Treating an Important Man by Professor George Vithoulkas

Treating an Important Man by Professor George Vithoulkas

I have been treating Jiddu Krishnamurti, Philosopher, already for several months starting from the time  we were in  India in 1965. In the summer, we travelled  in Gstaad, Switzerland.

There I met his hostess, an Italian Baroness. As soon as we met and she knew that I was treating him with homeopathy, she said, “Oh, you have intuition!”, implying that I could find the remedies through intuition. I replied, “How do you know that?” She said, “I can see it !!” I said, “No, I do not have intuition, I have studied very hard for what I know.”

After sometime Krishnamurti fell ill with bronchopneumonia -he was gasping and wheezing with high fever and paiful coughing holding his chest to reduce the pain from coughing- I could not find the proper remedy.

I gave Bryonia without effect and several other remedies in the following days without any effect, fever was keeping very high especially in the evening time.

The situation became more and more precarious. People around Krishnamurti became more and more frightened and anxious and some of them were very concerned, “What’s happening? He’s going to die, don’t you see?” I said, “Yes, I also think he is going to die.” Where was my intuition? Why didn’t I have intuition then?

I mention this initial conversation because the idea that I had intuition was widely circulated during that time. But I knew that if this idea prevailed, then will be detrimental for homeopathy.

The hostess asked me whether we should call a doctor from Geneva. I discussed it with  Krishnamurti, “Sir, I cannot find the proper remedy that could help you”, meaning I was desperate and I needed help. He was in a really bad condition, not being able to breathe, he had high fever  and I thought, as everybody else from his court, that he would die. I said, “We must call a doctor from Geneva.” He asked me whether such a doctor will help me, “Is he going to help you to find the remedy?” asked Krishnamurti. “An allopathic doctor from Geneva will not help me find the remedy, but will give you antibiotics,” I replied. But Krishnamurti said, “No, no, you try, you keep on trying continue”, in a voice that could be hardly heard.

All the people in his court stopped saying that George had intuition. You don’t have to have intuition in such a situation, you have to have knowledge. So, I went back to my chalet, believing, most probably in my subconscious mind, that he was going to die. I dreamt in the night that he had died. He had fallen off the sofa as a corpse, and I was responsible. I ran and picked him up, put him back on the sofa and I shouted, “Sir, I am here, I am here .” I was trying to bring him back to life by talking to him, but  he was dead. I woke up in agony. It was  5:00 in the morning and I was drenched in sweat thinking that Krishnamurti had most probably died. A terrible thought passed my mind. Was that dream an intution?

Anyhow, I went to my notes again and started repertorization of all his symptoms. I wrote down everything, and I studied the case again. And, as I did that proper repertorization, the remedy appeared   clearly   

I had given the most sophisticated remedies so far, nothing was working – suddenly it dawned on me, and I said, “Oh my God, this is a case of Phosphorus!” And then I could not wait. I usually made my visit at 8:00 a.m., but at 7:45 a.m. I was already there to see if he was still alive. Krishnamurti was very weak, but nevertheless still alive. “How are you, sir?” I asked him, and he replied with horrible groans and wheezes. I asked him to open his mouth, and I put in a dose of a high potency of Phosphorus, 1M. Afterwards I left, and then returned in the evening at around 5:00 p.m., my regular evening visiting time.

On this second visit  I went straight to his room but he was not there. I got a fright again thinking most probably he had died and they took him away. I got out of the room  and I saw him coming from the bathroom – he’d gotten up himself and he had gone to the bathroom . “Sir, what did you give me?” he asked looking at me. “It doesn’t matter, it’s called Phosphorus,” I told him. He replied, “I feel so much better.” In that short space of time, between that morning and 5:00 in the evening, Phosphorus had brought down his fever and made him feel well again. He was even able to get up, although he was still totally exhausted and really no more than a corpse. Three more days he was almost totally well.

I had treated him already for a year for his chronic conditions and I kept treating him for one more year before I left to go back to Greece to introduce homeopathy to my country.

A few months before leaving him he said to me. “Sir I feel like 16 years old”! This was a sign for me that I could leave finally this extraordinary Man and continue following my life’s mission that I had promised to myself: To spread Classical Homeopathy to the whole world.

Krishnamurti was 71 when I left him and lived for another 20 years in very good health.

I am still struggling after more than 60 years to fulfill what I felt deeply in my soul when I was 28 years old that was my mission.  

Now that is the time of truth. Had I said, “God, please give me intuition!”, he would have died. You have to have knowledge, know what to do at the given moment, because if you don’t have this kind of knowledge, you can forget everything else. Your intuition will only be good when someone says, for example, “You see, I’m crazy,” or in discussing philosophical issues. But when you are faced with the possibility of death, you cannot waste time relying on your intuition. You must be able to rely on your knowledge alone.

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