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My Journey in Homeopathy – Review by Dana Ullman

My Journey in Homeopathy – Review by Dana Ullman
Before discussing the contents of this book, I feel compelled to tell you something about its magnificent author!  Francis Treuherz is a mensch of a human being (“mensch” is Yiddish for meaning a person of high integrity)…and he may be one of the rare persons who is just as super passionate about homeopathy as I am (this is Dana Ullman writing this).  Not only does he have a passion for the practice of homeopathy, but he has a very special passion for the HISTORY of homeopathy.  In fact, THIS book is full of truly fascinating stories from homeopathic history, including many stories that are not available from other sources.  Also, Francis Treuherz owns the largest private library of homeopathic books and journals in the world…and what’s more is that he also owns a wide variety of “homeopathic paraphenelia,” that is, museum-worthy statues, posters, badges, and a variety of “things” that were once owned by very famous homeopaths or homeopathic institutions.

This book also includes two articles that were published in homeopathic journals on  the history of Swedenborgian thought in homeopathy (Swedenborg was a Swedish scientist and mystic who had a great influence on leading American homeopaths in the 19th century).

This book is also full of clinical cases in which Treuherz tells you something vitally important about a rare homeopathic medicine…and why YOU should know something about it!

Ultimately, this book is a compilation of articles that Treuherz has gotten published in a wide variety of journals and publications…and all of this is “under one roof” in THIS book.

This book is ideal for skipping around and reading whatever subject intrigues you…OR it is the type of book that is fun to open randomly to any page and to read what is there!

About the reviewer –

Dana Ullman, M.P.H. is one of the foremost spokespersons for homeopathic medicine in the United States. He has authored several books, including Discovering Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century (North Atlantic, 1991), which includes a foreword by Dr. Ronald W. Davey, Physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He received a doctoral degree in homeopathy (D.H.M.) from the British Institute of Homeopathy. Dana has received the C.C.H. (Certified in Classical Homeopathy).In 2007, he published The Homeopathic Revolution, a book that documents famous people of the past 200 years who have been known to use and/or advocate for homeopathic medicine. Dana Ullman authored Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants, a valuable guide to more than 75 common physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions, plus information on common remedies that all parents should have in their kits. He also co-authored Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines (Jeremy Tarcher/Putnam, revised 1991) which won the Medical Self-Care Book Award.

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Author Name: Francis Treuherz

ISBN No : 9788131923801

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