Gynae & Obs- Important Questions for BHMS Examinations

Gynae & Obs- Important Questions for BHMS Examinations


1.Briefly discuss Endometriosis and its homeopathic therapeutics.

2.Short note on Trichomonas Vaginismus

3.CA of cervix

4.Short note on Dermoid cyst

5.Adenomyosis, cause, clinical features and investigations

6.Define Infertility, its causes, investigation and management .

7.Briefly discuss Genital prolapse/ Uterine Prolapse 

8.Aetiology and complication of 3rd degree genital prolapse

9.Types and symptoms of Fibroid Uterus 

10.Short note on Krukenberg’s Tumour

11. IUCD and its complications

12.Mention failure rates of – IUCD, condoms, OCP, Diaphragm

13.Leucorrhea and its types 

14.Klinefelter’s Syndrome

15.Pruritus vulva- causes, complication and prevention 

16. Explain in detail about Primary Amenorrhea and five indicated remedy. 


1.Define antepartum haemorrhage. Mention the causes of it. Describe in detail about

   abruptio placenta.

2. Discuss stages of labour.

3. Hydatidiform mole.

4. Causes of anaemia complicating pregnancy and its prevention.

5. Changes in woman during 2nd trimester of pregnancy

6. Short note on –

a)Chadwick sign 

b)Palmer sign 

c)Goodell sign

7. Functions of Amniotic fluid and its volume in different trimesters during during pregnancy 

hyperemesis gravidarum

8.Antenatal care – significance and advice in detail

9.Pre eclampsia – aetiology, clinical features, Prevention and complication. 

10.Anaemia in pregnancy and prevention


12.Abortion and its types

13.Post Partum Haemorrhage 

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