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Synthesis Repertory And Concept Of Rubric: Weather For Repertorial Totality In Case Of Disease

Synthesis Repertory And Concept Of Rubric – Weather
For Repertorial Totality In Case Of Disease
Dr Kanchan Deserda , HOD & Prof. Dept Homoeopathic case taking And Repertory , Guru Mishri Homoeopathic medical college ad PG institute , Shelgaon , Tq. Badnapur , Jalna 431202
Dr Supriya korde , (MD Hom part I) PG scholer , Dept.Homoepathic case taking and Repertory , Guru Mishri Homoeopathic Medical college & PG institute , Shlegaon ,Tq.badnapur , Jalna 431202
In homeopathic case taking the physician should be skillful and keen observer to select required similimum of specific characteristic symptom of disease to cure the disharmony in shortest period of time. While treating the acute as well as chronic cases. The weather modalities are one of the most characteristic features for reportorial totality in case analysis. Most of the time the patient himself narrating the characteristics of illness or sometimes homoeopathic physician should keenly observed. In the regards the homoeopathic text name “Repertorium Homoeopathicum Syntheticum” have easy way to find out weather modalities in the shortest period of time which help for homeopathic case taking of disease and its repertorial totality.
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In the homoeopathic medical science , while treating the case of disease by physician let his aim to fit the remedy to the constitution that is nothing but the holistic approach for the treatment. The aim of physician first, last and always, must be to find the remedy which is most closely corresponds to patient and prescribe for patient, whatever manifestation that patient may suffer, when the prescription is selected, (Dr.J.T.Kent)[3]. To minimize the time in finding the exact similimum Dr.Hahnemann had started indexing the symptoms of materia medica in the form of Repertory[3]. Dr.Kent prepared repertory of homoeopathic materia medica in 1897 and the synthesis repertory is nothing but the enlarged and improved version of 6th American edition of kent’s Repertory which was first published in1987. Synthesis repertory is the first database repertory. Dr.Frederik Schroyens and the leading homoeopaths in the world together did the work for development of synthesis repertory. Synthesis is a repertory to link with RADAR (Rapid aid to drug aimed research) project. Since 1987 synthesis has been use as database for RADAR. It is printed version of RADAR computer program [1]. It is the latest among all repertories and used by homoeopathic practitioner in this era. Synthesis 9.1 was published in 2004 and Synthesis treasure edition was released of software in English and German in February 2007. In this edition includes Kent’s “Lost Treasure”-11,398 addition and correction that were noted by Dr.kent in his personal copies of his Repertory. There are 41 chapters has stated in synthesis 9.1. Arrangement of chapters as like that of Kent’s repertory that is 1st section is Mind and Last section is generalities [1]. The rubrics related to weather are describe under the chapter generalities. In the homoeopathic case taking weather modality has important role in repertorial totality for finding exact similimum. Weather modality characterizes the peculiarity of case as well as act as individualistic feature and minimizes time period for finalizing the similimum for the case. Dr.Boger gives highest importance to any modalities while in case analysis. Considering the entire aspect present article described importance of synthesis repertory and weather modality in reportorial totality. [4]

Rubrics under weather modality are as follows Rubrics

1. WEATHER – Bright
2. WEATHER – Change of weather
3. WEATHER – Change of weather – agg
4. WEATHER – Change of weather – amel
5. WEATHER – Change of weather – cold to warm-agg
6. WEATHER – Desire change of weather:which amel
7. WEATHER – Change of weather – dry to wet
8. WEATHER – Change of weather – rapid change
9. WEATHER – Spring – agg
10. WEATHER – Warm – cold
11. WEATHER – Warm – wet
12. WEATHER – Clear weather – agg
13. WEATHER – Cloudy weather – agg
14. WEATHER – Cloudy weather – amel
15. WEATHER – Cloudy – sun peeks through the clouds,when the agg
16. WEATHER – Cold – agg
17. WEATHER – Cold – amel
18. WEATHER – Cold – wet
19. WEATHER – Wet – agg
20. WEATHER – Cold – wet – amel
21. WEATHER – Cold – dry –agg
22. WEATHER – Cold –dry – amel
23. WEATHER – Dull –not clear weather – amel
24. WEATHER – Foggy – agg
25. WEATHER – Frothy – agg
26. WEATHER – Hot – agg
27. WEATHER – Cold night
28. WEATHER – Humid –
29. WEATHER – Rainy – agg
30. WEATHER – Rainy – heavy rain – agg
31. WEATHER – Rainy – amel
32. WEATHER – Rainy – before – agg
33. WEATHER – Snow agg melting
34. WEATHER – Storm
35. WEATHER – Stormy weather
36. WEATHER – Sultry – agg
37. WEATHER – Thunderstorm
38. WEATHER – Thunderstorm after
39. WEATHER – Thunderstorm – agg
40. WEATHER – Thunderstorm – amel
41. WEATHER – Thunderstorm – approach of
42. WEATHER – Thunderstorm approach of – amel
43. WEATHER – Thunderstorm – enjoying
44. WEATHER – Thunderstorm – lightning – amel
45. WEATHER – Thunderstorm –lightning – ailments from
46. WEATHER – Warm – agg
47. WEATHER – Warm – amel
48. WEATHER – Warm – dry – agg
49. WEATHER – Warm – dry – amel
50. WEATHER – Warm – wet – agg
51. WEATHER – Warm – wet – amel
52. WEATHER – Wet weather – agg
53. WEATHER – Wet weather – amel
54. WEATHER – Wet weather – rainy
55. WEATHER – Wind
56. WEATHER – Windy and stormy weather
57. WEATHER – Windy and stormy-after amel
58. WEATHER – Windy and stormy –amel
59. WEATHER – Windy and stormy-before

The article presented that the weather modality are described in generality chapter of synthesis repertory 9.1, one of the most important causative modality related to weather are helps to find out for characterizing totality or for repertorial totality of the case of disease in the shortest period of time. The utility of synthesis repertory 9.1 with regards to weather modality is great while treating the various cases of disease

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