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Infertility Because Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Dr Arti Lavhe
Infertility because of polycystic ovarian syndrome

Abstract. : There are various causes of infertility but PCOS is main cause of infertility infertility give more impact on social life .with the help of homoeopathic medicines we can treat patients as person whole.

It is rightly said that overy is the central head of female reproductive system and ultimately reproduction. it also play a main role in development of all secondary and primary sex organs for example growth of mammary gland, regulation of menstruation etc. functioning of ovaries is under the control of pituitary gland which control by hypothalamus. hormones like Gnrh FSH LH help in menstruation and growth of follicles. any change in this cycle hypothalamus pituitary and ovarian functions hamper the functions of ovaries and leads to anovulation , irregular menstrual cycle and infertility. imbalance in these hormones gives polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Definition :
PC OS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is also known as SteinLeventhal syndrome describe in 1935. In this syndromes ovaries become thick and hormonal imbalance which affect women’s emotion, diet and personal history. PC OS is a common cause of anovulation and female infertility . PC OS affect about 10 to 15% of women’s reproductive age and infertility in about 30% of cases. in PC OS there is no release of mature follicle and no ovulation take place.

Symptoms :
Female affected are in age group of 15 to 20 years .there is irregular menses, acne hair growth on face appearance of masculine feature ,weight gain and finally there is complete stoppage of menses or there may be heavy menstrual bleeding continue for 10 to 15 days which result in weakness and anaemia. next menses appears after gap of 2 to 3 months and prolonged heavy bleeding exact etiology is not known no but it can be some changes at mental level like sudden shock, fright, stress , anxiety, depression etc.
Symptoms of PC OS as oligomenorrhea or amenorrhoea infertility due to anovulation , hirsutism, hair loss ,acne due to oily skin ,obesity ,depression ,miscarriage, premenstrual syndrome and pigmentation of skin.

Diagnosis :
Polycystic ovary syndrome or PC OS is the most common cause of female infertility because of absence of ovulation. woman who has following features such as
1) chronic absence ofovulation ,
2) menstrual irregularity
3) high level of androgens
4) cyst in one or both ovaries

USG finding shows ovaries with thick tunica albuginea and almost twice the size of normal ovary and many pearl like follicles.

Management :
Exercise and reducing body weight are important part of treatment of PCOS and also avoid smoking and stress.

Homoeopathic management :
To treat case of PC OS holistic approach is needs detailed case taking at the level of emotional intellectual and physical before the actual prescription of medicine. constitutional remedy works .patient respond well to such a treatment and menstrual cycle regulate which is indication of complete hormonal balance and ovulation and letter on there may be chances of conception also homoeopathy based on individualization of treatment. Some homoeopathic remedies for PC OS which leads to infertility is as follows.
1.Platina : Female genital organ is hypersensitive ,over sensitive ,ovaritis with sterility, menses too early to profuse dark clotted pain increase and decrease gradually. mental emotions are associated with suppress menses
2.Lachesis : Left ovary is very painful and Swollen menses is too short pain relieved by flow . ill effect of suppressed menses worse from pressure, inflammation. left ovary affected first and then right ovary. patient cannot bear tight clothing around waist
3.Pulsatilla : Amenorrhea or suppressed means this from wet feet . Menses too late changeable. diarrhoea during menses .feels better in open air. ovaritis due to suppression of menses. changebility both at mental and physical level is keynote of this remedy.

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