The Golden Thread of Homeopathic Medicine Book by Dr Dilip Soni
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The Golden Thread of Homeopathic Medicine Book by Dr Dilip Soni

This book “The Golden Thread of Homeopathic Medicine” is the compilation of the commonly used
homeopathic medicines according to the clinical experience of the author and proves to be an ‘illuminant’
enlightening the readers with the knowledge of homeopathic materia medica.
• This book gives a better understanding of the remedies as it connects the remedy with its pathological action
on the body, resulting in a variety of symptoms forming a disease picture.
• Each remedy revolves around a GOLDEN THREAD, which explains the pathology of the whole drug through a
thread of sequences, holding onto which one could find the link between particular medicine and its specific
medicine. Thus, it becomes easier for the reader to grasp the theme of the medicine from the core and relating
it to the presenting picture of a case in hand.
• This book gives an innovative insight to memories materia medica and elaborate the knowledge of homeopathic
remedies proven according to the lines of homeopathy in a new dimension.

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ISBN: 978-81-319-0921-8 | 300 pp

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