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Organon Of Medicine (5th And 6th Edition) With Word Meanings Book Review by Dr. K. Kalpavalli

Review: –

  • Over all the word meanings given under each paragraph are very useful for the students who joined in the course of Organon  and also many translations for the German and Latin words used in various aphorisms and foot notes of every aphorism is very much appreciated .
  • The alphabetical arrangement of the words given in each paragraph is very good but I feel the words may be used in the same order as they are used in each aphorism would be very easy and quick reference for the students to refer
  • The frame of every edition of Organon is clearly mentioned with all novelties introduced in every edition.
  • Clear Demonstration of 5th Edition and changes of 6th Edition are mentioned wherever it is required
  • Over all the Font and Highlighting of difficult words with their meaning is appreciated.
  • Comparison table of various paragraphs of different editions is good
  • Few editions of Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann are now not available in print form but in this book there is a reference of all editions i.e., 1st,2nd, 3rd , 4th, 5th, 6th are mentioned in last pages and the addition and deletion are clearly mentioned.
  • At a glance by reading this book we can have a clear idea of what Hahnemann has changed in the various edition and what he emphasized more in each edition as per then existing condition of his personal experience in formulating the proper guidelines for Homoeopath to study and pursue Homoeopathy.
  • This book is very useful for the students as it has a quick reference of the meanings of various Latin and German words and appropriate understanding of Hahnemann’s idea of using those words and a quick reference in examination point of view also and for Practitioners also.

About Reviewer:

 Dr. K. Kalpavalli Gold Medalist in BHMS from Dr.GGHMC, GUDIVADA(DR. NTRUHS, VIJAYAWADA),and completed M.D (Organon ) from Nasik University .

M.Sc(Applied Psychology ) from Annamalai University(2008-2010)

practitioner of Homoeopathy since 2007. Currently Working as Associate professor in dept. of Organon of medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy at JIMS homeopathic medical College & hospital Shamshabad, Hyderabad.

Worked as Research Associate2016-2017 and site investigator2018-2021 for drug proving trials (HPT)at JIMSHMC&H under technical guidance from CCRH, NEWDELHI


She has received best teacher awarding the subject of organon of medicine from Telangana homeopathic medical association (HMAT) in 2017-18 and 2020-21.

Resource person in the month of Jan, 2019, for the topic application of homoeopathy in day to day practice at HMAT, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Resource person, on awareness on Homoeopathy at Symbiosis Law School, on 8th April, 2019., Hyderabad.

Vaidya ratna award from Elders club international association in Dec.,2022.

TITLE : Organon Of Medicine (5th And 6th Edition) With Word Meanings


ED: 3rd Edition, 2022
ISBN: 978-81-319-2822-6
Number of Pages: 630

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