Homeopathy for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, IBS

Utility Of Homoeopathy In IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of large intestine or colon that manifest with various signs symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating gas, constipation or diarrhea, sudden urging for bowel clearance which has the deep-seated etiological factors lies at both central nervous system (CNS) and enteric nervous system (ENS).

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is manifested with various signs and symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating of gas, sudden urging for bowel clearance, frequent urging for bowel clearance, in some cases constipation problems, sometimes loose motion and constipation alternates each other. It is occurred as a result of irregular rhythmical peristaltic movements.

The etiopathological causes lies both at central nervous system and enteric nervous system. In some cases it is found of developing IBS after an intestinal infection. It is called post infectious IBS. There are many triggers factor of IBS which affect the nerves that control sensation or muscle contraction of the intestine.

Triggers for IBS
Foods – The foods that triggers the IBS are refined breads, refined foods such as chips, cookies, all sort of junk foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, alcohol, high protein diets, sometimes milk and dairy products.

Stress – Stress, anxiety, problems at work, problems at home, and financial problems can have a direct effect on IBS. The sign and symptoms of IBS can be aggravated by constant staying in a stressful situation.

Drugs – Some drugs may trigger the symptoms of IBS. Prolonged use of antibiotic, anti depressant drugs, cough syrups containing sorbitols.

Nux Vomica
This remedy suits people who burn the candle at both ends, working hard and playing harder. Eventually, this stressful lifestyle takes it’s toll and the digestive system suffers. There are severe stomach cramps and acid reflux that is aggravated by mental exertion. Hiccough, belching, fullness, and indigestion are worse after coffee, spicy foods, and smoking. There can also be a lot of nausea and feelings of being sea-sick. The remedy is also very useful to treat a hangover.

Arsenicum album
Stomach cramps that are worse after taking cold. This remedy suits people who always feel chilly; so much so that even eating cold food such as ice cream aggravates. There is a great deal of diarrhoea that can come on after drinking whilst moving around makes everything worse. Taking regular sips of a warm drink and lying down to rest relieve.

Argentum nitricum
In this remedy, there is a lot of wind, with very loud and forceful belching or flatulence. There is nausea and indigestion associated with nerves or anxiety, especially when anticipating a stressful event like a job interview or exam.

Stomach cramps aggravated by touch, with burning pains worse in the morning and at night. Appetite is usually increased, especially around 11 am with an ‘all-gone’ sensation. The stomach feels very heavy straight after eating.

Bryonia alba
A useful remedy in IBS that is aggravated after eating bread and where the thirst is increased. The stomach may feel so heavy that it is like a stone is sitting there. Belching relieves the pain and tastes of undigested food. Tight clothing and walking about also worsen the condition.

Lycopodium clavatum
This remedy is well-suited to people with IBS & food intolerances, especially onions, oysters, cabbage and beans. The pains are worse in the evening, typically from 4- 8 pm and are relieved by passing wind. The inflamed digestive tract struggles to get enough nutrition from food, so there can be loss of weight with fullness and bloating in the abdomen. The appetite is very changeable and can go from being ravenous to very full after a few mouthfuls.

This remedy has terrible stomach cramps that are better for doubling up and maybe worse from anger or indignation. The pains are short, sharp & pinching and aggravated after eating, especially fruit. Heat & pressure give some relief to the pains which can extend to the lower back or into the buttocks. It is also a very useful remedy for sciatica and neuralgic pain in general.

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