Homeopathic Book (The Secret Life of Hahnemann) Reviewed by Dr D K Verma

Homeopathic Book (The Secret Life of Hahnemann) Reviewed by Dr D K Verma

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“No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men” – Thomas Carlyle. This biography of “Sir” Hahnemann indeed deserves an open hearted applause. The prefix “Sir” is simplest of all the reverence that Dr Hahnemann should receive for the magnitude of work he has done. He deserves much more. His life, his work, his logic and his codes are all beautifully narrated by the author in this book.

The amount of research and hard work the author has done recommends this book to be put under BHMS syllabus. Each and every student of homoeopathy should read this book so that the struggle and resistance which Dr Hahnemann did to keep his stand on truth and logic should be felt and acknowledged. The author proves a firm point that the world should know the achievements of Dr Hahnemann and should give his due place of respect and honor.

A special note needs worth mentioning about chapter six and seven of section one in which is mentioned about how Dr Hahnemann worked in a day, advise to patients, advise to doctors and students. This chapter gives the world “Hahnemannian formula of life”.

Dr Hahnemann was times ahead of the science at that time. He laid the foundation of so many things, but the best thing was the foundation of quantum physics through ultra-diluted medicines. Through this book the author has shown what a hero “Sir” Hahnemann was. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” – Christopher Reeve. The heroism of our master deserves a salute from the entire humanity and this book will definitely make the readers to bow in reverence.

Content of the book – This book contain five sections.

Section 1 – Life and times of Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

Section 2 – Homoeopathy and the progress of science.

Section 3 –Hahnemann neglected medical pioneer of 19th century.

Section 4 – Hahnemann: Scientist of mystic?

Section 5 – Homoeopathy and its occult origin.

About Book

Book Title: The Secret Life of Hahnemann

ISBN: 9788131923672

Author – Dr Harsh Nigam

Publishers –  B Jain Publishers (P) Ltd.

Year of publication – 2021

First edition – 2021

Pages – 264

Price – 345

About the Author – Dr Harsh after finishing MBBS from B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur, completed his M.D. in Human physiology from M.L.B. Medical College, Jhansi. His first exposure to Homoeopathic way came under his scholarly and renowned father Dr Jagdish Chandra Nigam DF (Horn.) from 1993-95. In 2001-2002 Dr Harsh completed MF (Homoeopathy.), from the faculty of Homoeopathy the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, U.K. He has since published several papers like:

• Homoeopathic Management of Chronic Renal Failure; Drug picture of Carcinosin; Retrospective Study of Homoeopathic Management of Urolithiasis Assessed by Ultrasonography; Psoriasis & Homoeopathy, (Homoeopathic Heritage)

• Childhood Care: What Homoeopathy Can Offer? (CCRH/AYUSH)

• 20 volume series of articles in the section Organon Only of Homeobuzz magazine

• Study of efficacy of genus epidemicus in epidemic of chikungunya fever at Kanpur: presented at 66th world homoeopathic congress of LIGA.

• Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy with Classroom Notes; Principle & Practice of Homoeopathic Case Management both by B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi

• Hahnemannography (Sharnam Homoeopathy Research Society)

He is currently a member for Special Committee of clinical research at the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi.

About the reviewer: Dr Divya Kumar Verma – B.H.M.S. M.D. (Hom.)(Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangaluru, Karnataka) S.C.P.H. (United Nations).  He has experience of 10 years of clinical experience in government dispensary through Classical Hahnemannian Homoeopathy.

Awards Received –

1. Certificate of Appreciation in State Level 259th Dr Hahnemann’s Day Celebration for commitment and execution of duties as a Doctor and significant achievement during the year 2013-14.

2. Certificate of Appreciation for Contribution and Continued work for Homoeopathy by B Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd on 3rd September 2017.

3. Certificates of Appreciation for excellent work in Arogya Mela (Rajasthan Government) in 2015 and 2019.

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