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Digestive and Urinary Pain – Homoeopathy Medicine 

Many digestive and urinary problems have relatively minor causes , but they can cause great pain . There is a wide range of self-help therapies , but bear in mind that some conditions (appendicitis for example) require urgent medical attention . 

Nausea : Feeling sick or nauseous may result from eating and drinking too much or unwisely , food poisoning motion (travel) sickness , pregnancy and migraine . It is normally accompanied by the urge to vomit , certain illnesses and drug treatments may also cause nausea . Vomiting is a natural response to a stomach upset and should not be suppressed after vomiting , rinse your mouth with water, eat clear soups and “neutral” foods such as rice , dry toast , boiled vegetables and pears for 24 hours to let the system recover . 

Homoeopathy Treatment : The following are the  homeopathic remedies : 

Nux vomica and Cocculus – For general vomiting and nausea . 

Sepia – for nausea brought on by the smell of the food . 

Pulsatilla , Ipecacuanha , Arsenicum alb. – For motion sickness and vomiting after eating . 

Tabacum – If the symptoms include sweating and dizziness. 

Borax – if there is accompanying anxiety. 

Indigestion : Indigestion or dyspepsia (heartburn) is characterized by a burning pain in the center of the chest . The cause is acid in the stomach backing up into the gullet , usually from eating and drinking too much , too quickly symptoms are similar to those for an ulcer , hiatus hernia or heart attack so they must be taken seriously , even though indigestion is the most likely cause of chest pain .For quick relief , sip cider vinegar or lemon juice in hot water and apply a hot water bottle to the area , if the indigestion is severe , it is best to follow this with a 12 hour fast , drinking only water or crushed apple or carrot juice , taking a tablespoon of whey concentrate (milk serum) regularly with meals , is said to be the best regulator of stomach acids in the long term , but prevention is the main aim , always eat in as relaxed a manner as possible and try not to rush meals . Eat little and often , rather than big meals infrequently . A varied diet , combining lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with carbohydrates (such as pasta ) and proteins (such as fish) will also help. Keep your fat intake to a minimum  , taking regular acidophilus and pectin supplements can also help prevent indigestion . Homoeopathic remedy—Nux vom.

Stomach ache : One of the most common pains , stomach ache is most often the result of eating the wrong foods or too much food , it may be accompanied by nausea , but it does not usually last long , anxiety and tension are also causes , severe stomach pain that is prolonged or recurs for no obvious reason should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible . 

A hot water bottle on the stomach can bring immediate relief . For pain from over eating and drinking or eating the wrong food , a mini fast – not eating for 12 hours – is most effective. It is important to drink plenty of water for the duration of a fast and not to drink coffee , tea or alcohol . For prevention of stomach ache , eat little and often rather than a lot all at once and eat healthily (whole foods and fresh fruit & vegetables) . You should try reducing the intake of fatty foods as much as possible 

Not exercising too soon after eating (wait at least 30 minutes and preferably a full hour ) and wearing loose clothing can also help . Apple juice with ginger , mint is said to be effective , it can aid digestion and also dispel gas . Ginger is also said to have a calming effect . It can be taken as a tea or you can chew a thin slice of raw fresh ginger.

Homoeopathy Medicines ; Arsenicum alb.6C , Bryonia alb., Nux vomica are commonly prescribed . 

Constipation : Regular bowel movements are vital for full bodily health but regularity can vary for each person . Anything between 3 bowel movements a day to one every 3 days is regarded as a normal pattern and stools are so hard they are uncomfortable to pass . It is most often caused when constipation occurs when there is a change in the normal pattern and stools are so hard they are uncomfortable to pass . It is most often caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise , coupled with stress.

Constipation allows toxins to seep into the bloodstream , from where. They spread through the body and cause such symptoms as headache and fatigue, joint and muscle pain and allergic reactions . A change of bowel habit may be an early warning sign of cancer of the bowel . A covered hot water bottle placed on the abdomen can help and flax seed (linseed) oil taken with psyllium husks can clean out a sluggish colon . Regular exercise is essential and relaxation exercises if anxiety is a factor . In severe cases , it may be worth considering colonic irrigation . Prunes and prune juice are an excellent natural laxative , but only in the short term , never take laxatives long term . The best laxative is to increase fiber intake (bran,grains, fresh fruit and raw vegetables , brown rice) and avoid refined foods , especially sugar and white flour . Drink at least 6-8 glasses daily of water , preferably filtered , apple juice with fiber is also good . Making sure your diet contains juices of carrot or celery with garlic and onion can help.

Homoeopathy Medicine : Arseniccum alb. , pulsatilla , and causticum may be beneficial . Individual  prescription from a qualified doctor is advisable.

Gastroenteritis : Severe inflammation of the stomach and intestines usually as the result of a bacterial infection from contaminated food or water is called “gastroenteritis “. It causes diarrhea , severe intestinal pain , fever , headache and fatigue . It often occurs when people are traveling abroad . Sensible precautions include drinking only bottled water , refusing drinks with ice cubes , washing and peeling fruit and avoiding salads and foods that may have been kept warm for a long time to avoid dehydration . 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome : Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS (syndrome means it is a collection of symptoms of unknown cause ) used to be called spastic colon and though no longer used , the term explains the condition better . The colon muscles go into unpredictable spasm causing abdominal pain and cramps , bloating , back pain and cramps , bloating back pain, flatulence lethargy, headache fatigue and diarrhea alternating with constipation . The problem is common and its incidence is increasing , no one is sure why but diet and stress are widely believed to be to blame . The problem can come and go but once it starts it tends to be recurring and long lasting. 

Dietary and Nutritional food: 

A healthy whole food diet is essential with regular exercise and stress control , checking for food , intolerances with an experienced therapist is also advised , inflammatory bowel disease can be helped by a 24 hour liquid fast followed by a diet of boiled vegetables , brown rice and stewed apples , garlic or garlic capsules are also effective , especially for colitis . Relaxation exercises . Visualization , biofeedback , and meditation are all helpful treatments useful for constipation and diarrhea can also help IBS. An initial consultation with a qualified therapist is advisable . 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease : IBD is a blanket description for a range of disorders that occur in both the small and large intestines , including excessive flatulence (gas) , ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease (enteritis) . Colitis occurs in the large intestine or colon and its cause is uncertain , but not eating enough fiber and excessive stress may be partly to blame , it can cause diarrhea and pain and sometimes mucus and blood in the stools . Chrhn’s disease in the small intestine is the result of recurrent inflammation and is more serious since it can impede the absorption of nutrients from food , causing fever , diarrhea and weight loss as well as pain.

Dietary: Eat healthy and avoid dairy products , sugar and refined and processed foods check for food intolerances through an experienced therapist . 

Homoeopathic Medicines

Homoeopaths will suggest “Nux vomica”– for flatulence and colic . If you notice much trouble with tension “Aconite ” is suggested . “Argentum nitricum” will help to reduce the mucus diarrhea . 

Urinary Tract infection

UTI or urinary tract infection is inflammation of part of the urinary tract , particularly bladder , ureter and kidneys (or non specific urethritis ) is inflammation of the urethra . These infections result in pain on urinating , sometimes accompanied by blood or pus ; severe headache and fever with shivering attacks . Urinary tract infection is more common in women than in men and may result from bruising during sex . urethritis is a bacterial infection and is usually the result of a sexually transmitted disease . Non-specific urethritis may be viral or may result from sexual activity . In men , the condition is likely to be caused by bacterial infection from a sexual disease . The condition needs medical attention but antibiotics may be necessary to treat urinary tract infection , if the resulting pain is severe . 

Dietary : Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses / day) and do not drink coffee , tea , alcohol, or acidic fruit juices . barley water is effective –5 cups a day and taking supplements of vitamin –C also helps . 

Homoeopathic Medicines ;  “Sepia and Sabal Serrulata- Q

Cystitis : A form of urinary tract infection , cystitis is inflammation of the bladder caused by bacterial infection . It is relatively common – particularly among adult women ( though both men and children can be affected also ) and tends to recur 

once it starts symptoms which can range from mild to severe , include pain or a burning sensation on passing urine a frequent need to urination and occasionally 

Blood in the urine . The urine may also have a strong odor . In severe cases there can be accompanying fever and back ache.

The causes of cystitis are many but include poor hygiene , inflammation caused as a reaction to chemicals in clothing and toiletries and commonly among women sexual intercourse . It may also be due to a sexually transmitted disease or caused by massaging the urethra during sex , which may introduce bacteria into the bladder , other causes include incomplete emptying of the bladder and stones or foreign bodies in the bladder , pay particular attention to personal hygiene and abstain from penetrative sex . A number of remedies may hasten recovery and cause pain . 

Dietary :  Drinking half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in warm water can bring pain relief in 20 minutes . Plain five yogurt applied generously to the genitals also helps , to prevent an attack, eat as healthy a diet as possible , especially one that is high in fresh vegetables and fruit , but avoid acidic fruits . Cranberry juice is said to be an excellent preventative. Also drink plenty of fresh, preferably filtered (6-8 glasses a day) and cut out coffee and all alcohol during an attack . 

Homoeopathy medicines :  Take “Cantharis and Staphysgaria” hourly while symptoms last . 

Massage ; Massaging and applying pressure to the lower abdomen at a point immediately over the bladder can soothe symptoms . 

Hiatal Hernia : In a hiatal (or diaphragmatic) hernia , part of the stomach slips back up through the opening in the diaphragm through which the gullet passes to reach the stomach , the usual cause being overweight , symptoms include pain- known as heartburn – behind the breast bone , difficulty in swallowing , bleeding and regurgitation particularly when lying down or stooping , this can cause choking 

If gastric juices from the stomach run back into the gullet , corrective surgery used to be normal treatment but this is now rarely performed . 

Ulcers : Peptic ulcers occur in either the stomach or the duodenum , more specifically ulcers in the stomach are gastric ulcers ; those in the duodenum are duodenal ulcers . They are the most likely cause of severe recurring or chronic pain in the stomach and are usually preceded by inflammation (gastritis).It is now known that about 90 % of peptic ulcers are caused by the bacterium Helicobactor pylori . This means that most ulcers are cured by a combination of antibiotics and a drug to reduce stomach acid production . 

Peptic ulcers are more common in men than women . They are often aggravated by stress and anxiety combined with poor eating and drinking habits . This can cause a painful cavity in the walls of the protective mucus lining between the two organs . Gastric pain can cover an area  on the stomach about the size of a hand and normally comes on after eating , duodenal pain and tenderness is normally less acute , not so closely linked to eating and is only the size of a finger tip.

Dietary :  Drinks such as tea , coffee , and alcohol and all spicy food should be eliminated entirely as should smoking , instead eat brown rice millet , buck wheat rye , and whole wheat together with whey concentrate and fresh pressed juice drinks , juices of raw potato , carrot celery cabbage and bananas are recommended.

Homoeopathy Medicines : Remedies likely to help include “Arsenicum album, Argetum nitricum , Lycopodium , and Nux vomica “ but individual prescription from an experienced homoeopath is advisable .

Stress Management ; Because of the leading role of stress in ulcer formation , it is essential to control stress , practice progressive muscular relaxation regularly , followed by visualization , biofeedback and meditation . Appropriate Yoga and exercises are also powerful anti- stressors if practiced regularly . general exercise will be beneficial too.

Kidney Stones : These are hard deposits of chemical salts that lodge in the kidneys (and sometimes the ureter ) causes include a deficiency of vitamin A , reduced citrate (salt)in the urine , kidney infection an obstruction in the urinary system or a metabolic dysfunction , prolonged inactivity may increase the amount of calcium in the urine also leading to stone formation . 

Symptoms are constant if mild pain in the lower back on one side , ultrasound disintegrates the stones and allows them to flush away naturally , without surgery . Severe pain may mean a stone has passed from the kidney into the ureter . 

Homoeopathic Medicines : Berberis vulgaris , Sarasaparilla . Magnesia phos . Calcarea carb . Lycopodium , are said to help relieve pain from a blocked ureter but see a qualified therapist first . 

Gall Stones : Formed of cholesterol and calcium salts , gallstones are mineral deposits in the gallbladder , they may cause digestive problems and infection of the 

Gallbladder , which may lead to perforation and even peritonitis . They are pain full and surgery may be necessary if the stones block the flow of bile from the liver Apart from pain , felt in the upper abdomen and right shoulder (referred pain) symptoms that stones have passed into the bile duct include jaundice , heartburn and fever . If symptoms are severe , ultrasound disintegrates the stones harmlessly and allows them to flush away naturally without surgery . 

Homoeopathic Medicines :  Calcarea carb , Berberis Vulgaris Q , Lycopodium , are helpful in relieving pain . 

Calcarea carb 200 : should be given every 15-20 minutes during the attack . 

Berberis vulgaris Q : 10 drops with an ounce of warm water be repeated hourly or half hourly . 

Cardus m.–Q : these medicines are also useful . 

Cholestrinum : should be given to bring out the stone . 

Chelidonium Q, Hydrastis Q : these will also relieve pain when given in doses of 20 drops with hot water . 

Dietary : A liver flush is the favoured treatment to remove gall stones , for six days eat and drink nothing but whole foods and apples with plenty of raw apple juice , on the morning of the seventh day drink a cup of a lemon juice , this is claimed to flush the stones out by stimulating a flood of bile from the liver , drink still water , cut out animal fats and dairy products and supplement with vitamin C . 

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