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More Magic of The Minimum Dose

By Dr. Dorothy shepherd


• In this book You will get Experiences from Harley street and clinics of the poorest parts of London.

• Inner meaning of the mysteries of the art of true healing explored.

• Animal response to homoeopathic remedies for pet lovers.


More Magic of The Minimum Dose Written by Dr Dorothy Shepherd
About Book

Dr Dorothy Shepherd had extensive experience in clinics on Harley Street and in the poorest parts of London. Although she had a fondness for homeopathy during her student years, it was not until she visited Dr. JT Kent in the United States and benefited greatly from this therapy and then fully embracing homoeopathy as the method of treatment in her practice. Having started a career as a homeopath, she studied the subject in depth and the more she learned, the more she became convinced that it is the best method for treating all types of ailments. As a true healer, she believed that every victim should know homeopathy and in order to make it known more widely, she began to write a series of highly acclaimed books, the best known of which is Magic of the Minimum Dose and this book, More magic from the minimum dose.



• One complete chapter is dedicated to the benefits of Homeopathy
• Contains information about animal response to homeopathic remedies
• Detailed explanation about what’s curable in medicine and what’s curative in medicine
• Application of homeopathy in mental disorders.

Book Name: More Magic of The Minimum Dose

Author Name: Dr Dorothy Shepherd

ISBN No: 9788131948514

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Dr. Dorothy Shepherd grew up in South India where her father was a missionary. She studied medicine at Heidelberg medical school and graduated from Edinburgh. She was raised with homeopathic medicine and as a child had access to a copy of Hering’s Domestic Physician. n 1906 Dr. Shepherd went to Chicago and began her studies at the Hering Medical College. Her teachers were Dienst and Tomhagen, both pupils of James Tyler Kent. When she returned to Europe Dr. Shepherd put her new skills in to practice.

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