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Quote of Prof. Vithoulkas about the meaning of “Time"

Prof. Vithoulkas is discussing with a Professor of Aristotelian University, Greece about the impact and nature of time upon our creation:

Dear A..
Your paper had a great interest for me because was examining the “two states of Time”.
I would call the second stage of time a “non-time” or “anti-time” state, that would give more the idea of another dimension of existence outside of time and space as we know it.
Conventional time, in order to come in to play, needs an “observer“ who, in his conscious state, perceives time as past, present and future. When the mind of the observer stops perceiving the external reality (if the logical mind becomes totally silent), then what remains is only the “experience of the present”, where the observer looses its ego-identity and merges in to the universal sea of energy, called by the astrophysicists “dark energy”.
In this state, the individual does not remember the past and is not interested about the future . What remains is a feeling of “sublime experience” of a very high order… reserved only for the blessed ones !
This is a state outside time, perceiving the existence of a parallel cosmos.

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