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“Restoring Vitality and Functional status after Covid 19 using Homoeopathic Approach” Organised by International Homoeopathic Foundation.

Covid 19 has changed a lot of things in our personal and professional lives. The pandemic has virtually affected each one of us in one way or the other and now the time has come that we brace ourselves for the next phase of POST COVID COMPLICATIONS. INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHIC FOUNDATION in its efforts to promote Homoeopathy in a scientific way has been conducting webinars and panel discussions since March 2020. Under the able leadership of Dr R N Wahi ,            Dr Muktinder Singh and the proactive team comprising of Dr Amita Arora, Dr Monika Singh,              Dr Bhavna Malhotra, Dr Gurbir Kaur, Dr Suman Sachdev ,& Dr Vinod Madan, we have been able to deliver best of lectures deliberated by speakers who are keen academicians and clinicians.

On 26th Jan 2021, the republic day was dedicated to the webinar on “Restoring Vitality and Functional status after COVID 19 using Homoeopathic Holistic Approach” in collaboration with Homoeopathic Research Institute.

Internationally renowned teacher and speaker, Dr AJIT KULKARNI who has authored many books on Materia Medica , Repertory and more than 100 publications on various aspects of Homoeopathy presented the webinar. The webinar started with tribute to Dr Hahnemann.It was extremely insightful and focussed on how we can handle various aspects of Post Covid complications with confidence.Dr Ajit Kulkarni who has been dealing with Covid patients presented the webinar with case presentations.

Some excerpts from the webinar:

· Covid 19 has been a true roller coaster of symptoms and severities with each day offering new pathologies. It’s a new virus and we don’t know what its trajectory will be.

· The longevity of Covid 19 isn’t clear and there is emerging evidence that people are shedding the virus for months afterwards.

 · Although scientists and doctors are engaged in finding the cure, there is limited focus on long term effects- Post acute Covid or Chronic Covid, which have been underestimated.

· With new strains appearing, there is a need of a totalitarian approach, it is here in Homoeopathy which represents MIND- BODY-SPIRIT as a coordinated system.

· Pathology wise organs which are affected due to Covid show tissue changes such as Fibrosis, necrosis, thrombosis, embolism etc and clinical conditions like Debility, hair fall, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, cardiovascular complications like myocarditis, Cardiac Failure, Lung Fibrosis , Renal Failure, Neurological complications like Gullain Barre syndrome, paraplegia will commonly seen in the current year.

· Mucormycosis, a rare fungal infection has been reported in some patients post Covid. Commonly known as black Fungus patients can lose their eyesight and cause death in patients who are immune-compromised. This fungus is Anglo-invasive and once it effects the blood vessels causes necrosis of the tissue. Rubrics pertaining to such conditions were mentioned by Dr Kulkarni along with the indicated remedies.

· Cognitive impairment and psychiatric impairment due to lockdown, uncertainty causing anxiety, depression, OCD, Insomnia etc. Social isolation and fear of contracting the disease are aggravating mental health issues. Remedies to combat such conditions were explained in detail.

· Dr Kulkarni stressed that we should be cautious about the warning signals if a patient experiences 6-8 weeks after being declared Covid free such as palpitation, diarrhoea, vomiting, rashes, blueness of fingers and dizziness. He concluded that it is responsibility of the Homoeopathic community to prepare the database of patients seen and conduct research as this is a life time opportunity given by Covid 19 outbreak. INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHIC FOUNDATION is highly obliged to Dr Kulkarni for such an informative Lecture.

From Desk of Dr Bhavna Malhotra  (President Academics & Scientific Committee IHF)

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