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CASE 1: Mrs. F. 56 years old:
Was operated on three times for goiter. The last time, April 1931, the
operation lasted two and three quarter hours because of retrotracheal lobe. After
her operation, that is, in the last three months, insomnia with regular awakening
at four O’clock in the morning. She has little fits of dizziness each time she leans’
forward, which makes her insecure.
Always complaining about her coccyx. She feels that it is bruised and she
suffers from this symptom in the last few months.
Three excellent symptoms characteristic of Sulphur lotum, She takes the first
dose on the 11th May 1931, one dose of Sulphur M which improves her considerbly. Then –        ‘               ‘
On the ll th June 1931, one single dose of Sulphur M which cures her so
completely that nothing but a bad memory is left of this experience and she says
that she is delighted.
CASE 2 : Mrs. B. 57 years old:
Subject to liver attacks from time to time in the last three years. No remedy
has helped: It comes on in the middle of the night, two or three O’clock in the :
orning, trememdously violent. She feels that. she’ will die. The pain is intoleable, and this happens each time that there is a wind that blows from the
north. ‘It is awful, and it happens each time she eats too well. This atrocious
pain of the liver always spreads towards back. It is as if a painful pressure is
exerted on a sensitive spot, as if she had a blow in the right hypochondriac region,
aggravated by the slightest touch accompanied by borborygmus and gas.
She doesn’t dare touch herself, can’t even stand clothing even if it is loose
on that part of her body.
The pains spread to the bladder with need to urinate and in the last few
days she can’t stand it any more.              .
Lycopodium 200 One dose, 21st of April 1936.                     . .
The next morning she got a dreadful cold, with purulent sercetions, She
spits and blows her nose as never before. Four handkerchiefs every two hours-
it’s like glue.
And since she feels this relief in her nose, she doesn’t feel her shoulder. No
more pain either in the bladder or in the hepatic region and can now’ accomplish
her work as a housewife easily. Tutto Jucundeet Celeriter.          .
I give her a second dose of Lycopodium 200 telling her to take it 48 hours
later if her nose isn’t competely cleared. But she didn’t ever need to take that
second dose.
CASE 3: Mrs. M. 55 years old:
Came for her eyes, I mean her left eye, painful for the last four, after
being injured by a clothesline.
The professor of ophthalmology in our university had found that the retina
was detached and she had high blood pressure. Since then she has a black shadow
which follows everything she looks at.
After that she bad a dreadful fall on the stairway, she was bruised and
shaken up.
The professor of opthalmology discovered a strong hemorrhage in the left
eye; and as for her right eye there is strong staphyloma and almost zero vision.
On the 5th September 1932 she received one single dose of Phosphorus M
and only 15 days later could already see much better. Her eye was clearing up.
Her morale was excellent, and her sight was coming back progressively. No more
dizziness, no more pain in her joints in spite of the snow and the cold.
I gave her progressive doses of Phosphours M and then XM. Every five
weeks, and three months later discovered the disappearance of warts which she
had on the right hand, warts which she had been treating for three years without
any result.
She finally could read without glasses, and her vision continued to improve.
After that we went upto 50 M. and finally to CM. The patient since then
has felt very well and can read her newspaper perfectly well.
CASE 4: Miss H.B. ’21 years old:
The outside of the right hand covered with warts since her childhood. No
treatment helped.
Very dry around the nails.
Intermittent pain in the right ear.
Shivering from time to time in the middle of the day.
She wanted absolutely some ointment for the warts. After explaining to
her that we absolutely don’t treat warts with ointment, or unguents, I ordered to
replace it, a drop of alcohol each evening on every wart, which she was to allow
to evaporate.
In June 1925 she took Natrum mur. XM.
In October the warts were flattened,
She became touchy, quickly ‘irritable, and lived in a dreadful disorder. She
didn’t like washing.
On the 9th October I prescribed Sulphur XM. Two weeks after, no trace of
warts, General state considerably improved and she even started tidying up at home.
CASE 5: Miss A. D. 40 years old:
Constantly dying of hunger, she said, but as soon as she ate everything
went wrong.
She felt as if she had been beaten: then starting feeling a ravenous hunger.
But as soon as she started to eat everything went wrong. How awful!
Arnica 200 three doses-morning, noon and night, then placebo.
Fifteen days later she was transformed; no longer tired. Can eat normally. Morale high and good feels perfectly good and says she is delighted. And I later heard that the improvement continued.

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