Homeopathy for Monsoon Skin Problems, Infection, Diseases, Precautions, Allergies

Homoeopathic Perspective Towards Treating Common Skin Problems In Monsoon


Monsoon season comes with all the perks of pleasant weather, green  landscapes, long drives, and dreamy cloudy days. However the onset of monsoon is refreshing for us , but it may not be of great for our skin. The constant touch of contaminated water while travelling and the humid environment in monsoon, we can be prone to several skin conditions including eczema, acne breakout, allergic reaction, athlete’s foot, and fungal infections among others. Diabetic patients should be extra careful as chances of skin issues triggered by monsoon are more of them.

The major factors that can give rise or trigger include:

❇️Hygiene:  Maintain proper hygiene.  If proper hygiene is not maintained during monsoon, like not having a bath daily, or not washing  feet and keeping them dry at all times, it can definitely lead to skin issues.

❇️Clothing:  Clothing is also very important. If you wear shoes and socks continuously for hours together, your feet are subject to occluding in moist and sweaty conditions. Especially if you wear shoes and socks made of synthetic , non breathable material, it will not absorb the sweat and keep your  feet moist all the time. Similarly synthetic clothes do not allow the skin to breathe properly and even the sweat does not evaporate from the skin.

❇️Health conditions:  Your health determines how protect you are from additional infections and diseases. For example, if obesity or diabetes is an issue along with other immunity compromised health conditions, a skin-to –skin contact by sharing of clothes with anyone already suffering from skin infections, will increase your risk of contracting the same.

Homoeopathic medicines are very effective for common skin problems in monsoon. It is safe and having no side-effects.
Homoeopathy today is a rapidly growing system and is being practiced all over the world. It strength lies in its evident effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through promotion of inner balance  at mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. When common skin problems in monsoon   is concerned there are many effective medicines available in Homoeopathy , but the selection depends upon the individuality of the patient , considering mental and physical symptoms.

?Allergic reaction:  Urticaria or insect bite reaction is very common in monsoon. This may cause distress ranging from a single red itchy lump to the very severe Urticaria-Angioedema in allergic patients.

?HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICIMES:  Apis mellifica, Arsenicum album, Natrum muriaticum , Psorinum, Pulsatilla nigricans, Sulphur, Urtica urens.

?Acne breakouts:  When the humidity raises in atmosphere skin becomes dry. The same trigger the oil glands and clogs the pores. It often causes acne or pimples.

?HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES:  Arsenicum bromatum, Asterias rubens, Berberis aquifolium, Graphites, Hepar sulphuricum, Jugulans regia, Kali bromatum, Natrum muriaticum, Pulsatilla nigricans, Radium bromide, Sulphur, Thuja occidentalis.

?Eczema:  Eczema is characterized by itchiness, redness, and skin inflammation. Blisters usually form in the affected area and skin also appears to be rough and cracked. It especially causes discomfort during monsoons due to the humidity in the area which is unwelcoming for sensitive skin. So anyone with sensitive skin should be extra careful with their skin routine care in monsoon to avoid any skin infections.

?HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES:  Alumina, Antimonium crudum, Arsenic album, Graphites, Lachesis, Mercurius sol, Mezereum, Natrum muriaticum, Petroleum, Psorinum, Rhus toxicodendron, Sulphur, Thuja occidentalis.

?Scabies:  Scabies is a contagious skin infection caused by parasitic mites known as Sarcoptes. It causes redness, and skin rashes along with severe itching that usually worsens at night. The temperature fluctuations and humidity in the air during monsoons is the perfect breeding ground for these parasitic mites  to thrive.

?HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES:  Arsenic album, Causticum, Dulcamara, Graphites, Kali sulphuricum, Lycopodium clavatum, Psorinum, Selenium, Sepia, Sulphur.

?Athlete’s Foot:  Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that is contagious in nature. It usually affects the skin around the feet and toenails which causes itching and blisters. It even causes discoloration along with dry, rough, and cracked skin.

?HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES:  Arsenic iodatum, Baryta carbonicum, Graphites,  Petroleum, Silicea, Thuja occidentalis.

?Tinea Fungal Infections:  Highly communicable and itchy skin issues are clubbed together under Tinea fungal infections. These include skin problems such as ringworms, which affects the thighs and armpits etc, tinea capitis which causes an itchy and flaky scalp, and Onychomycosis, which is a fungal infection that affects the nails causing them to become brittle.

?HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES:  Arsenic album, Apis mellifica, Bacillinum, Chrysarobinum, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia, Sulphur, Tellurium, Thuja occidentalis.

Auxiliary Measures :-

·         Practice good personal hygiene. Keep clothes, especially undergarments clean
·         Keep dry at all times. Do not stay in wet clothes for long periods of time. Whether it is raining or not, always carry an umbrella or a rain coat with you all the time.
·         Avoid sharing clothes and personal belongings with anyone especially in the monsoon as some problems are contagious in nature.
·         Diet is also an important aspect to be considered in monsoon. Avoid spicy foods, include green vegetables, fruits, almonds, yogurt, brown rice, garlic and oats etc in diet.
·         Although you might not feel very thirsty during the rains, keep yourself well hydrated. Additionally you can slip on purified or boiled water to keep skin infections at bay
·         Clothing and footwear also plays a pivotal role in preventing skin infections during monsoon. So wear open footwear such as chappals made of breathable material , cotton socks, and loose cotton attire
·         If you have medical conditions such as diabetes that need treatment , make sure you get treated for it.

About the author

Dr. Madhvi Vagadiya

RMO, Sainath Homoeopathic Hospital, associated with Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College affiliated with Parul University