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Phenomena AND FACETS by Dr Rajesh Shah


Phenomena, Facets and Psychosomatism explained and useful to old and new practitioners
• The book explains in detail how to elicit phenomena and the facets i.e., framing patients words into rubrics.
• Case illustrations and overview of 30 cases given
• Concept of facets and phenomenology applied to repertorial study and suggested repertorial additions
• Clinical use of Zizia in respiratory illness.
The book is a homeopathic approach explained by an astute, innovative and enthusiastic practitioner and researcher with an impressive record of more than 30 years of therapeutic success and working incessantly on discovering new drugs. One can experience and appreciate the author’s enormous vigor, fierce courage and scrutinizing spirit in the field of Homeopathy.


Dr Rajesh Shah is a global homeopath,researcher, and the director of Life Force Homeopathy in Mumbai, India. He is a pioneer of online medical practice and has treated patients from over 180 countries – a world record.
He has developed many new homeopathic medicines, including those from biological sources such as HIV nosode, Hepatitis C nosode, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis nosode, Cancer nosode, Malaria nosode, and more.
He has conducted many RCTs, drug provings, experiments in animal models, as well as in-vitro studies with many new and old homeopathic medicines in collaboration with reputed institutions such as Haffkine Institute, ICT (UDCT), IIT-B, Tata Memorial, Nair Hospital, etc. He has also conducted research on defining the force parameters for standardization of potentization. Besides which, he has introduced a scientific method of development of nosodes.
Dr. Shah’s research papers have been published in several peer-reviewed, international journals. He has authored several books. He was on the faculty at CMPH Medical College, Mumbai University and is an internationally recognized teacher and key-note speaker who has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners across continents. Dr. Shah’s scientific approach to homeopathy has helped introduce novel and invaluable concepts to homeopathic research and practice.
He lives with his family in Mumbai. I have known Dr Rajesh Shah as highly enthusiastic homeopath with scientific aptitude; working incessantly on discovering new drugs. He deserves credit for creating a pathway for introducing new nosodes such as HIV, Hepatitis C, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and more. His innovative and scientific approach will help the Homeopathy profession at large especially in present time.
Dr. J. D. Daryani, MD (Hom.) Former Dean, Faculty of Homoeopathy, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
Dr Rajesh Shah’s contribution to making homeopathy popular by treating thousands of people successfully worldwide is well known. What amazes me is his zeal to make it scientifically mainstream by conceiving, conducting and publishing well thought out and statistically robust studies. This, while being a practitioner of homeopathy outside an academic institution, is quite remarkable.
Dr. Vedang Murthy, MD, Oncologist, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai
I met Rajesh at a conference in Rome a couple of years ago, when I was making the documentary film ‘Just One Drop’. He impressed me by his vision for homeopathy and since I have seen his involvement, level-headed passion and concern for the growth of homeopathy as science. We need more people like him in the world of homeopathy.
– Laurel Chiten, NYC, USA (Filmmaker of the film ‘Just one Drop’)
Dr. Rajesh Shah is a prominent homeopathic doctor, with extensive experience for more than thirty years and an impressive record of therapeutic success. I can’t but be delighted that Dr. Shah has decided to share his approach with the homeopathic community. An approach that is soundly grounded on confirmed sources and that is explained in the book. With the concept of facets, Dr Shah emphasizes the context of each symptom as they effectively occurred and were recorded. It goes without saying that this is a proper path to individualisation, namely, the core of homeopathic practice. Thus being, this book is a must for any homeopathic practitioner seriously interested in prescribing according to the genuine homeopathic approach.
Prof. Dr. Silvia Waisse, MD, Ph.D. Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Rajesh Shah is a globally known homeopath. I was enthralled to find that he has trained homeopaths as well as conventional doctors in many countries. I am impressed by his scientific curiosity that he has applied to homeopathy to making it a better science. He is a teacher, researcher, and a clinician; a good blending for any educationist. The science of homeopathy is at a crossroad, facing challenges. I wish he takes a bigger role in the field of education.
– Prof Dr Arun Jamkar, MS, Ph.D. (Surgical Oncology), Ex-Vice Chancellor, Maharashtra University of Health sciences, Nashik
Dr. Rajesh Shah is a familiar name in homeopathic practice and nosode research. He happens to be the dynamic force behind the Life Force. He has proved himself to be a successful physician, who specialized in the field of many chronic diseases. Dr. Shah has also authored several books as well as published a few research papers. Dr Shah has been associated with developing a few new homeopathic nosodes through his untiring efforts. I wish this publication adds further feathers to his already illustrious life sketch.
– Prof. Anisur R. Khuda Bukhsh, Ph.D. Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Awards from European Congress for Homeopathy (Austria) and Ministry of AYUSH, West Bengal
Rajesh Shah’s new book is a truly unique and practical textbook that can and will be useful to both new and highly experienced homeopaths. The concept of “facets” is actually essential to good homeopathic prescribing because it helps us understand that a symptom is facet of a person, but just as a gemstone has many facets, a homeopath must utilize many facets (or symptoms) of a patient to find a homeopathic medicine that will create a curative response. The important and different contribution that Rajesh makes in this book is a strategy that finds concurrent or combined symptoms that a person is experiencing to find a rubric in a repertory that will have a limited number of remedies, thereby enabling the homeopath to zero in on the potential simillimum. By presenting many detailed cases, Shah shows how his strategy can improve the accuracy of prescribing homeopathic medicines. Rajesh Shah has a history of innovation in homeopathy while still honoring the classical traditions of the science and art of this sophisticated system of healing.
Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, Author of 10 books, including “The Homeopathic Revolution,” USA

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