Book Review on Nosodes: The Materia Medica of some more important remedies by Dr Anum Zaheer

Book Review on Nosodes: The Materia Medica of some more important remedies by Dr Anum Zaheer

  • Bjain publishers
  • Price– Mrp Rs. 99
  • Revised edition – 2020
  • 90 Pages
  • No of remedies– 16
  • About the author-Dr. HC Allen was born on October 2, 1836. In the village of Niles town. He was the member of several homeopathic societies including AIH, IHA. Some of his well-known work includes keynotes to Materia Medica, the homeopathic therapeutics of fever and the materia Medica of the nosodes. Allen’s keynotes is one of the most popular and widely read materia medica as a textbook. He was one of the guiding lights of Hahnemannian homeopathy and will always be remembered when there is a mention of homeopathy.
  • Contents of the book
  • List of nosodes and sarcodes is given
  • Arranged in alphabetical order
  • Nosodes like Baccillinum, Malandrium, Malaria
  • Sarcodes like Adrenalin, Cholesterinum, thyroidinum
  • Some milk remedies like Lac fel, Lac vacc, included
  • Many imponderabilia drugs like Magnetic poles, Xray, electricity mentioned
  • Drug picture of every drug starts with its source
  • Chemical/empirical formula then mental gen
  • Sign and symptoms are ac to Kentian arrangement from head to extremities, gen, fever
  • In few drugs cases are given along with references of stalwarts like Burnett claims to cure CA liver with cholesterinum twice.
  • Relationships are beautifully given.  
  • For example, Dr. Clark says phosphorus is excellent antidote to storm effects.
  • Mental generals of each drug are given.
  • Drugs like magnetic poles australis and articus explained in detail which is not found in materia medica books easily.
  • In each remedy a brief account of provers and proving has been illustrated, symptoms are unaltered in subs and language of remedies unchanged
  • At last, about Allen’s keynotes is given briefly

Short comings of the book

  • Title is nosodes but sarcodes, milk remedies and even fungus ustilago is mentioned.
  • Not all nosodes and sarcodes covered
  • Cases are based on experiments by stalwarts

So it is precise and comprehensive book having characteristic keynote symptoms which has been proved and verified, it’s very useful to students and practitioners.

Review by:

Dr Anum Zaheer
B.H.M.S., MD (Hom), PGDEMS
Gold Medalist
Homoeopathy Heals, Pune

About the author

Dr Anum Zaheer

Dr Anum Zaheer B.H.M.S. (Gold Medalist) State K.G.K.Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Moradabad, M.D (Hom.) (Gold Medalist), Dr. D.Y.Patil. Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Pune ‘Quality MD Dissertation in Homoeopathy’ Awardee by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH)-2019.