stram
Shrieking, menses, before Sep
Shrieking, menses, during Cupr
Shrieking, thunderstorm, during Gels
Shrieking, trifles, at Kali-c
Sighing, menses, after Stram
Singing, alternating with anger Croc
Singing, alternating with, distraction Spong
Singing, alternating with, groaning Bell
Singing, alternating with, hatred of work Spong
Singing, joyously, at night Verat
Sits, and breaks pins Bell
Sits, in one place for 3 or 4 days during headache Con
Sits, meditates Calc-s
Sits, weeping Ambr
Size, frame, of, seems lessened Phys
Slowness, always behind hand Cact
Slowness, calculation, in Calc
Slowness, purpose, of Graph
Smiling, involuntarily, when speaking Aur
Smiling, never Alum
Smiling, sardonic Bell
Smiling, sleep, in Cadm
Somnabulism, suppressed emotions, afterZinc
Speech, confused, at night Cham
Speech, fine Hyos
Speech, future, about Hyos
Speech, incoherent, dozing afterOp
Speech, merry, sleep, in Mur-ac
Speech, nonsense, springing up while asleep, on Kali-c
Speech, prattling, lies naked in bed Hyos
Speech, prattling, in sleep Nux-v
Speech, random, at, at night Plb
Spits, on the floor and licks it up Merc
Spoken to, averse, chill, during Hyos
Squanders moneyVerat
Starting, night, menses, during Zinc
Starting, anxious, downward motion, from Bor
Starting, called by name, when Sulph
Starting, feet, as if coming from the Lyc
Starting, hawking, at Bor
Starting, lying, while Lyc
Starting, menses, before Calc
Starting, prick of a needle, at the Calc
Starting, sleep, before Alum
Starting, sleep, from sleep, menses, during Zinc
Starting, sleep, from sleep, from slightest touch Ruta
Starting, sneezing, at Bor
Starting, tossing of arms, from Merc
Starting, twitching Con
Starting, uneasiness, from Mur-ac
Strange things, impulse to do Cact
Strange, voices seem Cann-s
Stranger, sensation as if one were a Valer
Striking, abdomen, his Bell
Striking, face, his Bell
Striking, wall, the Canth
Stupefaction, afternoon, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ars
Stupefaction, night Calc
Stupefaction, night, on waking, must rise Psor
Stupefaction, alternating with convulsions Aur
Stupefaction, alternating, with violence Absin
Stupefaction, emissions, after Caust
Stupefaction, epistaxis, after Zinc
Stupefaction, exertion, mental, agg. Petr
Stupefaction, menses, during Nux-m
Stupefaction, perspiration, during Stram
Stupefaction, reading, on Lyc
Stupefaction, remains fixed in one spot Nux-m
Stupefaction, rising, on Sil
Stupefaction, rising, amel., after Phos
Stupefaction, sun, agg., in Nux-v
Stupefaction, suppressed exanthemata from Cupr
Stupefaction, warm room, in Phos
Stupefaction, warm, when feet became warm, amel. Lach
Stupefaction, wine, after Cor-r
Stupefaction, writing, while Arg-n
Suggestions, will not receive Helon
Suicidal disposition, bed, in Ant-c
Suicidal disposition, twilight, in Rhus-t
Suicidal disposition, axe, with an Naja
Suicidal disposition, fright, often Ars
Suicidal disposition, position, by Lil-t
Suicidal disposition, seeing blood or a knife, she has horrid thoughts of killing herself, though she abhors the idea Alum
Suicidal disposition, seeing, cutting instruments, on Merc
Suicidal, thoughts, drive him out of bed Ant-c
Suicidal disposition, walking in open air, while Bell
Suicidal disposition, weeping, amel. Phos
Surprises, pleasant, affections, after Coff
Suspicious, daytimeMerc
Suspicious, afternoon, 3 to 8 p.m. Cench
Suspicious, talking about her, that people are Bar-c
Suspicious, walking, while Anac
Talk, indisposed to, forenoon Caust
Talk, indisposed to, afternoon, 1 p.m. Grat
Talk, indisposed to, evening, amel. Clem
Talk, indisposed to, air, in open Plat
Talk, indisposed to, alternating with quarrelsomeness Con
Talk, indisposed to, loud Sil
Talk, indisposed, walking in open air, afterArn
Talking, sleep in, anxious Alum
Talking, sleep in, thought when awake, what he Am-c
Talks to himself, of nothing but murder, fire and rats Calc
Tears, genitals, her Sec
Theorizing, evening Chin
Thinking, aversion to, morning Kali-n
Thinking, aversion to, afternoon Lyc
Thinking, aversion to, after walking in open air Arn
Thinking, aversion to, evening Lyc
Thoughts, disgusting thoughts with nausea Sang
Thoughts, frightful, evening Caust
Thoughts, frightful, evening, in bed Lac-c
Thoughts, frightful, night, on waking Visc
Thoughts, fightful, on seeing blood or a knife Alum
Thoughts, persistent, evil, of Lach
Thoughts, persistent, expression and words heard recur to his mind Sulph
Thoughts, persistent, garment made the previous day, about a Aeth
Thoughts, persistent, humorous Nux-m
Thoughts, persistent, ideas of, which first appeared in his dreams Psor
Thoughts, persistent, music, about, in evening Ign
Thoughts, persistent, thinks, of nothing but murder, fire and rats Calc
Thoughts, persistent, walking in open air amel. Graph
Thoughts, repetition, of Stram
Thoughts, vanishing, morning Ph-ac
Thoughts, vanishing, headache, during Bell
Thoughts, vanishing, interrupted, when Berb
Thoughts, vanishing, overlifting, after Psor
Thoughts, vanishing, speaking, when spoken to Sep
Thoughts, vanishing, standing, while Rhus-t
Thoughts, wandering, night Bell
Thoughts, wandering, menses, during Calc
Thoughts, wandering, talking, while Merc-c
Throws, at person, who offend Staph
Time, a few seconds seem ages Cann-i
Timidity, evening, in bed Kali-c
Timidity, alternating with assurance Alum
Torments, everyone with his complaints Zinc
Touch things, impelled to Lycps
Touched, aversion to being caressed Cina
Tranquillity, anger, after Ip
Tranquility, incomprehensible Morph
Tranquility, stool, after Bor
Trifles, with everything Agar
Unattractive, things seem Chin
Unconsciousness, morning, alone, when Ph-ac
Unconsciousness, morning, rising, on Bry
Unconsciousness, noon Zinc
Unconsciousness, air, in open, amel. Tarax
Unconsciousness, alone, when Ph-ac
Unconsciousness, alternating with convulsions Agar
Unconsciousness, alternating with, dangerous violence Absin
Unconsciousness, alternating with restlessness during fever Ars
Unconsciousness, blood, sight of Nux-m
Unconsciousness, candle-light, from Cann-i
Unconsciousness, cold water poured over head amel. Tab
Unconsciousness, cold, after taking Sil
Unconsciousness, diarrhœa, after Ars
Unconsciousness, dream, on waking Aesc
Unconsciousness, erect, if he remained Chin
Unconsciousness, exanthema slow to appear, when Zinc
Unconsciousness, excitement, after Nux-m
Unconsciousness, eyes, cannot open Gels
Unconsciousness, eyes with pressure in and obstruction of sight Seneg
Unconsciousness, interrupted by screamingBell
Unconsciousness, kneeling in church, while Sep
Unconsciousness, knows no one but answers correctly when touched or spoken to Cic
Unconsciousness, lies as if dead Arn
Unconsciousness, looking downward, on Salam
Unconsciousness, looking, upwards Lach
Unconsciousness, lying, with outstretched arms, screaming and tossing Canth
Unconsciousness, perspiration, during Samb
Unconsciousness, remains fixed in one spot Nux-m
Unconsciousness, rubbing soles of feet amel. Chel
Unconsciousness, somnolency with, without snoring, eyes being closed Ph-ac
Unconsciousness, standing, having dress fitted Nux-m
Unconsciousness, suppression of eruptions, after Zinc
Unconsciousness, talking, while Lyc
Unconsciousness, transient, morning on rising drowsiness in head Rhod
Unconsciousness, transient, afternoon, in warm room Puls
Unconsciousness, trifles, at Sep
Undertakes, things opposed to his intentions Sep
Unfeeling Anac 
Unsympathetic Dig
Unworthy, objects seemChin
Veneration Coff
Verses, after falling asleep Nat-m
Violent, forenoon Carb-v
Violent, evening Mill
Violent, dinner, after Mill
Violent, siesta, after Caust
Vivacious, alternating with sorrow Tarent
Walking, rapidly from anxiety Arg-n
Walking, slowly and dignified Caj
Washing always, her hands Syph
Wearisome, morning Am-c
Weary, morning in bed Lyc
Weary, forenoon Apis
Weary, air, in open Mur-ac
Weary, menses, during Berb
Weary, walking in open air, while Bell
Weeping, morning, inclined to, at 11 a.m. Sulph
Weeping, afternoon, 4 p.m. Puls
Weeping, afternoon, 4 to 8 p.m. Lyc
Weeping, weeps all night, laughs all day Stram
Weeping, alternating, with, irritability and laughter at trifles Graph
Weeping, alternating with, queer antics Cupr
Weeping, anecdotes from Lach
Weeping, bells, sound of Ant-c
Weeping, carried, when Chel
Weeping, carried, child cries piteously if taken hold of or carriedCina 
Weeping, convulsive Mag-p
Weeping, convulsive, after Caust
Weeping, dark, in Stram
Weeping, delirium, after Nat-s
Weeping, disturbed at work, when Puls
Weeping, eating, while Carb-an
Weeping, emission, after an Hipp
Weeping, future, about the Lyc
Weeping, goes off alone and weeps as if she had no friends Bar-c
Weeping, hallucination, after Dulc
Weeping, illness, during Calad
Weeping, interrupted, when Puls
Weeping, involuntary, amel. by vinegar Stram
Weeping, looked at, when Nat-m
Weeping, lying, while Euphr
Weeping, meeting people, when Aur
Weeping, menses, during, which does her no good Cycl
Weeping, music, bells, of Ant-c
Weeping, need, about a fancied Chin
Weeping, nervous, feels so, she would scream unless she held on to something Sep
Weeping, nervous, all day, feels like crying all the time, but it makes her worse Stann
Weeping, nightmare, after Guai
Weeping, opposition, at least Nux-v
Weeping, pains, during intermission of Glon
Weeping, palpitation, during Phos
Weeping, past events, thinking of Nat-m
Weeping, pitied, if he believes he is Nat-m
Weeping, poetry, at soothing Lach
Weeping,rising, after Am-c
Weeping, room, in Plat
Weeping, sad thoughts, though sad, is impossible to weep Nux-v
Weeping, singing, when Hura
Weeping, sleep, good during the day, screaming and restless all night Jal
Weeping, spasms, after Caust
Weeping, thanked, when Lyc
Whistling, fever, during Caps
Wildness, evening Croc
Wildness, bright light, odors, etc. Colch
Wildness, headache, during Bapt
Wildness, trifles, at Ign
Wildness, unpleasant news Calc-p
Wildness, vexation, from Ph-ac
Will, muscles refuse to obey the will when attention is turned away Hell
Women, aversion to her own sex Raph
Work, averse to mental, afternoon Hyos
Writing, inability, writing disconnectedly Colch

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Dr. Mansi Aggarwal
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Dr. Mansi Aggarwal completed her BHMS from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Greater Noida in 2021.
She has bagged certificates in various emerging fields in Healthcare, like:- Food and Nutrition; Psychology; Therapeutic lifestyle Management, etc.
She has experience of about 3 years in patient care and presently
practising as LIFESTYLE CONSULTANT & HOMOEOPATHIC FAMILY PHYSICIAN at Ojas: The Homoeopathic Healing Core.
She had been selected for conduct of her STSH research project by CCRH, on topic- "Usefulness of Individualised Homoeopathic Medicine in Treatment of Cases of Stress related Headache in Females of 18-35 years of age".