Arsenic album application in relation to Neuroanatomy of Covid -19

Arsenic album application in relation to Neuroanatomy of Covid -19


A sudden outbreak of pneumonia-like infection took place in the port -city of China, having similar symptoms and effected about 1500 cases since November 2019, which ultimately progressed to recent pandemic named Covid-19.

But what are the areas or regions in brain for such psychological symptoms? When should we take symptoms on a serious note and go to practitioner?

We all know, it creates respiratory symptoms, confusion etc.

In this study we are reviewing

1.What are the anatomical and functional changes in brain caused due to Covid-19 infection?

2.What is the role of Ars.Alb in treatment

              Based on the  studies related to Covid-19 like Neuroscience study of (Behind the Scenes of Functional Brain Imaging: A Historical and Physiological Perspective | PNAS, n.d.)Brain Imaging changes , MRI studies of Radiological Society of North America, Evidence based (Evidence Based Management Guideline for the COVID-19 Pandemic – Review Article – PMC, n.d.) studies in UK and studies involving imaging studies of Covid -19 patients   it can  TNF – α and IL-8 are the biomarkers of CSF infection in the form of pleocytosis , it can be inferred most affected are Frontal and Temporal Lobes of the brain .This study also helps in earlier identification of symptoms which if neglected can lead to major problems

 Neuroanatomy symptom categorization provides (The Basal Ganglia – Direct – Indirect – Nuclei- TeachMeAnatomy, n.d.) a framework for organizing and understanding the diverse manifestations of neurological disorders. This study helps to establish links between brain structure and function, identify patterns of symptoms, improve diagnostic accuracy, predict treatment response, and guide the development of new interventions. By incorporating neuroanatomy into research, scientists can enhance their understanding of the underlying mechanisms of neurological disorders and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.


          This is a narrative review of Covid -19 from Google Scholar, PubMed, Springer and manual search of some journals related to Covid-19, states that neurological symptoms corresponding to lobes of brain and role of Homeopathy in its treatment.

Key Words: Lobes of Brain, Amygdala, Ars. Alb, Covid-19.

Personality of Ars.Alb:

Ars Alb, short for Arsenicum Album, is a homeopathic remedy commonly used in alternative medicine. In homeopathy, remedies like Ars Alb are believed to have specific energetic properties that can address physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

These descriptions are based on observed patterns among patients who have found relief from symptoms after taking Ars Alb. Here are some general traits that are often associated with individuals who may benefit from Ars Alb:

Anxiousness: People who may benefit from Ars Alb are often highly anxious and restless. They may worry excessively about their health, cleanliness, and orderliness. They may have a fear of death or being alone.

Perfectionism: These individuals tend to have a strong desire for order, cleanliness, and precision. They may feel compelled to organize and clean their surroundings repeatedly.

Control-oriented: They like to have control over their environment and can become quite irritable or anxious if things don’t go as planned. They may have a need for things to be done in a certain way and have difficulty delegating tasks.

Sensitive to criticism: People who may benefit from Ars Alb are often sensitive to criticism and can be easily offended. They may feel hurt or rejected by even mild comments or perceived slights.

Fastidiousness: They are often overly concerned with hygiene and cleanliness. They may have a fear of contamination or germs and may engage in frequent handwashing or cleaning rituals.

Functions of Temporal Lobe in Brain:

Temporal Lobe (Auditory processing, Memory retrieval, Language Comprehension, Face recognition, Emotional processing, visual perception and spatial navigation-Reward Seeking behaviour)

Functions of Limbic System (Fifth Lobe occasionally):

Brain Stem (The limbic system is involved in regulating emotions, memory formation, motivation, and the processing of rewards and punishments.

Covid -19 Changes in Brain Ars. Alb Symptoms
Cognitive Disturbance, AnxietyGustatory Dysfunction Poor Concentration  
Executive Function Difficulty
OCD Sleep Disturbances
Anxiety of Cleanliness, health Gastric disturbances are characteristic symptoms of Ars.AlbCannot concentrate when disturbed due to anxiety of healthAs Ars Alb is control oriented, if things are not done as planned results in decision -difficulty, thinking, problem-solvingArs Alb patient presenting symptoms and reason for all difficulties is obsessive compulsive disorderSleep disturbances is common symptom in Ars.Alb


From the above observations we can clearly match the personality of Ars. Alb with general Post Covid -19 symptoms and characterisations.

In Homeopathy, we don’t treat the symptoms, but the disease, but in this study we are trying to specify the suitability of Ars. Alb with Covid -19 but not the all the effected individuals , it could help in thinking or rule -out ArsAlb when a patient having the past history of moderate or severe covid -19 infection.


Our study demonstrated that neuroanatomical changes are result of entry of neurotropic covid -19 virus to brain in patients affected with Covid -19 and Ars. Albin Homeopathy had a preventive effect on it. There is a need of more experimental and longitudinal studies in future for better understanding of neuropathological changes and early intervention measures. Neurological symptoms should be ruled out with Post –Covid 19 complications. It helps in early prediction of psychological or neurological symptoms.


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