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SURGERY- Important Questions for BHMS Examination

 Define ulcers ? and its types.  

2.Define Shock. Classify Shock with an example in each. Describe the compensatory mechanism in hypovolemic shock 

3. Classify haemorrhage. How will you assess the blood loss. Describe the management of haemorrhage with the indications of Mule folium, China, Hamamelis and Sabina in haemorrhage.

4. Describe the aetiology, pathology, clinical features, diagnosis and management of osteoarthrosis. Give the indications of Rhus Tox, Calc. Carb, Medorrhinum and Pulsatilla in Osteoarthrosis.

5. Write short notes on any four: 

(a) Difference between keloid and hypertrophic scar. 

(b) Rodent ulcer. 

(c) Fibroadenoma breast. 

(d) Talipes equinovarus. 

(e) Mallory-Weiss syndrome. 

(f) Budd-Chiari syndrome. (g) Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.

6.. Discuss briefly the clinical features, complication and management of Strangulated Hernia.

7. What are the causes of haematurea ‘? Describe the aetiology, pathology, clinical features and management of kidney stones. 

8. Write short notes on : 

a) Varicose ulcer 

b) Cervical lymphadenitis ‘ 

c) Femoral hernia 

d) Hypermetropia.  

9. Classify jaundice. Describe the aetiology, pathology, clinical features and y management of gall bladder calculi

10. Write short notes on any four of the following: 4X5

i) Management of Haemorrhage

ii) Cold abscess

iii) Arterial, Venous & Capillary hemorrhage

iv) Curling’s ulcer

v) Surgical indications of blood transfusion

11.Write short notes on any three of the following: 3X5

i) Diabetic foot 


iii) Furuncle 

iv) Function of lymph nodes

12.Write the differential diagnosis of neck swellings 

13 . Stages of shock.

14. Burn- types, degree, management, rule of nine, complications and treatment 

15. Define wound. What are the phases of wound healing, describe management and complication of burn.

16. Define Gangrene. Discuss causes and complication and brief about Dry Gangrene.

17. White clinical features of rib fracture 

18. Explain Atherosclerosis

19. Short note on frost bite.

20. Clinical Features of Hyponatremia 

21. Explain septic shock.

22. Discuss in Peptic ulcers under the ldlowing leading

a) Aetiology and Types b) scope and limitations of homoeopathy c) Indications of Argentum N. and Anacardium.

d) Indications of Kali. Bich. & Arsenic Alb.

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