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Anatomy Sample Questions

  1. Name any two branches of axillary artery
  2. Name any two muscle supplied by radial nerve
  3. Any two contents of axilla
  4. Any two contents of cubital fossa
  5. Any two muscles responsible for flexion of elbow  joint
  6. Any two contents of radial groove
  7. Any two contents of carpel tunnel
  8. Any two branches of brachial artery
  9. Name any two ascending tracts of spinal cord
  10. Any two descending tracts of spinal cord
  11. What is function of Fasciculus gracilis & Fasciculus cuneatus
  12. Any two arteries forming Circle of Willis
  13. Name site from where CSF goes from 4th ventricle to subarachnoid spaces
  14. Describe gross anatomy of Parotid gland
  15. Describe gross and applied anatomy of brachial plexus, under the headings of location, situation, course, root cord, trunk, relations and the branches

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