GelsemiumAggravated by all emotions, a great full remedy, always a terrible fear before examinations. This remedy is very successful when it is prescribed as a specific for fear of examinations. I give a dose of the 200th potency in the morning of the examinations and if this fear of the examinations is much pronounced, a dose even the day before in the evening, more often has been admirably successful. I don’t even have to repeat if afterwards, what an advantage and what a blessing.
Especially in pipe organ examinations when one’s foot trembles on the great bass pedals to make aven the examiner tremble and as for singing ,when you can’t a sound out ,Gelsemium maintains the voice of a nightingale !
So, Gelsemium is very apprehensive ..very frightened ,especially frightened of death which is remarkable after fear and emotions; wants to be left in peace; agoraphobia fear of walking across large open spaces. Fear of going in mountain cable ways and elevators even going down !
Terrified of everything unexpected, fear of falling, fear of loosing his self control and his calmness, fear of lightning ,what a dreadful, a coward !. A real living barometer Gelsemium very quickly feels all the fluctuations of the weather ,especially when the barometer falls.
Constantly aggravated by thinking of his troubles. But he is careful, unfortunately  always feels better when has had alcohol to drink! I had a patient once who had this unfortunate peculiarity, in addition all the other symptoms of Gelsemium. She used to say to me doctor you wouldn’t believe,  a friend of mine told me about this! I take the tiniest possible glass of kirsch every morning, and afterwards it is absolutely marvelous. I feel that I have wings all day long to do the house work.  That is really dangerous. She started with a tiny little glass and a year later  it was a liter of kirsch that she drank every morning. Her liver suffered from this. As you can well imagine, she developed dropsy with a whole lot of complications and she died of anasarca in the greatest moral and material misery! The constant repetition of her voice immediately antidoted the action of Gelsemium !fear of death ,feeble ,slow pulse ,even imperceptible.
We can sum up this remedy with three “D”s dizzy, drowsy ,dull.  When you see somebody especially after flu, who is dizzy and always drowsy ,no thirst, apathetic, dull; think of this remedy. Gelsemium has always light coloured urine, never dark even when there is fever and if you prescribe Gelsemium for a patient who has dark urine, that will prove that you are extremely defective and have a great need to take a refresher course!
Frequent urination, abundant urination ,which relieves headaches. A great remedy for trembling, but I draw your attention to this external trembling one can say that many Gelsemium patients especially feverish patients, complain that every thing is trembling.
The pulse is abnormal, slow but full, intermittent, irregular. It can also be rapid and tachycardia,feeble, soft, almost imperceptible, aggravated by movement. It is these apparent contradictions that make the charm and the value of our material medica.
You know that this is the remedy for bad news! And you remember the story of the patient I spoke about before who was overtaken with a dreadful buzzing of the ears when he/she received bad news! The sudden death of one of his friends, whom he had recently seen and he was brilliantly cured with this remedy while our allopathic colleagues had energetically treated him with out the slightest result… quite the contrary every time a patient tells you that he had a sudden sorrow ,ask him how it started. Often it came from the shock of some bad news, in such cases always prescribe a high potency GELSEMIUM– XM

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