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Book Review On “What The Doctor Needs To Know In Order To Make A Successful Prescription By Dr J.T. Kent

Book Review on What the doctor needs to know in order to make a Successful Prescription By Dr J.T. Kent 

Reviewed by Dr Tamara Afroza
Link: https://youtu.be/Yf4_bYFWQsU
ISBN : 9788131905371  

About the book:
Written by one of the pioneers of homeopathy ‘J.T. Kent’, the book offers useful guidelines to the students & practitioners of the homeopathic art on how to make a successful prescription. Starting with the correct approach to a thorough case taking, consideration of the Do’s & Don’ts and how to do proper recording of symptoms has been dealt exhaustively in this work. the interrogation part has been discussed in detail as to what shall be the questions that are to be asked, what are the ways of investigating the peculiarities, how to collect the accessories & the specific modalities that must be kept in mind, A comprehensive list of questions have been compiled in a logical manner covering particulars in full detail & separate sections on male & female. A must read for all homeopaths, so as to understand classical homeopathy in its true perspective & follow it successfully in practice. A complete work done on the interpretation of the Organon of medicine from the present day stand point in a lucid and easy to grasp style. Supplemented with explanation of various terminology used in organon at the end of the text.  

About the author:
James Tyler Kent, A.M., Chicago, Illinois, Professor of Materia Medica in Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago physician and author of several valuable medical works, is a native of the town of Woodhull, Steuben county, New York, born in 1849, son of Stephen Kent and Caroline Tyler, his wife. His elementary and secondary education was acquired in Franklin Academy, Prattsburgh, and his higher education in Madison (now Colgate) University, Hamilton, New York, where he came to his degree, Ph.B., in 1868; A.M., 1870. He was educated in medicine in the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, graduating there in 1871, and the Homoeopathic Medical College of Missouri, St. Louis, where he was awarded the diploma of that institution in 1889. Dr. Kent began his professional career in St. Louis as a Physician of the eclectic school at the same time being actively connected with several eclectic journals in the capacity of writer and also took an earnest part in the councils of the Eclectic National College, St. Louis, 1877-78, about which time his attention was forcibly directed to homoeopathy, through the serious illness of his wife, whose case refused to yield to the treatment either of his own eclectic or the allopathic school practitioners, but was subdued by homoeopathic treatment. Later on he was dean and professor of Materia Medica in the Post-Graduate School of Homoeopathics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; dean and professor of materia medica in Dunham Medical College, Chicago; dean and professor of materia medica in Hering Medical College, Chicago; and in 1905 he held the same chair in Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago. Thus for more than thirty-five years Dr. Kent had been a conspicuous figure in medical circles, and for more than twenty-five years in teaching and practice under the law of similia; and he is looked upon as one of the ablest teachers and exponents of the homoeopathic school in America. His contributions to the literature of the profession are known by their strength rather than their length, and include, more prominently, his Repertory, Homoeopathic Philosophy and Lectures on Materia Medica. Among the various professional associations of which he was a member, the more prominent of them were the Illinois State Homoeopathic Medical Society, the American Institute of Homoeopathy and the International Hahnemannian Association, besides which he held an honorary corresponding membership in the British Homoeopathic Medical Society. Kent died on June 6, 1916 at Stevensville, Montana.  

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