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Important Rubrics From Different Repertories Related To Acute Suppurative Otitis Media


Dr. Gaurav Nagar, Prof. Dept. Of Materia Medica (Hom.) Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Center. Homoeopathy University.

Dr. Neha Mahawer, MD (Part 1) Scholar, Dept.of Materia Medica, Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, a constituent college of Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.

Abstract: Repertory is a tool which cut short the human labour, by using repertory one can easily get a narrow range of similar medicine and similimum can be prescribed after confirming with material medica. Also, in acute cases, one could perfectly prescribe using repertorial approach. Various homoeopathic literature were reviewed and critically analysed including repertories like, Synthesis Repertory1, Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by J.T Kent2, Murphy Repertory3, Boger Boenninghausen’s Characteristics &Repertory4.

Keywords: ASOM, Repertory, Rubrics

Rubrics Medicines Repertory
EAR – PAIN – urine, profuse   THUJ.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – sounds, sharp.   CON. Cop. Sil Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – rhythmical     mur-ac Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – sitting – long; after   Sil.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – warm – agg.   Puls.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – wind   Cham. nux-v.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – Behind the ear – extending to – Eye   apis PRUN Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – Below the ear – extending to – Jaw; lower   Merc.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – boring – warmth of bed, from   MERC Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – cutting – boring with finger amel.   Coloc Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – drawing – Behind the ear – motion, on   Prun.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – drawing – rising from a seat, on   Sil.   Synthesis
HEARING – LOST – fever; during   Rhus-t.   Synthesis
HEARING – IMPAIRED – warm room – amel.   Puls.   Synthesis
HEARING – IMPAIRED – sexual excesses   Petr.   Synthesis
HEARING – LOST – dinner, during   sulph Synthesis
EAR – INFLAMMATION – Media – followed by – meningitis   Crot-h.   Synthesis
EAR – DISCHARGES – children; in   Psor.   Synthesis
EAR – PAIN – nausea,with Dulc. Kent
EAR – PAIN – pressing – coughing,when   Caps.   Kent
EAR – PAIN – stitching in – air,from draft of   Camph Kent
EAR – PAIN – stitching in – laughing,when   Mang.   Kent
EAR – PAIN – tearing in – noises agg.   SULPH.   Kent
EAR – PAIN – tearing in – extending – downwards BELL. verb Kent
EAR – DISCHARGES – white – white,milky   KALI-CHL Kent
EAR – DISCHARGES – offensive – fish-brine,like   Graph. TELL Kent
EAR – DISCHARGES – offensive – putrid meat,like   KALI-P. PSOR. Thuj Kent
Ears – PAIN, ears – behind ear – moving head   am-c. Kali-p.   Murphy
Ears – PAIN, ears – extending to – right to left   Arn.   Murphy
Ears – SHARP, pain – extending to – temples   Nux-m Murphy
Ears – SHARP, pain – talking, while   Mang.   Murphy
Hearing – DEAFNESS, general – delirium, with, almost complete   BAPT.   Murphy
Hearing – DEAFNESS, general – eating, after   SULPH.   Murphy
EARS – Earwax – spoiled   con. LACH BBCR.
EARS – Fungus in   MERC.   BBCR.
EARS – Pains – outward   BELL. MERC. PULS.   BBCR.
EARS – Hearing – illusions of bellowing – cracking – on swallowing   MANG.   BBCR.
EARS – Aggravation – head – uncovering   NUX-V.   BBCR.
EARS – Aggravation – inspiration   BAR-C.   BBCR.


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