Quick Bedside Prescriber by J. N. Shinghal

Quick Bedside Prescriber by J. N. Shinghal

by J. N. Shinghal

The book ‘Quick Bed-side Prescriber’ is presented for the same class of people who believe in the natural art of healing. 

About Book:

Nowadays people are moving towards natural medicine systems as they are becoming aware of the harmful effects of the conventional system.
The book ‘Quick Bed-side Prescriber’ is presented for the same class of people who believe in the natural art of healing. The ailments with the indicated medicine are covered alphabetically. A book like this will be very helpful in selecting the proper remedy quickly, especially when attending patients outside the office and in most cases the selection will be right. But before one takes to this type of a reference book one must possess a thorough knowledge of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.
First the ailment is explained elaborately, followed by remedies that can treat it effectively. This book will be useful for those who have an interest in homeopathy and want to use homeopathy for themselves and their family. It is a labor saving device that provides therapeutic pointers not only in common ailments but even in cases of emergencies
Key Features :
• Some of the existing alphabetical headings with added cross-references are mentioned in order to help the busy practitioner to find out the right medicines without much ado.
• The author has included treatments for some more diseases. which did not find a place in previous editions.
• The time of puberty is very critical and delicate in a girl’s life and several derangements occur in her life in certain cases. The author has massed them together under one head ‘‘Derangements at Puberty.”
• Pains in certain parts of the body are sometimes so terrific that the sufferer wants instant relief. The physician is equally anxious to give him or her instant relief without delay. The author has grouped together such Pains, Prophylactics and Preventive under a separate chapter.
• The author has included ‘Nosodes’ which are more helpful and efficacious these days in the treatment of certain maladies.
• He has included drugs for external applications in some diseases.

About Author:

Dr J.N. Shinghal (FRHS, Cal.) was interested in the science of medicine since childhood and whenever he had time he used to read books on medicine in his father’s library. He assisted his father in running a charitable dispensary. He worked with Dr Sircar where after seeing wonderful cures by homeopathy his interest in the system started blooming. He has also worked with Dr Yudhvir Singh and Dr Guha who guided him and persuaded him to take a step further in the same direction. Later on, Dr Shinghal started his own charitable dispensary through which he served many people for a long time with the help of homeopathy.

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