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Book Review of (Dictionary of Organon by Dr R R Joardar)

Book Reviewed by Dr N. C. Chatterjee
Dr. R.R. Joardar is a becon. He proved his mantle by handing the Dictionary of Organon over to the fraternity.
This book may not be of much use in the hands of ‘old’ practitioners but will be of immense use in the hands of future practitioners. Students and teachers of both the periods— before and after publication of this book — will be benefited. This 265 page book is packed with information, each of which can be suitably amplified, indicating that it is enough expansible to be a good sized text book. Dr. Joardar has a physical limitation. Probably because of that the volume of this book is not increasing. Dr. R.R. Joardar has righty qualified himself with the intricacies of German language that stood him in good stead.
The associates of Dr. Joardar need to be more vigilant while reading through the proof. Some well-known words like ‘fragments’ should have been ‘Fragmenta’ (p. 103) and likewise.
In all, this is a very good attempt. I am sure; this book will be adored by the readers of homoeopathic system.
I wish the author a good physical health; mentally he is still very much alert and agile than many of us. I wish a good future of this book as well.
Team Joarder really deserves a kudo.
B. Jain Publisher did a worthwhile job by publishing this book.

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