Homeopathic Remedies, Treatment for Allergic Diseases and Asthma

Homeopathic Remedies, Treatment for Allergic Diseases and Asthma

Allergy means : Means altered reaction , many factors can favour allergy , these are

Nutritional factors , climate , drugs , surgery , infections factors , air pollution , domestic pollution

Allergens can be classified according to their :

  • Site of action : Inhaled allergens , cutaneous allergens , tropha allergens
  • Origin :
    1. microbial allergens
    2. mycotic allergens
    3. parasite allergens
    4. drug allergens
    5. allergens of animal origin
    6. allergens of plant origin
    7. allergy from physical agnts

Chemical mediators are substances released under the influence of an exitation of the nerve endings , in the domain of allergy they provoke

  1. local inflammation and vasodilatation –redness
  2. increased capillary premiability –oedema
  3. contraction of smooth muscles –broncho spasm
  4. irritation of nerve fibers – cough and sneezing

respiratory system is generally involved and asthma is the result

Type : two basic type are known , extrinsic and intrinsic , but many times these overlap to form a mixed type .

Homoeopathic Treatment :

A). For chronic cases :

By anti- miasmatic : Asthma is a poly miasmatic disease though only one miasm dominates at a time , it can be

Psoric :give antipsoric remedy

Sycotic : give antisycotic remedy

Tubercular : give anti tubercular remedy

Syphilitic : give anti syphilitic remedy

By constitutional remedies : these can be given inter currently

B.) For sub-acute cases :  A few important remedies are ars. alb.,ipecac , aralia, kali carb , tylophora indica etc.,

C ). Acute prescription based on : Decubitus or position of patient .  causation . season or weather . modalities .

Prevention of Asthma : various factors indicating unfavourable prognosis towards asthma can be treated in child hood and asthma can be prevented to develop in later stages of life .

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