Period Pain (Dysmenorrhoea): Causes and Treatment with homeopathic medicine

Effect’s Of Homoeopathic Medicine in Dysmenorrhoea

Abstract: Dysmenorrhoea is painful menstruation which restrictswomen’s day to day activities.This article provides information about dysmenorrhoea along with homoeopathic medicine. Dysmenorrhea is a common menstrual complaint which impact on women’s quality of life, work productivity, and health-care utilization.Dysmenorrhea is a remarkable symptom for a large proportion of reproductive age of females, however, intense pain limiting daily activities is less common. This article confirms that dysmenorrhea improves with increased age, parity, and use of OCP and is positively associated with stress and family history of dysmenorrhea



Dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps) are throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen. Many of women’s have menstrual cramps just before and during their menstrual periods dysmenorrhoea also called as painful menstruation or periods, it is one of the most common problems in women during their reproductive period approximately 30–50% of all women havingpainful menses during their menstrual periods.During their menstrual period, uterus contracts to help expel its endothelial lining. Hormone (prostaglandins) involved in pain and inflammation causes the muscle contractions of uterus. If levels of prostaglandins are high so this condition associated with more-severe menstrual cramps. some pain during menstruation is normal, severe pain is notoccurs. Dysmenorrhoea is described as menstrual pain that affect woman’s daily routine activities, and needed medical attention. Most of the women suffers painful periods at some time during their lives. The may also suffer other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations, sweating and headache.

Types of dysmenorrhoea

Dysmenorrhea causes severe and frequent cramps and pain during  period. It may be primary or secondary.

Primary dysmenorrhoea-it is also called as spasmodic dysmenorrhoea it defined as spasmodic and painful cramps in the lower abdomen it begin shortly before or at the onset of menses in the absence of any pelvic pathology The pain usually begins when the  menses arrives, and lasts for  1 to 3 is the most common complaints in both young and adult females it is related to prostaglandins, certain hormones that are produced naturally in the bodyThis painisn’t caused by a specific condition.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea-it is also known as congestive dysmenorrhoea,The symptoms of secondary dysmenorrhea often start sooner in the menstrual cycle than those of primary dysmenorrhea, and usually periods remains longer time ,This pain caused by an medical condition, Eg.Endometriosis, fibroids or Pid. This type of period pain gets increases with increasing age. It may happen years after times during monthly cycle, especially few days before period starts, as well as when period occurs.


 If Women having primary dysmenorrhea it is due to abnormal contractions of the uterus because of chemical imbalance in the body. Eg.prostaglandin control the uterine contractions

Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by some medical conditions, eg. endometriosis,Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID),Uterine fibroids,Abnormal pregnancy (miscarriage, ectopic),Infection, tumours, or polyps in the pelvic cavity.


Cramping and spasmodic pain in lower abdomen that can be intense pain,it begins 1 to 3 days before menses, peaks 24 hours after the onset of period and diminished in 2 to 3 daysDull, continuous aching, Pain that radiates tolower back and thighs, and some other symptoms are Nausea,Loose motion ,Headache,Dizziness.



symptoms intense, come and go suddenly, dryness and heat of vagina, dragging around loins. pain in sacrum. The menstrual flow is bright red, too early, too profuse, haemorrhage hot. Cutting pain from hip to hip.  Pain and cramping are worse from jarring and from touch, applying steady pressure brings relief.  A woman who suited for this remedy may feel restless and flushed, with pulsing or pounding sensations.


This remedy is indicated when the pains seem almost unbearable, Anger and irritability may be extreme (or pain and cramping may come on after when woman has been angry). Uterine haemorrhage. profuse discharge of clotted, dark blood,with labor likepain. Pain extends pelvic area into the thighs,worse at night.  exposure to air can aggravate the symptoms. Pain is ameliorates by walking or moving.

Cimicifuga (Actaea Racemosa)

Cramping pain get worse when flow increases, sharp electric like pain,back and neck pain with muscle tension, and sharp pains, shoot upward, down the thighs, or across the pelvis, are indications of remedy. Pain immediately before menses.menses profused,dark and coagulated, and offensive, backache, always irregular menses and nervousness. Rheumatic dysmenorrhoea. Ovarian neuralgia. Pain across pelvis, from hip to hip. After-pains, with great sensitiveness and intolerance to pain. Infra-mammary pains worse, left side. Facial blemishes in young women.

Magnesia phosphorica

pain in the pelvic region and painful cramps that are ameliorated by pressure and warmth. menses too early, dark and stringy discharges, and pain is worse on right side of the body. Membranous dysmenorrhoea,  woman sensitive and inclined to the “nerve pain”—worse from being cold and at night.


This remedy relieves abdominal and menstrual cramps improved by bending over boring pain in ovary. must draw up double with great restlessness small and round cystic tumours in broad ligaments or ovaries. wants abdomen supported by pressure. bearing down cramps, compel her to bend double.


 Derangements at puberty, Delayed or suppressed menstrual flow accompanied by nausea or faintness. Getting warm or being in a closed room make things worse.bearing-down pain,   scanty menses or thick, dark, clotted bleeding, symptoms changeable are key feature of  Pulsatilla.


This remedy relieves profuse bright and painful periods and pain extends into thighs leucorrhoea after menses, menorrhagia in women who aborted readily. pain extends sacrum to pubis and from below to upwards, and shooting up to vagina. haemorrhage partly clotted, and partially fluid,worse from least motion, atony of uterus.


Indications for this remedy is painful,early, late, scanty, profuse, amenorrhoea and menorrhagiaor suppressed menstruation, sometimes with a feeling that the pelvic floor is weak or as if the uterus is sagging. patient feel irritable, dragged out, sadness—and losing interest temporarily in married life and family interactions,Pelvic organs are relaxed. Bearingdown sensation in pelvis, as if everything would escape out through the vulva,must cross their limbs to prevent from protrusion, or press against the vulva. Violent stitches pain upward in the vagina, extends from uterus to umbilicus. Prolapse of uterus and vagina. Vagina painful, especially on coition.

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