Human Race In Search Of A New World Order: An Economic Order And Scientific Medical System.

Human Race In Search Of A New World Order: An Economic Order And Scientific Medical System.

(This article is part-7 and the last part of my series- Wake up now or Perish)

It seems the wind of change is blowing around the world uniformly. As we see through the massive confusion and fear created around the world on COVID-19 pandemic, we will realise that there is something grave and dangerous inside the current world order. In order to understand the situation let us look into today’s world order. Earth is dominated by one species homo sapiens and has 193 nations to administer the population. The leaders decide the fate of their people. Five nations occupy the higher table of permanent members of the Security Council and have a decisive say on world affairs. WHO has decisive say on matters of human health and well being. 

Everything seems to be ideal and well placed and the human population was in slumber dreaming that they were protected by the genuine intellectuals managing such organizations. But COVID – 19 provided a very rare opportunity for the world population to realize the fact that everything is not as rosy as imagined. The arbitrators of health stand naked and people are bewildered. The scientists of WHO, whom we ever trusted, found to be mediocre professionals with poor insight and poor foresight. The national and international authorities of health science and health administration found to be incapable to handle the situation. Only thing they all could provide is the effective spread of fear among the population. It was as good as the human race being attacked by an alien being.

Publicly admitting the limits of conventional medical science in dealing with the viral pandemic is an acceptable scientific approach. But same authorities made sure that the people are prohibited from choosing other available modes of therapies. That was a miserable act of cowardice. It shows that the science administrators of the medical world are in poor light. Moreover this attempt demonstrated their fear and insecurity in competing with homeopathy in the treatment of viral infections.

This failure was spiraled as every decision regarding COVID-19 was linked with commercial interest of the tycoons of the health industry. We realize that this failure is attributed to political leadership and the real culprits are hiding behind the curtain. They devised ways and means to protect their deeds from public domain by carefully crafted rules and regulation and tightly gripped control over the media in the name of social requirement, fabricated science and subordinated health authorities. The industrialists of health business are not doctors on Hippocratic oath, but are lovers of wealth at any cost. But the failure of political leadership around the world is also severe as they cannot absolve the miseries they created simply arguing that all decisions were taken on the basis of ‘expert’ opinion. We, the ordinary citizens faithfully elected our leaders believing that they are good decision makers, capable leaders to lead and not simply follow the ‘experts’. At present this faith bestowed on political leadership shattered around the world.    

There is no doubt that the current world order created after World War II helped to maintain reasonable peace and prosperity in the world. But this mechanism failed to protect the people and nature against the onslaughts of exploitation by the powerful. Starting from the period of hunter-gatherer herds,homo sapienshas exhibited their animal traits of forcefully capturing what they wanted, enriching themselves at the expense of gentleness. It was a common practice among them to dominate and control the weak as the subservient. This behaviour is common among the species in the animal kingdom. Other species never changed buthomo sapiensevolved and elevated themselves to better heights through the cultural practices integrated with moral and ethical values. This achievement of humanity was always tedious and fought with intense struggle at every point.

Beneficiaries of existing systems try their best to defend the system they prop up. They could bring every possible argument to prevent the fall of the systems enriching them. Even in this worst period of COVID – 19 the protection of outdated conventional medicine therapies was the main aim of the industry because it provided perpetual business.

Prof. Dr E S Rajendran MD(Hom)., Ph.D

As of today 193 nations around are ruled by independent administrative systems. The Platonic idea of republic is the basis of our nationhood. Ancient Greek democracy has been morphed into modern republics. Sovereign nations are meant for the social, economic, scientific, cultural and spiritual advancement of citizens.Current reality negates the true goals of republic and nationhood. Currently, independence of sovereign nations are limited to election of representative administrations and their control over population. Beyond that every policy decision is controlled by the business tycoons who leverage huge capital. Individual wealth of major 10 capitalists is far higher than the GDP of the majority of nations. Therefore the independence and national sovereignty is fast disappearing.

Keeping too many nations and promoting national pride and personal ego of rulers is a simple strategy that keeps human society in perpetual confusion and chaos. Earlier governments had power to decide and implement policies for the welfare of the population. At present political leadership is dwarfed in authority in front of all pervading corporates and tycoons. Every policy decision around the world is interfered with and manipulated by such powers for their own benefit. There is only one long term solution for this fast evolving scenario. Humanity should be united as a single unit with common administrative mechanisms controlled by bold andhumane central leadership, making today’s arbitrators of power, dwarfed and powerless. Otherwise with the ever accumulating wealth few tycoons are going to dictate the world order and decide about the quantity and quality of life and freedom people can enjoy. This is obviously evident in the current pandemic of COVID-19 as a dormant power but will evolve as a direct force in the future.  

At this point of time, with information technology and knowledge revolution, the simple question is, is it worth maintaining 193 nations on this small globe with separate administration and corollary defence forces (army, navy, air force, spy agencies etc.). This system might have helped human population in the earlier stages of competitive development, but not at all a way forward for the future.It is necessary for all human beings on earth to come under one umbrella with a humanistic and altruistic constitution without boundaries. This is necessary to maintain the economic progress, freedom and dignity of individuals in a peaceful way. 

It is not tolerable any more to allow some to dominate others in the name of national interest or business interest or religious faith. Every human being and other living organisms are required to have sufficient oxygen, water and nutrients to survive and sustain. Every human being is equally responsible to keep their race progressing and surviving on earth. Therefore all homo sapiens should have equal rights on earth and equal responsibilities to keep the environment sustainable for living.

The greatest mistake we made regarding our health care choice is that in the name of science we gracefully surrendered our freedom of health and we are paying the price for it now. In fact we trusted the most untrustworthy. Greater social needs, science, faith etc are rampantly used to confuse the people to modify their attitude to life and living.Fear of death was the most potent weapon ever used to subdue human consciousness and the same weapon is effectively deployed in this pandemic and the same is going to be used in future too. In the current situation people are slowly realizing the painful lesson that our existence is primarily our own responsibility and we are not going to gain anything by surrendering this freedom of choice. The day we started surrendering the responsibility of our own health to someone, the freedom of health also gone away. We have reached a stage where freedom of choice is systematically encroached but no one is available to take the responsibility on our life. No insurance is better than our own eternal vigil.

Let us examine the true reality of the health situation in the great capitalist nation of USA. In 2019 the USA has spent 3.6 trillion USD for health care out of its GDP of 21.43 trillion USD. It is around 18% of the GDP of the USA. Still, in America, not a single patient suffering from any chronic disease got cured. Most are on permanent medication and  drugging for life.

Let us look at the spending for defence forces in the USA for the year 2019. It is only around 718.69 billion USD. The highest spending, 18% of the US GDP is for the health industry. The mighty defence forces seem to be dwarfed when compared to the killer medical industry in the USA. American army never kills its own people. But the home grown medical industry is killing the immune system of every American by unscientific drugging and directly killing more than 250,000 Americans through adverse medical reactions and other iatrogenic causes. It is estimated that 10 – 36% of all deaths in America every year have iatrogenic reasons! It seems the total death due to COVID -19 pandemic in America for one year will be less than the total death in an year due to iatrogenic causes!

We have witnessed the death of totalitarian communist regimes three decades before. The mighty USSR and other associated political systems disintegrated because of the internal weakness created by the citizen’s disapproval of the system. Today capitalists looking to increase their wealth by all possible unethical means, including massively selling of the  COVID – 19 vaccines for all, which is still has a long way to go to be properly approved even by their standards. It seems, till today the manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines never offered any surety about the effectiveness of vaccines beyond 50%, that too limited to mild cases only. Those who run for unending wealth simply forgetting that the already eroded public faith in the system will write the obituary of the economic system made them rich. Greed for unlimited wealth creation leads to irreversible damage to the world ecosystem. Similar greed for wealth creation on human health can damage the subtle immunogenetic system created and sustained for a million year for human survival and progress. The chemical industry promoted conventional modern medicine drugs are doing exactly the same, systematic erosion of the human immunogenetic system.  

The situation is grave for human survival on earth. It is the individual responsibility of every citizen on this globe to understand the gravity of the situation and make changes in the political, economic and healthcare system. In a global view, we understand that if national borders and related defence systems go away with chemical intensive capitalist conventional medicine, humanity will be well off within a decade. Humans can sustain on earth with minimal health miseries and live without economic miseries, as minimum 10% of world GDP can be saved year by year for human development that is close to 10 trillion dollars every year. Rational utilisation of this much wealth can improve the living standard of every citizen on earth to the best possible and sustainable levels within 10 years. We need to get rid of our personal prejudices and national pride for a better human society.

To summarise I believe that humanity should search and find 

  1. A seamless political and social order applicable universally for all human beings without any discrimination whatsoever.
  2. An intelligent economic system equitable and progressive for human sustenance and protection of the ecosystem, which will ensure the survival of the human race in a peaceful environment without top down authoritarianism.
  3. An integrative health care for healing the sick based on genetics,nanoscience and holistic health systems, time to abandon biomolecular capitalist health care model, where physicians are forced to follow protocols rather than their clinical skills and knowledge.

Wake up now – demand  freedom, humanity has a better future!

Author’s note: This article is based on my latest book ‘The Ray of Civilization – Philosophy, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Art&Literature, Evolutionary genetics and Medicine’, released on November 10, 2019


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