REPERTORY- Important Questions for BHMS Examinations

REPERTORY- Important Questions for BHMS Examinations

REPERTORY- Important Questions for BHMS Examinations

Q.No.Very short Answer Type Questions. Write appropriate answers (10 out of 15) 10×2=20 Marks 

1) Write definition of homeopathic repertory.

2) Give broad classification of homeopathic repertory. 

3) Who is called the father of repertory?

4) What are keynote symptoms? 

5) Name two homeopathic repertory software. 

6) Give two limitations of card repertories. 

7) Define repertorial totality. 

8) What is artistic prescribing by Kent? 

9) What is pathological general symptom? 

10) What are puritan repertories? 

11) What are basic symptoms of Garth Boriecke? 

12) Which Kent’s observation is seen in irreversible cases? 

13) What is potential differential field? 

14) What are clinical rubrics? 

Q Short Answers Type( any 4 out of 6) 4×5=20 

1.Define repertory. 

2.What is prescribing symptom. 

3.What is a concomitant symptom. 

4.Write the long form of radar.

5. Explain rubric “abrupt”. 

6.rubric “somnambulism” is given in which chapter of kents repertory. 

7.what is cross –refference rubric. 

8.Classification of symptoms according to garth boerieck. 

9. What is keynote symptom. 

11. Who is the author of “times of remedies and moon phases” author of complete repertory. 12 who is author of synthetic repertory. Write about synthetic Repertory 

13. Give brief about structure of Knerr Repertory.

14. Define “Quis? quid? ubi? quibus auxiliis? cur? quomodo? quando?”

15. Limitations of repertory. 

16. Methods of repertorisation. 

17. Eliminating symptoms. 

18. Computer repertory. 

19. Prescribing symptoms. 

20. Boenninghausen’s concept of totality of symptom.

21. Short note on –  

a.Clinical repertory 

b.Card repertory. 

c.computor repertory. 

d.Regional repertory. 

e.Concordance repertory

f.card repertories 

8. Kent’s evaluation of symptom. 

Long Answer Type Questions 

1. Difficulties in taking a chronic case.

 2. Write in detail about prescribing symptom 

3. Explain uses of repertory in detail 

4. Limitations of repertory 

5. Describe the relation between repertory,organon and HMM.

6. Importance of record keeping. 

7.SOURCES of kents repertory 

8.philosohy of kents repertory of kents repertory 

10.advantages and llimitations of kents repertory 

11.Analysis of symptoms according to…

     a.. Hahnemann  b. Kent  c. Boeninghausen 

12. Evolution of post kentian repertory. 

13. Construction of BTPB 

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