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Acute Back Pain Treated with Vipera Aspis

Vipera aspis

Vangelis, 50 years old, has had sharp back pain in the last few days.


While with the physical symptoms that you will see, one could argue and say that I could give him a polychrest homeopathic remedy for this acute case, I chose to take a full history and then to recommend the treatment.


Can you tell me more about the back pain?


I got this pain a few days ago. One morning I could not get up. I was hurting between the vertebrae. I could not move, or stoop, or move to the right or left.

I took acetaminophen. Generally, I can tolerate the pain.

It feels worse in the morning. I feel wiped out, as if I can’t move.

When walking, my back feels like it’s pulling me.

> still, rest

< standing

I need to sit and bend forward to feel better.

I fear that it will never go away.


How do you feel when it hurts?

Powerless, like being constrained, I can’t do anything, I feel overwhelmed. I can’t be happy. I feel like there’s a heavy weight on my chest.


How is your sleep?

I do not sleep well. I feel tired in the evening.

I fall asleep at 11 p.m. I wake up 1 – 3 a.m. and then I sit and read.

In the morning I feel slightly tired. I also feel more tired between 2 – 4 p.m.

What other things bother you?

I have anxiety about money, about five out of ten; whether I can

manage my financial obligations. I get angry about the economic situation.

I think about what I spent today, and what else I may have to buy tomorrow?

I also feel stress about what will happen to my child.

How is your mood? From zero to ten?

My mood is affected by the economical situation. From five to eight.

Tell me about your character?

I am reserved. I feel joy in a ‘quiet’ way. I don’t express myself.


I don’t like to be the subject of comment and gossip.

That’s why I do not show people what I feel. I only do so with people who I feel comfortable with.

Generally, I do not ask for help. I try to find the solution on my own.

Do you have confidence?

When I was young, about five years old. I did not consider myself a child that stood up. I was a normal kid. In school I saw classmates answering questions and thought they were better than me. I preferred to be prepared when asked a question, worried that I would answer incorrectly. I was a calm child. I did not think about the future. I just wanted to have a good time.

I was angry with my mother. She was very bossy, telling me what to do, what to wear. I would shout at her ‘why don’t you let me do what I want’. I never cried.

What were you thinking when you grew up? What did you want?

I wanted to have economical stability, to have autonomy and to have

an education that counted.

I was not looking for marriage.

In the army I was quiet and calm. I was an obedient soldier.

I did not have problems with my superiors because I did not talk back

or react. I didn’t mind the situation; I kept thinking it would pass.

How were you with girls?

I did not have many friends. I was reserved.

I always had problems when approaching girls. I did not know how to

take that first step. I liked them. I found it difficult to choose a girlfriend. I

got angry if somebody knew that I had flirted with a girl. I was wondering

why girls didn’t do the same. If I took the first step, I wanted to be 100%


I didn’t want to compromise. I was very selfish and stubborn. If the girl

didn’t do something that I wanted, I would think – ‘You don’t do what I

want, I’m not doing what you want.’

How are things with your wife?

The relationship with my wife is friendly. In the beginning it was

mostly erotic. I didn’t want a second child. We had no support from parents

and I was scared. She holds me responsible, even today. We argue on

several different issues.

What about jealousy?

If she flirts, then that bothers me. I will make a comment to her

because I think that she doesn’t want me. I don’t know what else to do.

Anyway, I would never make a scene in public. I think that both of us

would be offended. People need to sort things out in private. I would not

show my anger.

In general, I have a lot of patience until I get angry. I seem to observe

a situation before I make a judgment.

If you are unfairly criticized how do you react?

I become a beast. I cannot suffer injustice. I get angry at unfair

criticism. I react, as I do with my mother. I feel tense, maybe I will swear.

One time I got to the point of punching a wall, because I did not want to

hit the other person.

If they call me a moron, I will not react. Sometimes I can become

sarcastic. But I’m not a brawler; I will not fight.

How are you doing with loneliness?

  • I want to be in good company too.

How are things with the food?

When I was little I didn’t like fruits. I didn’t eat vegetables.

Even now I’m not fond of vegetables.

I liked cheese and feta, a lot. I still like it.

I like sweets a lot, and bread, although now I do not eat as much because

I’m trying not to get fat.

My appetite has increased.

I don’t drink much water these days. My lips tend to be dry, and as a

student my hands were cracked.

Do you remember any dreams that you had?

I don’t often have dreams, maybe once a year. When I do they are

usually filled with a chase, action, falling, and cars. I feel stress and

anxiety in my dreams.

First Prescription

I recommend Vipera aspis 30 C, 1 capsule

Follow-up: After three days

Six or seven hours after I took the pill I felt a tremendous improvement.

I slept all night.

How is your back?

Very well. I drove 200 kilometers and it didn’t hurt me.

I just have a slight irritation.

In general, I feel more refreshed.

How is your anxiety?

Anxiety is better than before.

Something happened, we were told that they will delay our payments

and I reacted very well. While earlier I would have been terribly anxious

about the financial situation.

I am generally more relaxed about the issues with my son.

Follow- up: After ten days

How is your back?

My back is fine. I have no pain.

I put a lot of pressure on my back that I shouldn’t have, playing and

wrestling with my son the other day. Sometime it will hurt if I sit without

back support; it tends to pull on the left.

How is your appetite for food?

It has decreased.

How do you feel?

My mood is very good and I don’t have anxiety.

I might think about some things, but they don’t particularly affect me.

Follow-up: After 1 year

He still doesn’t have problems with his back even if he lifts heavy things.

As you have seen from this case, Vipera aspis not only quickly got rid of

the back pain, but affected Vangelis at a much deeper level by reducing his

stress, improving his mood and strengthening him in order to cope better

with the difficulties of life.

I choose this remedy because I knew the essence of Vipera aspis from other cured patients of mine. The remedy is not in any repertory or in other book except the ones that I put on references. I didn’t based my prescription only on the back symptoms but I gave based on the totality.

Main reasons that I gave him the remedy are the following:

He generally doesn’t want to be under pressure. He cannot endure pressure. He tries to escape skillfully from difficult situations. He is not reactive, such as Crotalus horridus or Bungarus fasciatus, for example. If he’s pushed, his first reaction is to leave.

An adult that needs Vipera aspis at the office will be reserved at the beginning.

He does not talk much, contrary to most ‘snakemen’.

He doesn’t open up if he doesn’t feel trust with you.

Seems serious.

He seems to be shy and not confident, but he has enough confidence.

He is not as social as Lachesis or Bothrops, but he has a few friends with whom he has a good time and feels no pressure.

He is not interested in talking with people who are not his friends.

He likes to psychoanalyze other people.

He does not like being alone but does not want to be with a lot of people. He wants to have fun but does not want a lot of action.

When sick he gets stressed. He’s worried and feels helpless, impotent.

For a full description of the essence and picture of Vipera aspis please refer to the book “ Essence of homeopathic snake remedies”.


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