Fibroadenosis Cured By Homoeopathy by- Dr B.S.Suvarna

Fibroadenosis Cured By Homoeopathy by- Dr B.S.Suvarna

Mrs. Xxxxxxx age 37 years came to my clinic with a complaint “fibroadenosis”2 times operated 8 months back , both the breasts with right side 3 lumps and left side 5 lumps in the breast with pain also . Breast lumps are often recurrent and difficulty arises when a new lump appears at the site of a previous biopsy or where a lump has been removed. The new lump must be fully reassessed so it may be due to a recurrence of a fibroadenosis a cyst or thickening of the underlying scar tissue. Breast tumor has recurred after operation. I have referred the patient for investigation by lab test.

Investigation Report :  Date : 31/01/1997

Specimen : Resected breast lump- side ?

Gross : Irregular , grayish fibro falty pieces  3.4×3 ca in all

Micro : Sections showed groups of ducts separated by fibrocollagenous str. Few ducts are dilated

Diagnosis ; “Fibroadenosis”

Fine needle aspiration Biopsy report :  Date – 16-7-99

Clinical data and clinical diagnosis :

H/O swelling in both breasts since 3 years. Had bilateral biopsies and reported as “fibroadenomas”

Microscopic Examination :

Aspiration carried out from right and left breast masses.

From left breast aspiration about 15 ml of straw colored fluid obtained.

Smears from right breast aspiration and left breast, centrifuged sediment reveal red blood cells. Breast epithelial cells and macrophages the breast epithelial cells are seen in small groups having regular nuclei. No cellular cr nuclear atypia seen. No evidence of malignancy seen

Diagnosis : Fibrocystic Disease Breast

Past History  : Chronic allergic bronchitis , wheezing , dust allergy , morning sneezing (agg) nose blocking , difficult breathing ,

Patient as a person: Weight 45 kgs , lean , 2 children , mental worries too much ,depression mind , joint family , mental tension too much  very anxiety for tumor and hardness of breasts . Big size movable and severe painful to touch, it can cause anxiety and distress, breast discomfort. The cough was dry with very small occasional sputum and wheezing get worse on lying. There was no apparent sign or symptom of any complication, appetite is good and good sleep , she was cheerful too. She was refused any treatment from allopathic hospital, which made her unhappy, but still she was hopeful as she had lot of belief in homoeopathy.

I have given her a dose of “ Medhorrhinum  1M”

Followed by  :

1.Conium 200 —30 ml pills.

2.Silicea  200—-30 ml pills.

3.nat. mur 200 –30 ml pills.

4.Lachesis 200—30 ml pills.

Six pills at a time daily 3 times  m/a/n . for one month .

Thuja 1M : Three dose weekly one day for 3 weeks only .

Lachesis 200 : morning and night daily 2 dose for one week .

Calcarea flour 6x : bio chemic tablets daily 3 times m/a/n for one month .

Nat mur 200—6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n for one month

Conium 200 –daily 3 times m/a/n for one month

Breast tumor recurrence after 2 times operations .

2nd month  Homoeopathic treatment :

1.Calcarea flour 200 –6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n for one month

2.Lachesis 1M –3 dose , weekly one day daily 3 times for 3 weeks , for chronic allergic asthma , nose blocking , sneezing , wheezing also

3.Silicea 200 – 30 ml pills , 6 pills at a time daily 3 times for fibroadinoma ,continue for one month

4.Nitric acid 200 –6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n for one month

After on examination the lump was in left and right side breast upper quadrant of firm oval and was of the size of a hen egg and was non tender and mobile treatment

3rd month homoeopathic treatment :

1.Calcarea flour 10M—3 dose weekly one dose for 3 weeks

2.Calcarea flour CM – After completing calcarea flour 10M , only one dose

3.Natrum mur 1M —3 dose for 3 weeks

Right & left breasts became smooth hardness gone , no tumor in either breasts and became normal . She was quite well , Breasts became tense , tight and hard with no burning pain . Even now she is completely free from the trouble by taking only 4 months homoeopathic treatment of medicines , she is now completely normal ,

allergic bronchitis also cured , weight 55 kgs , she was very happy and cheerful  too I assured her husband about the homoeopathic efficacy in removing the lump completely . However it took four months, but there was completely removal of lump , with out surgery and with out any scar , completely cured by homoeopathy

Treatment period  : 11- 07- 1999 to 26 –11 –1999.

Diagnosis : Normal study .

“ No Fibro Cystic Disease Breast “

ps—the lab reports & investigation report done by allopathic hospital are with the patient.


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Dr B.S Suvarna

B.A, D.I.Hom[Lond.], M.I.H, PhD, PGDPC (Psychotherapy & Counselling, USA)
Jeevan Shanthi
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