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Organon of Medicine with Word Meanings (5th & 6th Editions) By Dr. Mahendra Singh and Dr. Subhas Singh

This book by the authors is an ocean of knowledge which contains everything related to Organon of Medicine; its various editions and translations. But this FIRST CORRECTED, RE-TRANSLATED & REDACTED EDITION of Organon of Medicine does not intend to undermine the services, importance and value of Dr. R.E. Dudgeon’s translation of the Fifth Edition of Organon of Medicine.

It contains –

– A comprehensive life history and information about the works of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, followed by a brief about various editions of Organon of Medicine along with their various translations.

-It also contains various prefaces to different editions, introduction written in different editions; all these are compiled giving serial number to paragraphs for easy understanding and reference.

– The errors in facts and editing of Organon of Medicine have been corrected.

– Errors of translation, information and editing (of Dudgeon); errors of translations, editing, commission, omission and anomalies in Boericke’s edition by American, German and Indian publishers have been corrected.

– This is followed by the aphorisms (from both 5th and 6th edition) with footnotes which are also numbered for a clear comprehension.

– There are word meanings mentioned at the end of each paragraph in the Introduction and also each aphorism, which has made the understanding of Organon of Medicine very simplified thus adding immense value and better comprehension of every line written in the Organon of Medicine.

-Then comes the appendix, the most valuable part of it being the comparative chart of the paragraphs of the introduction to different editions of Organon of Medicine.

Title: Organon of Medicine with Word Meanings (5th & 6th Editions)

ISBN:     9788131928226

Imprint:  B.Jain Regular

Author: Dr. Mahendra Singh & Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Singh

About Author

Prof. (Dr.) Mahendra Singh, M.D. (Hom.) (01.03.1939 -15.10.2021), was called “Parshuram in Homoeopathy” by Dr. B.K. Sarkar. In West Bengal, he was the only teacher who was attached to 7 Homoeopathic Medical Colleges: viz. Cal. Homoeo., D.N. De. Bengal Allen, N.K.B.M., Metropolitan,  B. V. College, Sainthia and National Institute of Homoeopathy. He had been a popular teacher of Organon of Medicine for more than 50 years, mostly at The Calcutta Hom. Medical College, and was respectfully… Read More

Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Singh

About the AuthorProf. (Or.) Subhas Singh, M.D. (Hom.), Ph.D. is a wäl-known personality in our homoeopathic world. He has an experience of more than 25 years in Homoeopathic practice and teaching. He is currently the Head of the Department of Organon of Medicine, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Chronic Disease & Psychology, ‘National Institute of Homoeopathy at Kolkata’. He is also the Chief Editor of NATIONAL HOMOEO RECORDER, A Peer-Reviewed Free access online Homoeopathic Quarterly Journal. He is… Read More

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