Homoeopathy-The Energy Science, What is energy

Homoeopathy-The Energy Science

Psychosomatic connection of diseases

What is energy?

First of all we should all know what is energy?
Energy is a quantitative force which makes all things work. It is the basic back bone of any process to take place.
Without energy things or people cannot function. When things are at rest then also they have energy in stored form or energy which is still known as potential energy.
When the energy helps to make things work or when it is in motion it is known as kinetic energy.
So basically energy is present all the times both in living and non living things .It can neither be created or destroyed but converted from one form o]to other and makes things function.
Without energy both the animate and the unanimate world cannot function and it is universally present.

In all living things like plants, animals and human beings this basic energy was recognised by Dr Samuel Hahnemann as the vital force.
Vital force helps to maintain a state of health and metabolic equilibrium in human beings.

This vital force when present in an healthy individual helps to carryout all the bodily functions with ease in the individuals .
But when it gets deranges due to morbific influence on it the health and the metabolic equilibrium gets disturbed leading to various diseases.

Now to thing to bring to highlight is that the modern system of medicine i.e vide allopathy system of practise propagtes that all disease if of the body i.e begins in the body and ends in the body.
The energy concept is not there.

But homoeopathy advocates that all disease begins with first changes on the basic energy level and then is transferred on the body level.

Another thing to bring to notice to the reader?? is that our mind ,our thoughts and our feelings are also part of our energy make up.
they form a major part of our energy body.
This fact can be recognized as we cannot see our thoughts but we know they can be very powerful.
To establish this fact Quantum science/Quantum Mechanics comes to our rescue.

Quantum physics has clearly establshed that all atoms have enrgy pockets ,i.e energy is the form of quarks make up electrons , protons and neutrons which were previously thought to be the smallest particles present.

And quarks cannot be seen by the naked eye. They are micro nano particles.
The smaller the particle ,more powerful it becomes as it carries the most amount of energy.
Example of this is the nuclear atomic bomb???which being created from a nano particle can cause destruction on the level of our genetic material
It is a well established fact that .people exposed to radiation of atomic bomb material even years after can suffer major congenital abnormalities and psycholgical maldevelopment.

Dr Hahnemann put forth a hypothesis , two centuries back that morbific organisms can be the cause of diseases in individuals which has been very well proved by discoveries of various bacteria and viruses present in our environment which can cause various infectious and chronic diseases.
One of them being the latest , THE NOVEL CORONAVIRUS.?

Coming back to the the diseased state , the individual gets diseased firstly on the enrgy level.
for eg if the person is about to gets a nomal viral fever, the first symptoms to show would be decreased energy levels with decreased functioning abilities, general weakness of the spirits or the mind, and also of the body, decreased appetite etc.

This changes show that the person has been influenced by some morbific influence which has attacked the vital force and is about to bring forth changes in the body chemistry and finally manifesting as full blown symptoms of fever , cold cough , respiratory problems or digestive problems etc depending upon the course of the disease.

One of classical examples Dr Hahnemann has given is that a person feels nauseous b being exposed to any poisened food substance(even sight and smell of that food substance causes nausea) before showing symptoms of food poisoning like diarrhea and vomiting.
Nausea here is the responding of the vital force to poisened food .

The above citing’s explain the causative part of the disease and its energy connection.??

Coming to the remedial part /on the curative action of the homoeopathic medicines.??

??????Homeopathic medicines are prepared by th methods of succussion and trituration .These processes brings forth out the hidden or latent energies of the crude substances .
Every crude substance also has its own energy working area.
For eg Mercury has a corrosive action on the body when present in crude amounts ,On trituration it also brings forth its actions on deeper layers like the mucous membranous,bones etc and very marked influence on the mental symptoms like presence of anxiousness, hastiness, dullness of the mind ,violent impulses of killing oneself or the other ,imbecility etc.

The destruction which is present on the bodily level is also manifested on the mind level in a more refiner form and bring forth all kinds of mental abnormalities and also deeper destructive diseases like cancer syphilis’s and tumors on the physical level.

So medicines prepared by the homoeopathic method first bring forth changes on the energy level by raising the energy of the vital force and helps to eradicate the disease with this raised vital energy.
Here the term vital energy can be synonymous with increased immunity on the physical level as increased immunity levels helps to fight off many chronic diseases.
If the immunity or the vital force is not ‘charged’ enough, then the individual cannot cope up with the disease very effectively.
Here charging means raising the basic vital energy of the individual so that it can naturally ward off the disease out of the body.

So we can say that Homoeopathy is a complete science which establishes the psyhcosomatic and energy connection of the diseases and can play a mojor role in eradicating various chronic diseases including mental derangements both on the functional and pathological level(eg AUTISM,ADHD, etc) and also various hard to cure diseases like Cancer, Aids and Congenital abnormalities etc which plague the humanity.
It will dawn in a new sun in our health care system and make our founder very proud!!!!!!

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Dr Neha Kakkar

AUTHOR: Dr Neha Kakkar B.H.M.S, Delhi (GGSIPU) 16 years of experience in Homoeopathic Practice. Currently Practicing in Meerut. Previously Submitted articles for Publishing at Homoeopathy 360. Link for articles: 1.https://www.homeopathy360.com/homoeopathy-the-nano-science/
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