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The Chronic Miasms And Homeopathy

Hahnemann’s Organon is based on deductions which he made on deductions which he made concerning the significance of a patient symptoms ; the relation to them of a curative drug , and his observation that drugs act best when highly diluted . if valid , all of his deductions must be based on natural laws of physiology and potentization on physical laws . A drug proving is a living picture of the autonomic response to the drug which is being proved . A patient’s symptoms are a living picture of the autonomic efforts to recover . To find a method of curing , it is certainly better to use the evidences of the efforts of the living body to cure itself than the pathological evidences , which represent failure of recovery


 When the foundation for homoeopathic research was organized in physical science that explained the action of high potencies . For this reason , potentaisation was selected for our first field of research . The records are full of human provings but these were acceptable to unbelievers , so to eliminate all psychic factors , guinea –pigs and fruit files were used in dthese experiments , profound effects occurred in both the fruit files and the guinea pigs , thus confirming , in accord with the modern standards , that high potencies do cause effects on living things

The next step resulted from the findings of the committee appointed by the international Hahnemanian Association in 1922 to investigate Abrams work . The writer was made chairman of this committee . two members of it , Drs,. Becker and Woodbury , had already been at Abrams clinic . Another member , Dr. Becker and Wood bury , had already been at Abrams clinic . Another member Dr.Eugene , underhil , and the writer also visited in losangeles . Dr. George starr white , who earlier than Abrams , discovered that the body responds to orientation and that the body responds to orientation and that energy from one person can be conducted to another by means of a wire and will cause a dulling of percussion note on certain parts of the second person . white was using these and other phenomena in diagnosis and treatment . This committee was active for several years constantly experimenting as well as active for several years , constantly experimenting as well as investigating . it verified the claim that the autonomic mechanism of our bodies reacts the orientation , , to the near presence of another person , to a drop of another person’s blood , even when dried on blotter ; that the reactions are different if the donor of the blood is diseased than if he is well and that there is a form of energy in the blood which can be turned in a suitable circuit and that the turning have diagnostic value . it also observed that potentized drugs affect autonomic reactions , even at a distance , and the more homoeopathic a drug is to the individual the greater the distance at which its influence is noticed . if it be a similimum , it annuls the turning effect mentioned above . Thus , through this committee work , a kindly fate had shown the way for the further work at the foundation

The pupils , the heart and body tonus are under autonomic control and any one who has sufficient skill in percussing to map the heart border on the chest or to count the pulse and recognize a changes in the size of the pupils can verify these effects

In confirming of the claims of Abrams , we do not endorse the name “electronic”in relation to the phenomena. from physics there is no evidence of this claim. Nevertheless , physics by such devices as the Wison could chmber , is capable of virtual observation of single electrons . The movement of electrons results results in the flow of electrical currents . nothing in the Abrams phenomena suggests a relationship with electricity , the outstanding characteristic is not their similarity but their difference

Since then , our research has been directed to finding the nature of matter which has been diluted beyond the theoretical electronics limit and to finding as many  ways as possible by which autonomic mechanism of the body is effected by potentised drugs and to determining and to determining the most practical and accurate method of utilizing these effects . Experimenting along this line has allowed us greatly to enlarge our list of drugs without the long labor of proving . For instance , instead of having a few nosodes , we have , from one hundred and fifty and instead of only a few snake venoms , we have more than a hundred . We have , from time to time , called attention to new drugs . in this paper , we will discuss hahnemann’s concept of chronic diseases in accord with the result of our work


Of hahehnmann’s three chronic miasms , syphyllis and sycosis are verified today by any school of practice . The two groups of drugs covering them are as valuable and as specific as when Hahnemann called attention to them . As regards psora , his assertion that “ at least seven –eighths of the presently existing chronic maladies originate in the reckless suppression of the chief external symptoms of psora “ was a broad generalization . his error was in combining a disease name and an aspect of disease expression in one word “psora”

To hahnemann all languages were as one , and he selected “psora” fom the Greek as the best word to express his thought . When he stated that itch , parasitic manifestations of the same miasms , he was referring to their  expression in skin lesions

The idea of suppression should be enlarged to include not only of encouraging , by means of the law of similars , All natural expressions of reaction

Our work conforms Herring’s suggestion that appears in his introduction to hahnemaann’s chronic diseases translated by Charles .J. Hempel , as follows ;

Upon the same ground that hahnemann acknowledgedas standing and independent diseases the acute miasms , known as purpura , measles , scarlatina , small pox , whooping cough , etc., or that he distinguished the veneral miasm into syphilis and sycosis , we may after wards , if experience should demand it , subdivided psora into several species and varieties .

If we were seeking a striking example of psora and its suppression as described by Hahnemann we would take the alternation between certain skin eruptions and asthmatic outbreaks . When asthma is present , patients are sent to the appropriate clinic and the asthmatic attacks are brought under control . with the disappearance of asthma there follows a severe itching eruption on the skin and the patients go to the skin clinic where the skin condition is treated locally but with its disappearance there is a recurrence of the asthamatic trouble .


In th break up of psora into its submiasms into  its submiasms . we would clasiffy influenza as one of the most important units .The usual acute form of influenza is well recognized but it has a wide affinity and in its chronic form its manifestations are legion . it often wakes up latent tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis increases the morbidity of influenza . When influenza in its acute form imitates  pneumonia , it is especially deadly . in the nervous .system it is devastating , as is shown in encephalitis lethargica , but various mild forms of neural influenza in its acute types  of  depression . look out for the future of those who have delirium or hallucinations during acute influenza . in cardiac conditions during acute influenza .  in cardiac conditions , it depressions the heart tone and sets up local irritations . causing extra systoles and lowered blood pressure . frequent colds and general debility are often chronic influenza . it accentuates , hyper thyroidism and frequently as its main cause . An epidemic of diarrhea is occasionally due to an influenza infection . when influenza in its acute form imitates pneumonia , it is especially deadly . in the nervous system , it is devastating , as is shown in encephalitis lethalirgica , but over looked . The of its acute form is apt to extend to the chronic form regardless of its type . it is not infrequently localizes in the higher centers of the brain , causing a general lowered tone and sets up , it is , local irritations causing extra systoles and lowered tone and sets up local irritations , causing systoles and lowered blood pressure “frequent colds “ and general debility are often chronic influenza . it accuntiates , hyper thyrodism and frequently is its main cause . An epidemic of diarrhohea is occasionally infection , often the most careful prescribinf fails to complete .infuenza

Influenza pandemics occur every thirty years but lesser and milder epidemics occur every winter and some individuals will have more tnan one attack during the year . various theories have been advanced as to why , during the 1918 epidemic a fishing boat came into glouster flying a distress signal . They had been out at sea for several weeks and yet for several weeks and yet the whole crew came down with influenza . one possibility is that there is thirty years period of increased virulence just as in the history of man a race of people will have a long period of advancement followed by decadence

The influenza nosodes are specific in the chronic form and are most useful remedies , when it is acute . The old influenzin is indicated in cases that date back several years , but in acute cases or the chronic cases of recent years , influenzin antitoxin or influenzin serum are best . influenzin polyvanent , influenzin nebel and influenzin meningeal are at times useful


Tubercular miasm may be latent for a life time and complicate any acute infection that occurs of whatever type . We place it adjacent to the  influenza miasm , because we never find acute tubrculois with out an accompanying influenza infection and the patient responds much more promptly if the influenza factor be taken care first , hardly any person who lives in a city is free from this miasm though it may not become active as such , but its presence will aggravate any acute condition , especially influenza

Vaccination against small pox may arouse a latent tuberculosis , but is more apt to weld itself , as it were , to the latent tuberculular miasm and cause trouble for many years . thus some times in the so called disease of ofathe aged vaccinum or tuberculinum willl bring out a favorable reaction , Among homeopthasits the tuberculinum nosode and vaccinum have always been placed in the same group . The classical tubercular type is the thin , stoop shouldered person with low resistance and a tendency to cold

The tuberculins have been standard nosodes for too long a time to require extended mention here . in addition to the tuberculins that are ell known in this country , several new ones have been developed in France , namely the Bossan , Deny’s , Marmoreck , residual , splenger and vaudremer tuberculins . All of these are useful in suitable cases , During the 1918 influenza pandemic . kochh’s tuberculinum was the sheet anchor remedy in the pneumonic type of influenza


Another type of miasm is related to the intestinal tract . The effects of chronic colon infection are far reaching . chronic colon infection are far-reaching . chronic constipation always has an accompanying or causative factor an infection with one of the colonic group of bacteria , batch of London , over a period of years , isolated the different types of colon bacilii that appeared in the stools of chronic patients and made from these a set of vaccines , These were after wards potentised and are known as the Bach’s nosodes . Each type . many brilliant cures have been made with these , including the cure of cancer and they also , like any other nosode , frequently so modify a case that indications for constitutional remedies come into the picture . here is the list of these nosodes ; we would feel lost with out them ; bacil – coli bact., bact. Flexnerdysentry , skatol , proteus , polyvalent , muco-bact., morgan , gaertner , sycotic , faecalis alk. Dysynentry , ceratostigm and coli mutab . The writings of bach and wheelerfurnish the best indication for these nosodes


Focal infections have been the subject of wide spread study throygh the past decades . these occur in many prts of the body but particularly in the gallbladder , appendix , throat , teeth after dental decay has reached the pulp but the worst cases are where teeth have been devitalized

Devitalised teeth should always removed , some times in a gall bladder formation , operation may be necessary . in acute appendicitis some of our best prescribers have treated their cases with success homoeopayhically and Dr. Hay , of Hay-diet fame , who at onetime was a surgeon , claims that all cases can be taken care of with out operation .however , aside from these debatable types , all others can be successfully treated medically . Among the most valuablble remedies are nosodes made from various strains of streptocci , staphylococci and their bacteriaphages . we have a large group of staphyloccic and streptococcictypes , as well as their bacteriaphages and have had excellent results from their use . in a case of appendicitis in an elderly woman , the surgeon feared to operate because in old persons there is usually arteriosclersis in the appendix which causes high mortality from operation . in this case , the first remedy was a streptococcus nosode , to which she responded well . Although the course at the start was hectic , the patient made a perfect recovery . one of our nosodes , staphylococcus abdomminalis has often been useful . during the last 18 months streptococcic and staphyloccic infections have been more common than for several years and during the last six months there have been many fatal cases , several years ago , we obtained from the public health service in Washington some streptococcus cultures , together with bacteriaphages which had developed in the cultures . potencies from the original cultures , as well as from their phages , have been our most useful nosodes in this group . We have not observed any clinical indications , where by we can distinguish between a streptococcus nosode and a page nosode . the only way at present to differentiate between them is to use some of the reflexes which have been mentioned

The term “miasm” has been retained in this paper because it expresses hahnemann’s thought better than do the names of specific germs , as it implies the type of susceptibility as well as the specific causes of an illness . rewiewing these miasms , we find several differentiating characteristics for each

Syphilis ; is an infection caused by a specific type of spirochete that causes first an ulceration , then lesion of the skin and finally widespread destruction and infiltration that effects the deepest structures from the bones to the central nervous system

Sycosis;  is the result of an infection by specific type of diplococcus that sets up a catarrhal condition and a general poisoning with a special affinity for the urethral and adjacent glands and the eyes and may end in joint inflammation

Influenza ;; is an infection by a specific type of virus which never causes ulceration but causes acute catarrhal conditions resulting in asthenia and , when localized  in the nervous system , degeneration of nerve centers

Tuberculosis ;; is an infection by a type of bacillus with special affinity for the lungs , but it also may affect any organ, it causes tubercles , lowers resistance to suppurative germs and thus may cause a breaking down of the infected areas .

Colisepsis;; is an infection from bacilii with an affinity for the colon . there are several types and they cause both local trouble and constitutional effects

Streptocci and staphylococci;;are cocci that have an affinity for any part of the body and can be associated with any other infection and may cause suppuration or remote sclerotic effects

All of these miasms can be acute but they also tend to chronicity . the foregoing are the only large groups of chronic miasms that have emerged ii our work but there are some others such as malta fever which may have greater importance than we have recignised.


Carcinoma appears to occur from various causes but , excepting in the cases due to heredity , probably the syphilis and colsepsis miasms are background factors . There may be a specific cancer miasm . doern of Milwaukee claims to have discovered and isolated such germ and with it he has caused cancer-like growths in plants as well as animals . A few years ago Grimmer called attention to the cadmium salts as the nearest specific of any remedies in cancer and this has proved true in our work . the other common type of malignancy , sarcoma , responds to the snake venoms in sarcoma was that of a child in the practice of Dr. Erastus case , which was cured by lachesis . in both cancer and sarcoma other constitutional remedies will be needed but cadmium salts in cancer and venoms in sarcoma are as near specific as we ever find

Arteriosclerosis ; is another end product for which there is a group of specific remedies among the halogens . in every case of halogen group and where there is cardiac complications , all of nitrates as well


In treating these miasms , either in the acute or chronic stage , there are special nosodes that are useful in each group . modern medicines has produced a multiple of vaccines and antitoxins that are used as specific remedies , usually given hypodermically . the strict homoeopathist is apt to oppose their use because they have not been proved and because as they are customarily used they at times cause damage . harm is caused where the vccine is not specific and frequently occurs because it is given by mouth , they do less harm than when injected , even if not specifically indicated because the alimentary mucous membrane is a natural protection against protein poisons , it neutralizes them by digesting the harmful part and the body responds to the fraction fraction that is specific . We should recognize the inherent soundness of the principle for the use of vaccine and seek a method for finding exact indication for their use . where diagnostic factors are lacking , autogenous vaccines are usuallysafe but one must be sure that he is using right strains.

Duncan , in his autogenous method of treatment , utilieses a secretion related related to the patient’s disease . For instance , in pneumonia he will pass the sputum through a Berkfeld filter and inject the filtrate and he claims remarkable results , and there is the Rodgers autohaemic , method , where by he utilizes the patient’s blood , first potentising it a few points and then injecting it . These methods are successful , atleast up to a certain point but , from our observations , there comes a times when  remedy , not related to the patient’s own fluid , is indicated . For instance , the patient whose chronic remedy is sulphur will need that remedy sometimes regardless of autogenous treatment , Although oral administration is safest , vaccines , correctly selected and given hypodermically , frequently cause as spectacular a reaction as does the best homoeopathic prescribing , The homoeopathist can avoid all dangers by , first , potentising the vaccine ; second , being sure it is specific ; and third by not repeating it as long as improvement continues . Frequently the nosode will an acute infection until they have had the nosode suitable to that infection quicker than our old remedies . the nosodes of all the pneumonia types have been potentised and have been used with gratifying results during the past winter . patient’s do not fully recover from some infections until they have had the nosode suitable to that infection . most of us are of this in regard to tuberculosis and it is equally true of influenza and probably also colisepesis

Dr. Milton powell always gave the dipherin nosode in potency to any diptheria nosode in potency to any dipheria case that did not improve quickly on one of the usual remedies andstated that patients always responded to it

Hahnemann in discussing posorinum , said , it is true that , if possible , it would be better to prove them , in which case they would be used on sympathetic indications just like any other remedy , but in specific infections we have have diagnostic indication for the appropriate  nosode and , in any case they would be used on sympathetic indications just like any other remedy , but in specific infections we have indication for the appropriate nosode and in any case , we can verify the proper one through the reflexes mentioned in the beginning .

The first nosode was prepared by Hahnnmann from the purulent secretion of a scabies vescicle . This was triturated with sugar of milk and dilution was made from the triturate . This was called psorinum .provings were made from this and we can prescribe it on the symptom picture produced by its proving and not because the patient has or has had acbies . if every nosode were proved we would have have a material medica with a large section devoted to this class of remedies and they would have a materia medica with a large section devoted to this class of remedies and they would take their place with the rest of the proven drugs but they also would have their place because of their specific relationship to the patient’s illness


Certain diseases are the results of harmful products which are connected with some of the industries . For instance , mercurial poisoning in hat dyers , asthma among furriers , but there is one type of poisoning in hat dyers ,asthma among furriers , but there is one type of poisoning that has not among furriers , but there is one type of poisoning that has not been officially recognized , namely aluminium poisoning in food . in fact , not only is this denied but the Mellon institute has produced a voluminous literature combating the idea . We however , feel sure of our ground when we state that aluminium ingested in the food that is cooked in aluminium ware is one of the causes of present day chronic diseases . two types of people are especially sensitive to it . several years ago Dr. Grimmer called our attention to the barium salts as an antidote to aluminium poisoning and we have verified his findings

Mention has been made of remedy groups that are based on clinical factors , such as the halogen salts in arteiosclerosis and nitrates in its cardiac complications . we have many such groups , as well as groups containing chemical compounds of the principal elements , the clinical and chemical grouping has resulted in multiplying many times the number of our available remedies , Boyd of Glascow began experiments twenty years ago and devised his emanometer , by which he was able to place individuals in twelve definite groupings and in addition , he was able to classify remedies according to these twelve groupings .his he was able to classify remedies according to these twelve groupings . His groupings , in contradistinction to all others , are based on physical factors in patients and drugs as determined by the emanometer , where as all previous classification arose from clinical or philosophical considerations . these classifications were published in this country a few years ago but since then his groups have been greatly enlarged , the foregoing brief survey summarises our concept of the miasmatic for this work is continually broadening

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