The Benefits of Nano Hearing Aids: A Breakdown of Features and Customer Reviews!!

The Benefits of Nano Hearing Aids: A Breakdown of Features and Customer Reviews!!

Are you facing trouble hearing in noisy environments? Now certainly you are thinking to have Nano Hearing Aids considering it as one of the well effective treatment devices. To track down your queries, it will be quite worth it to go through all the benefits & drawbacks by exploring the Nano hearing aid reviews of the consumers.

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Nano Hearing Aid Reviews [Know The Advantages & Disadvantages!!]

Nano Hearing Aids is claiming to provide over-the-counter (OTC) & high-quality hearing aids to people with severe hearing issues. Let’s check out their claims through the pros and con side of the hearing aids:


  • Nano Technology is offering affordable hearing aids. Even many models are far cheaper than the other reputable brands.
  • The aids will prove well in proper adjustment. It will feel light and comfortable to wear.
  • Nano offers rechargeable and battery-powered options for many models.
  • The Nano app will allow you to control the device remotely.


  • According to many users, the Nano hearing aids are just amplifiers, not medical-grade aids.
  • There are a significant number of customer complaints regarding customer service and refunding.
  • The company doesn’t accept any health insurance.

Nano Hearing Aid Features At A Glance

Hearing aids are designed with all the advanced features thus they would meet any hearing issues. Take note of some of the major ones:

  • Almost all of the Nano hearing aids are rechargeable.
  • The Nano hearing aids can be controlled through their featured Nano mobile app.
  • Hearing aids are enough to boost all the noises of the surroundings to help to hear clearly.
  • The aid features Noise-canceling technology for noise reduction. Also, it allows users to set the volume according to their preferences.
  • Many Nano’s hearing aids models use directional microphones.
  • Multiple earbud sizes
  • Featuring Background noise-cancelling technology

Nano Hearing Aid Customer Reviews & Reputation – Are They Worth It?

Nano Hearing Aids are toping among hearing aids worldwide. Nevertheless, when you are on the way to having a Nano hearing aid, it will be quite worth it to round up what the users say about this product.

Well!! If we talk about the customer reviews of the Nano hearing Aids, there will find positive and negative feedback on an equal amount. First, let’s explore the good experiences recorded from various reportable platforms:

  • Positive reviews frequently are mentioned for the quality of the product. Most of the included hearing aids are enough lightweight and comfortable to wear. Most of the ones just appreciate for being the small size of the aids.
  • Many users review the Nano hearing aids as amplifiers instead of true hearing aids. They share their bad experience with other amplifiers and include that the Nano far better than those. It is not only quickly adjustable but also ensures the best treatment for the users’ needs.
  • User also shares their good experiences with the quality of the Nano hearing aids. They ensure that the aids are enough good in quality, of them, Nano CIC models are leading on. About 75% of 1,200 reviewers rated this model 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Most of the users are only focused on the price and it was worth it to them.

Nano Hearing Aids Complaints

Despite good reviews, there is an equal number of bad reviews from customers who have made their complaints. Most of the complaints are only based on the customer service of the company.

#- Users encounter refund problems and returning issues for bad defective and unmatched products, which is quite disappointing.

#- Based on several complaints regarding the bad service of the company Better Business Bureau has given the B rating and claims that they are just more than sound amplification products (PSAPs).

#- Some complaints also come out of poor sound quality& discomfort while wearing. Even, many users find difficulties while adjusting the settings as well.

So….Should I Purchase The Nano Hearing Aids?

Yes! It is certainly safe and secure to have Nano hearing aids as long as an audiologist or hearing health professional is recommending you for your hearing issues.

Nano is listed as one of the top-class hearing aids worldwide. The company claims that the products are highly designed by the best audiologists and sound engineers. Along with this, the aids have been proven well on about 96% of customers. So, there is no denying that the aids are effective on several hearing issues.

Nevertheless, consult an audiologist or hearing health professional first if you’re experiencing hearing loss. The doctor will determine the type and severity of your hearing problems. Then he will better suggest to you if the Nano Aid will be suitable for you as a treatment.

How Much Do Nano Hearing Aids Cost?

Nano hearing aids are more affordable than comparable brands. Generally, a pair of Nano hearing aids will cost between $1,289 and $3,500. But the price will differ according to the different Nano models. Also, there run various sales on the Nano website over the year, through which you can purchase the aide at a very discounted price.

However, go through the below countdown, highlighting the prices of various Nano products:

Nano Products Price
Nano CIC   $2,000.
Nano X2  $2,997.
Nano X2000  $1,289.
Nano X2000 Rechargeable $1,289
Nano Sigma Plus $2,997.
Nano SX2000 $3,500


Are Nano Hearing Aids FDA approved?

Yes! According to Nano claims, Hearing Aids are registered with the FDA. Though the aids are FDA approved, they have no warning letters from FDA.

Does Medicare cover Nano hearing aids?

No! Nano webpage doesn’t accept any insurance as a form of payment. You must have to pay the cost of Nano hearing aids with their suggested payment methods.

Is a Nano hearing aid an amplifier?

Though the Nano is a hearing aid, it is classified as an amplifier. That means the aids won’t help you to hear. But rather, it boosts the sound around you and makes things louder and clear to the patient.

How long do Nano hearing aid batteries last?

Different hearing aid models use different batteries, which last 6-14 days. Generally, the rechargeable Nano hearing aid batteries last up to 16 hours.

In Bottom!

Well! That’s all from us here. Hope that after thoroughly reading all of the Nano hearing aid reviews, there should be no queries leftover about whether this hearing aid will be suitable for your hearing issues or not!

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