What Is Repertory in Homeopathy How I Use the Repertory Dr.B.S.Suvarna

What Is Repertory in Homeopathy How I Use the Repertory – Dr.B.S.Suvarna

definition and father of repertory in homoeopathy

Repertory in Homeopathy – The repertory , faith full friend and servant of the physician , should stand upon his working desk ever ready for consultation . The cases are few and far between that do not require its help . The more the physician uses it the more he increases his usefulness , providing he uses it correctly .
To quote on case – it was a chronic case with many symptoms and I knew absolutely nothing about the vale of any of them ;did not even know that symptoms vary in value . The Lippe’s Repertory and the Boenninghausen’s pocket book and Kent’s Repertory . being referred and repertory work consisted in finding as many symptoms of the case as possible in the repertory and letting the rest go .I took the symptoms of the case in question in the order as they appeared in the records and hunted each in the repertory , writing down against each symptom all the remedies that the repertory gave as belong to it .
It was a long drawn task , and as I remember it , with five or six remedies through the entire case in the repertory and selected the remedy .I had used hours looking up what I supposed to be the totality of the symptoms , and they had led me nowhere . Dr. Kent with three or four symptoms , had found the remedy immediately . this was food for thought .
Again after working long and unsuccessfully upon a case again I selected three or four symptoms , took them to the repertory and immediately found the remedy “They are symptoms of the patient “ . here was another puzzle , why were not all the symptoms of the case symptoms of the patient ? then was brought out the distinction that sick people present , symptoms diagnostic of the disease plus other symptoms , and these other symptoms pertain to the patient : but even this did not reduce it to Dr. kent’s working numbers .then I learned about the common symptoms : common to the disease , common to many disease , common to many remedies ; that these symptoms lead too many remedies to be useful . then I learned about the generals : the controlling symptoms .what ever can be predicated of the patient is a controlling symptom ; of these controlling symptoms , those which show what a man is the strongest . “ As what a man loves shows what he is , there fore his loves are the strong controlling symptoms “ . in many cases it is impossible to learn what a man loves ; some times even a love is natural to a man and there fore not a symptom .
I learned that oftentimes a case must be worked without the strongest symptoms , and some times what first appear to be the strongest are not the strongest .
Mental symptoms come close to the patient , but there might be times when even mental symptoms do not count .
Modalities may be , and almost always are, predicated of the patient ; but there are times when modalities are not symptoms of the patient . When these symptoms do belong to the patient they lead to the remedy , but when they are common symptoms they are little use , let me illustrate , A case of rhus-poisoning came into the clinic , Itching vesicular eruption , rose red on a rose red base , on left fore head about the left eye and upon the left cheek .Soreness in muscles on left side of neck as of stiffness . Stitching pains in left eye ball . restless tossing in bed at night . No more symptoms could I obtain . Had this been a case of erysipelas , the restless tossing in bed at night and the vesicular eruption on rose colored base would have been peculiar to the patient .
All of the symptoms appeared on the left side , so left upper side , modality , would have been peculiar to the patient , in which case all the symptoms of the case would have said Rhus tox Instead of being erysipelas the case was rhus-poisoning ; all the symptoms were common to Rhus tox and nothing in the case was peculiar to the patient .
In taking these common symptoms to the repertory , we find , barring rhus tox , that graphities .,sepia., and sulphur ., cover most of the symptoms , which is antidotal in this case ?
Even mental symptoms might not always belong to the patient ; the anxiety of an “aconite “poisoning is not found in two of its well known antidotes , thus , where as :
A group of symptoms when peculiar to the patient will be controlling symptoms and lead to the remedy ;
The same group when common to the disease will lead to several remedies without indicating which is correct .
A care full study of each individual case , to discover which symptoms are controlling and should be used in the repertory-work , will save much time that otherwise would be wasted on that work .

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