Book Review by Constantine Tsitinides on Healing women with Homeopathy authored by Dr. Kavita Chandak

Book Review by Constantine Tsitinides on Healing women with Homeopathy authored by Dr. Kavita Chandak

From the very beginning of the book we see immerge of the position of the women in our modern world! The writer has made many efforts to alleviate this position (equal to men) even in open radio and TV broadcasting in India!

In the next pages, following a meticulous prescription of each pathology and physiology of women problems we see remedies that exactly drive to simillimum and cure (even rare remedies).

There are categories like puberty – reproductive stage – pregnancy – delivery – menopause where there is a refined description of pathology and the remedies required for each situation.

There is also a section for cancer and the remedies in every occasion.

Almost half of the book is accompanied with case studies where Kavita elaborates with acute and discrete thoughts the reason why she gave the particular remedy in every clinical case and the outcome!

Moreover in the last pages she explains how her reasoning changed from the beginning till today using various methods and writers.

Her book is a diamond of classical Homeopathy for women using and referring other sources as well.

I know the writer for the last 4-5 years. She relentlessly is working in her two medical centers with seminars, writings and being part of TV and radio programs in favor of Homeopathy. She makes also international seminars and takes part to international congresses.

In my opinion she is the new star of Homeopathy that starts glowing in India and worldwide. Despite all these she keeps busy with her household affairs and her family.

From a place (Nagpur) where Homeopathy is almost extinct, there comes a woman that leads the road for the next step and future of Homeopathy in India.

Thank you Kavita for your efforts.

MD, HMD, Professional Homeopaths, Homeopaths with specialty in women, students and laymen have to read this book.

Is a little diamond to the sand that surrounds Homeopathic education and publishing!

You have to pick every time small diamonds in the vast beach of Homeopathic literature. And one of these is this book!

Not to say that the configuration and the design of the book is excellent (Jain Publishers).

Thank you again Kavita! Hopefully expect and new books from you.

Constantine Tsitinides

MD Greece

C. Tsitinides was born in 1962 in Veria, Greece.
He studied Medicine (Thessaloniki) in 1980-1986 and served as a Physician at the Hellenic Air Force for 27 consecutive years.
He completed the specialty of Radiology (Athens) and received post-graduate studies in Neuroradiology (MRA-CT) in UCSF (1996) – San Francisco.
He served as Registrar and Director of Computed Tomography at the 251 General Air Force Hospital.
Since 1980, he studies Homeopathic Medicine, initially having as Teacher Aristarchos Tsamaslidis and then George Vithoulkas.
He worked for several years (1990 – 2002) at the Athens Homeopathy Center, at Marousi (Vithoulka’s Center).
Since 1998, he is the Board of the Greek Society of Homeopathic Medicine where he held the position of the President from 2003 to 2015.
Moreover, for 7 years he served as a Research Associate of the Aegean University (Syros – Ermoupoli) at the Master of Classical Homeopathy and Holistic Systems. Today, he manages a private practice in
N. Psychiko – Athens in collaboration with other Homeopathic Physicians.
Also he is member of the board of Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society and N.V.P. for Greece in LMHI (from 2008 to 2015).

Title: Healing Women with Homeopathy


ISBN:     9788131925966

Imprint:  B. Jain Regular

Pages:     206

Format:  Paperback

Language: English

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