Stress A Psychological Factor for All Disorders - Scope Of Homoeopathy

Stress A Psychological Factor for All Disorders – Scope Of Homoeopathy

Abstract- Stress is a common psychological state occurs due to failure in achieving a task in day to day life. Due to modernization, world is becoming more demanding & complexity in life of an individual. Frustration leads to conflict resulting in stress when encountered with difficult phases of life. The purpose of this article is to provide an outline about stress, its factors, types, mechanism, disorders and coping along with homoeopathic management.

Key words- stress, homoeopathy, coping, psychology.

Introduction- Stress is a psychological reaction which is resultant of our body’s response to any threat when we experience challenges to our physical or emotional wellbeing exceeding our coping resources & abilities.

Hans selye stated, “stress is the spice of life, the absence of stress is death”.

Stress can develop from frustration because continuous failures make a change in the behavior of a person. Maladjustment to certain situations leads to conflict. When the person faces continuous stressful events make him unable to cope up or overcome from that pressure leading to suffering of the individual. If the distress is more the psychological well being will be poor.

Stressors are the stimuli causing serious damage to the body when failed to cope with the stress. They are classified into two categories.

I. External/ environmental stressors- Eg- earth quakes, floods, fire accidents, death of loved ones, financial loss, terrorist attacks, robbery, communal violence, criticism, mutual rivalries, clashes, struggles, frustration in family and working places.

II. Internal / psycho-physiological stressors- “Type A’’ personality people are more prone & susceptible to stress. Persons with very week psyche & damaged self confidence, little stress tolerance capacity, unhappiness, frustrations, alcoholism, drug addiction.

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