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Book review of "More Magic of the Minimum Dose" by Dorothy Shepherd

Dr Dorothy Shepherd was a convert to Homoeopathy in the early days of her medical career and until her death she had a large practice in Harley Street and a Nursing Home in Hampshire. She was an ardent follower of Hahnemann’s teaching.
First published in the 1930s, this book provides case histories by Dr. Dorothy Shepherd. She discusses various homeopathic remedies and cures she used on patients, and the effects they had on overall health.

Dr Dorothy Shepherd had wide experience both in clinics of Harley Street and in the poorer parts of London. Although she had leanings towards homoeopathy during her student years, it was not until she visited Dr J.T. Kent in U.S.A., and experienced great benefit from this therapy that she fully adopted this method of treatment in her practice.
Having embarked upon a career as a homoeopath, she studied the subject deeply and the more she learned the more she became convinced that it is the finest method of dealing with every type of ailment. Being a true healer she believed that every sufferer should know of homoeopathy and in order to make it more widely known she began writing a much acclaimed series of books, the best known of which is Magic of the Minimum Dose and
this book, More Magic of the Minimum Dose.
Her great stories convey gentle lessons about the uses of homeopathic remedies. Every chapter is a pearl. She conveys through the case studies the inner meaning of the mysteries of the art of true healing.
The experiences shared of animal response to homoeopathic remedies comprehensively referenced will be of value to the reader who wishes to pursue the subject at a deeper level.

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