Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures And Their Uses

Lesser known Mother Tinctures in Homoeopathy

Lesser known Mother Tinctures in Homoeopathy


Mother tincture is a drug pharmaceutically prepared from drug-substances of vegetable and animal kingdom , using strong alcohol as a vehicle (solvent) by the process of immersion , maceration and percolation.
It is denote as “Q” or “MT”.
It is the precursor of corresponding potency of drug.
Solvents generally used are strong alcohol , purified water,glycerine so as to preserve the freshly prepared mother tincture .
They are very useful in treating various health problems . Mother tinctures have action and they remain effective for long time this makes them quite popular among people . Mother tinctures are given internally and externally both in diluted and undiluted forms .
In daily practice Homoeopaths use several mother tinctures of which many are lesser known .


Homoeopathy , Homoeopathic mother tincture


Homoeopathy is the second most popular medicinal system used in the world according to W.H.O. giving relief to the people for more than two centuries. Its medicines are prepared according to the directions given by Dr S.Hahnemann in “Materia Medica Pura”

Adult: 10-15 drops
New born : 1 drop by makind 4 doses
Infants: 1 drop
Children : 2 to 4 drops
Adult children : 5 to 7 drops
Mother tinctures should be taken empty stomach unless any other specifications.


Some mother tinctures with their uses:
1. Weightloss: Fucus vesicolor, Phytolacca Berry, Gracinia Cambogia it is effective in aiding weightloss by increasing metabolic rate and speeding up fat reduction
2. Dandruff : Cochlearia armoracia , Badiaga to treat dandruff . They help to reduce soreness and dryness.
3. Liver complaints: Chelidonium m; cardus ma etc are known to be effective both in acute and chronic liver complaints
4. Acne: Syzygium j for reducing acne as topical , Berberis aq is used topical to reduce marks, Echinacea is applied to sooth skin from any irritation
5. Burn: Cantharis v ; is used topically to soothe burns
6. Injury : Calendula o; is used topically for cut injuries
7. In trauma/ blunt injuries : Arnica m ; is used , incases where Arnica is not effective Vitex is used
8. In lice of head : Cocculus and Staphysagria are used topically alone or with oil to reduce lice
9. Baldness: mixture of Arnica and Jaborandi is thought to cure baldness
10. In Diabetes M: Syzygium J and Gymnema S is used internally
11. Thuja Occ is used externally on warts to reduce it .


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Discussion and Conclusion:
Mother tinctures have proved efficacious in acute cases where a homoeopathic physician needs time to prescribe
It can be used as a palliative medicine . As more and more advances new sources are recognized but to utilize it and to enhance the quality of cure researches should be done in homoeopathy and more works should be done in the field of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.


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