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A Homeopathic Book (An Introduction To Materia Medica) of Dr.G.Nagendra Babu Reviewed By Dr. Sonia Tuteja

An introduction to materia medica from Dr.G.Nagendra Babu is needed today. As we know that in both U.G and P.G courses new syllabus includes the literature part of materia medica still there was no single book which can be recommended to students as well as young teachers. This book resolves the problem of new commerce.
We have uncountable books on materia medica, but very few on the introduction of materia medica.

The author’s sincere efforts in compiling this book not only show his interest but his vision for the upcoming students. It seems that during his journey he has noticed various problems faced by students and he has tried to bridge the gap between understanding and applying materia medica.

As a teacher, none of us can deny the fact that not only students but the teachers also don’t want to teach the introductions part excluding a few of them, because most of them feel that the introduction part is very dry and the content available in various books is very confusing. After going through this book I felt that it will create interest among students and young teachers as everything is well explained in very easy language. The features of the book are,

  1. A brief introduction to materia medica
  2. Various terms used in materia medica,
  3. History and construction of materia medica,
  4. Sources of materia medica,
  5. Sourcebooks of materia medica,
  6. Method of Studying Materia medica
  7. Types of material medica,
  8. Scope and limitations of materia medica,
  9. Group Remedies of Homeopathic Materia Medica
  10. Relationship of homoeopathic remedies,
  11.  Relationship of materia medica with other sciences
  12. Applied materia medica,
  13. Schussler’s 12 tissue remedies,
  14. Bowel nosed,
  15. Bach flower remedies
  16. Model Drug Picture.

The content of this book covers all the topics needed for the U.G and P.G Homoeopathic courses. Also, the content is written in a very simple language which makes it more understandable. The sincere efforts of Dr. Nagender babu are commendable to bring all the homoeopathic literature of materia medica under one roof. The duty of the senior academician is not only to teach students but also to prepare new generation for future, and author has justified his responsibility by providing such a wonderful book. 

Dr. Sonia Tuteja
Professor, Materia medica,
Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College & research center.
Homoeopathic University

Title: Introduction to Materia Medica Extensive Preparatory Notes to UG and PG


ISBN:     9788131923382

Imprint:  B.Jain Regular

Language: English

Format: Paperback

Pages: 342

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