Uncovering the Mystery of MIASM

Uncovering the Mystery of MIASM

After going through a plethora of cases in my clinic, I decided to share my small understanding o in a very concise form on this very controversial topic of miasma, because everyone has a different view, different thoughts, different understandings .In this article you will learn more about the dynamic nature of miasma and its connection with the human body, how it is transmitted from one person to another, some myths that you have to unlearn after reading this article.

Miasm in homoeopathy is a unique and holistic form of medical therapy that has long been heralded for its efficacy in treating ailments ranging from minor irritations to chronic illnesses. It encompasses the belief that an individual’s health can be improved by engaging with their natural environment and taking steps to restore balance within the body, mind, and spirit. While it may seem like an unconventional approach to medicine, those who have used miasm homoeopathy consistently report positive results. For example, one practitioner noted improved digestion, mental clarity, and emotional stability after six months of treatment. Furthermore, because miasm homoeopathy does not involve any invasive procedures or medications, it carries less risk than traditional treatments. Overall, this distinctive brand of medicine offers an advantageous alternative for many individuals seeking relief without resorting to conventional methods.

Miasm can defined as a form of deranged dynamis that vital force working under adverse circumstances, and failing to maintain normal function, and thus producing symptom complex, we call disease.

In order to understand the miasm, we must understand some of those fundamental principles governing homoeopathy –

  • the dynamic origin of disease
  • the dynamization of drugs
  • the application of similia

 The dynamic nature of the disease depends on three factors which are host, environment and causative agents. Pathogens or miasms are not the sole but the imminent cause of diseases. These cannot create any disease unconditionally if the organisms are not sufficiently disposed and susceptible to a particular poison. Whenever the harmony gets disturbed then there will be the development of a disease.

When any one of the factor gets deranged it leads to altered vital force. Vital force is nothing but the conceptual controlling principle of life. Once it is deranged it leads to several diseases.

The classification or survey of diseases was the first in its character in the history of medicine which is of paramount importance for treatment and management of diseases and this is one of the greatest contribution of Master Hahnemann.

Miasm are classified as acute miasm and chronic miasm, under chronic miasm it is further classified as a Non- venereal miasm (Psora) and Venereal miasm (Sycosis and Syphilis).

The theory of miasm states that the diseases which are of non – miasmatic origin (acute diseases) requires different methods for prescribing.

As aphorism 5 states find out the most probable exciting cause. In aphorism 6 takes note of nothing in very indisposition disease except the change of mind and body. In aphorism 82 regarding the chief complaint of the patient for which patient comes to you.

 In the footnote 76, he gives an example of the action of this chronic miasm, in which he assumes that the miasm is present at the birth but this may not be evident during the flourishing years of the youth but later, the first symptoms appear and develop in speed and severity, in proportion to the external stress or worry to which the vital principle is exposed.

Although the acute diseases were rapidly and completely cured by application of well selected medicines and it was observed that chronic diseases always has a tendency to relapse in a more or less varied form with new symptoms.

The development of any miasmatic state is first done by the moment of infection in case Psora, the fluid in the itch vesicle comes in the contact with the general skin, the disposition with it is found in almost everybody under all circumstances. In case of Sycosis and Syphilis it results after an impure coition the chancre (in syphilis) and fig wart (in sycosis) appear in the place first infected. It is also to be noted that the venereal infection of the whole body commences from the moment pf the impure coition and is completed before the appearance of the chancre and fig wart.

The role of accessory circumstances comes to play within the development of the disease. They are responsible for uprooting the latent miasm in the body. At the time of birth the latent miasm is always present in the child but it is triggered by the deranged accessory circumstances.

For many years, we all read a myth that one miasm change into another miasm, which is absolutely wrong. It doesn’t changes it just manifest group of symptoms belonging to three different basic forms of miasm PSORA, SYCOSIS and SYPHILIS. The predominating symptoms determine the existing form of miasm exhibit by the patient at the time of case taking. Miasm is not for pathological diagnosis but for sick individual. 

“Nature is trying to keep the internal disease is abeyance by its attempt to throw out these external manifestations as vicacrious substance for internal disease.”

The external manifestations represented by the patient are the present state that requires prescribing. Now different miasm have their different indications by which an intelligent physician can rule out the dominating miasm presented by the patient. The psora is the sole fundamental cause of all other chronic disease whatever names they may bear, which are moreover often bungled, increases and disfigured to monstrous extent by allopathic skillfulness.

Every time a disease is treated, the doctor gets a mixed miasmatic condition because the patient is careless. They find it very easy to resort to alternative treatments first, after muddling the disease, they turn to homoeopathic treatment. With the help of homoeopathy, all the layers of the mixed miasmatic condition are stripped off, which gives us a clear picture of the disease to treat.

In my next article on Psora I will make a very important point which will help you to approach the various manifestations of the psoric miasm, and we will read about psoric remedies.

Homoeopathy is undoubtedly the optimum approach for treating illnesses and ailments, given its holistic nature and inimitable efficacy. It promotes an individual’s own healing capacity by encouraging the body to regulate and correct itself, rather than simply masking symptoms with harsh chemical treatments.


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