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Book Review of The Guiding Symptoms of Materia Medica by Dr L M Khan

Book reviewed by Dr LM Khan, MD Homoeopathy
In our two hands we have ten fingers which are helpful to create an artistic view, they always remind me of the ten volumes of ‘The guiding symptoms of Materia Medica by C. HERING ‘. A spark of light always develops in my mind that how much I have been benefited by HERING GUIDING SYMPTOMS.
History of Homoeopathy shows that Tyler references HERING GUIDING SYMPTOMS at near about twenty five places in her Homoeopathic drug picture. She counted and collected the black letter from HAHNEMANN, ALLEN and HERING, those symptoms which were found repeatedly in healthy provers and as well as those which were found curative in sick personality of a similar sickness.
Hereby, sharing my learning experience from Hering guiding symptoms with the professionals. Hope the profession enjoys it.
Hering has detailed about the effectiveness of Causticum and its chemical nature in his book. “Whatever opinion may exist theoretically in regards to the chemical nature of a substance…. The unquestionable good results are obtained by its use in potentised form by a majority of our best practitioners which stamps it as a polychrest of the highest order”. This confusion has sometimes led to the differences in views amongst our profession. Hering established the utility of Causticum as a polychrest remedy with references from our best practitioners. Also, Hering in his guiding symptoms said that Colchicum proving is not found in the chronic diseases nor in Materia Medica Pura. It is worthy for note and helpful to learn the pedigree of Colchicum.
Hering guiding symptoms attracts me not only because of the symptomatology but his contributions to learn the depth of understanding of a remedy with its comparison, relation and some clinical features for example Crotalus Horridus. Antidoted by: Lachesis. Compare: Lachesis, Naja and Elaps; Crotalus is preferable in fluid hemorrhage, yellow skin (hence in yellow fever with black vomits etc.), Epistaxis of diphtheria. Naja has more nervous phenomenon. Lachesis has skin cold and clammy, rather than cold and dry; haemorrhages with charred straw sediment; and more markedly ailments of the left side. Elaps is preferable in otorrhoea, and in affections of the right lungs. The cobra poison coagulates blood
into long string. The Crotalus poison is acid; the Viper neutral. The rotten snake causes more sloughing than any other.
Above examples are some of the individual symptoms noted by Hering in his guiding symptoms. HAHNEMANN had individualized the symptoms in a different way, among them there is one which I would like to share which he has noted in his Materia Medica Pura in a chronological order; most late appearing symptoms and highly important symptoms for prescribing have been given, for e.g Borax is having aggravation from downward motion. Allen’s keynote in his keynote of Borax has given it in bold and black letter ‘Dread of downward motion’ with nearly all complaints; whereas Hering insisted upon the symptoms which have repeatedly appeared in the proving and have been equally confirmed in bed side prescribing.
In a case of ACONITE: anxious expression; frightened. Head excessively hot, predicts day of the death and the most characteristics is Fear of death; during pregnancy or confinement; with Prolapsus Uteri; with great loquacity or anxiety in region of heart has been given.

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