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Nosodes and Sarcodes in Homoeopathy

Abstract : Nosodes and sarcodes are potentized preparations which are prepared according to Homoeopathic pharmacy. The preparations from pathological ,microbial culture obtained from diseased tissue and other diseased clinical materials (secretions , discharges etc) are nosodes . Whereas , physiological preparation from healthy tissues and secretions are sarcodes

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Introduction: Nosodes and sarcodes (homeopathic remedies gained primarily from disease products respectively organs of human or animal origin) are groups of drugs which were added to the homeopathic Materia Medica in the 1830s. Most substances used in nosode or sarcode therapy have a long medical tradition, with some even going back to the pre-Christian period. The earliest experiments with nosodes were carried out by Constantine Hering between 1827 and 1833 . He performed the first proving of Psorinum on himself. Hering originated the method of using a miasmatic agent as basis for a remedy and it was he who coined term “nosode” . Nosodes are processed from original stock built from isolated microbes , diseased tissues and clinical materials used.

Alledy , defines as “the nosode is characterized by a pathological substance used as medicine prepared in advance and according to Homoeopathic methods of dilution”.

Nosodes may be divided into following four groups:-
N-I – Preparations made from lysates of microorganisms capable of producing bacterial endotoxins E.g. Typhoidinum
N-II- Preparations made from microorganisms capable of producing exotoxin .E.g. Diptherinum
N-III- Preparations made from purified toxins
N-IV- Preparations made from microorganisms/viruses/clinical materials from human convalescents or diseased subjects e.g. Variolinum , Psorinum

Sarcodes are a special group of homoeopathic drugs which have not been adequately utilized by Homoeopathic profession . As per Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India ‘Sarcodes are healthy tissue products or secretions of living organism , i.e . plants and animals.
Sarcodes are prepared from secretions of healthy organism , e.g . Cholestrin , Insulin (β cells of the islets of Langerhans of pancreas) , Thyroidinum ( Thyroid gland) . They have a great value in homoeopathic prescriptions and mostly in chronic diseases . They have a great value in homoeopathic prescriptions and mostly in chronic diseases .They are deep acting remedies and have power to set right the disturbed metabolism.
The word ‘Sarcode’ is a Greek term which means ‘fleshy’. Sarcode literally means protoplasm of animals and hence should be carefully distinguished from vegetable protoplasm . They are prepared from healthy endocrine or ductless gland secretions of living human organisms and lower animals . The secretions are mostly hormones . In fact , sarcodes belong to animal kingdom.

Dr J.H. Clarke in his book , “A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica” has mentioned ,I have found the term ‘Sarcodes’ useful for designating the remedies prepared from healthy animal tissues and organs”.

Dr Clarke has given following two lists relating to sarcodes :
Sarcodes include the remedies made from healthy animal tissues and secretions . Preparations of poisonous animals (e.g. Homarus , Sanguisuga , Erythrinum etc.) are not included under this head
For example : Adrenalinum , Aranearum tela , Calcarea carbonica , Calcarea ovi testae, carbo animalis , castor equi ,Cervus , Colostrum , Conchiolinum , Fel tauri etc

Sarcode Derivatives :
Preparations derived from healthy animal tissues and secretions are included under this head .
For example ; Cholesterinum ,Lac vaccinum coagulatum ,lac vaccinum defloratum ,lacticum acidum , Lactis vaccini flos ,Pancreatinum, Pepsinum,Pyrogenium , Saccharum lactis , Thyroidinum , Urea ,Uricum acidum.
Discussion & Conclusion : The usage of nosodes and sarcodes in homoeopathy makes it distinct from other systems of medicine . The sarcodes can be thought of as one of the first hormone therapies which in the modern day are used by modern system of medicine was long back introduced in homoeopathy . While nosodes can be thought as the first step towards the modern day vaccines . Nosodes though similar in kind are different due to their difference in approach .
Though there is so much utility of nosodes & sarcodes still it is a story untold . More & more studies should be done by the homoeopathic researchers to unveil the action & legends of nosodes & sarcodes.

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